Pirates Of Bermuda: Walk The Plank Or Saved?

April 21, 2022

BTA CEO Charles Jeffers, MP Jache Adams, Linda Bogle-Mienzer, Bishop Nicholas Dill, Nadine Browne-Evans Henry and Robin Hamill are among the ‘hostages’ that could be ‘walking the plank’ at the Pirates of Bermuda fundraising event to be held this Saturday, April 23 in Hamilton.

The event page said, “Pirates of Bermuda have seized the below hostages, who have until Saturday, April 23 to raise their ransoms. Donors can sink [make them walk the plank into the chilly waters of Hamilton Harbour] or save them. All funds raised from this event support the Bermuda Sloop Foundation’s Education and Character Development Programme on Spirit of Bermuda.

Slideshow of the 2019 Pirates of Bermuda event:


The list of ‘hostages’ on the event website:

  • Robin Hamill
  • Galen Brislane
  • Alan Burland
  • David Friston
  • Nicholas Dill
  • Keith Bernhard
  • Tom Butterfield
  • Patrick Dill
  • Saltus
  • Sheilagh Robertson
  • Neil Redburn
  • Charles Jeffers
  • Elijah Simmons
  • Lindsay Simmons and Arianna Hodgson
  • Jache Adams
  • Callahj Simons
  • Nadine Browne-Evans Henry
  • Tina Duke
  • Armell Thomas
  • Linda Bogle-Mienzer
  • Charlie Swan
  • Cora Lee Starzomski
  • John Ringold
  • John Paul Skinner
  • Ryan Williams
  • Nicola Bromby
  • Warwick War Dogs
  • Duke of Edinburgh Swashbucklers
  • Duke of Edinburgh Sea Dogs
  • Tom Joyce
  • Michael Desilva
  • Trevor Nelson
  • Christian Luthi
  • Sam Kelly and Lindsay Smith
  • The Optirakes Team No. 1
  • David Goodwin
  • The Optirakes No. 2
  • The Optirakes No. 3


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