Review: Livin’ Local Production At The Loft

April 1, 2022

[Written by Patricia Pogson-Nesbitt]

Hindsight’s “Livin’ Local” is a polished nightclub review of Old School music. The production opens with Hindsight’s signature song, and video, so aptly named, “There’s No Place Like Bermuda.” Tourists and locals were greeted with a projected visual tour of the island’s coast, from St. George’s to Somerset. The images were breathtaking. The landmarks were historic. It entertained the audience with its easy charm and portrayal of local customs. After watching the video, viewers had fallen in love with Bermuda’s beauty, and the kindness of its people. It’s a must-see show for 2022.

Music director and producer, Stefan Hinds, who also plays the piano, opened the show with “Welcome to our living room.” This greeting was met with audience members settling in to participate in a stunning performance; a mixed repertoire of R&B, reggae, jazz, and soul, while enjoying a cocktail, or two, accompanied by pub fare from Flanagan’s, and served by Bermudians with a smile.

The opening song, led by the Songbird of Soul, Lauretta Hinds, accompanied by Rupert Hinds on Bass, moved us away from the restrictions of COVID by taking it “Step by Step,” a familiar, up-tempo Whitney Houston number. The audience rocked, snapped, swayed, and sang, along with the artists. The Loft was alive, as both locals and visitors engaged in a flawless show.

As a vocalist, Lauretta Hinds has the ability to personify every original artist of every song she sings. She is Whitney Houston. She is Gladys Knight; you see Gladys through Loretta, as was the case with her performance of “If I Were Your Woman.” This song is a true testimony to the power of the ‘other woman,’ and how she talks to her man about love. Lauretta nailed it!

The musicianship of the instrumentalists also embodies the original artists of the songs. They are Earth, Wind, and Fire performing “In the Stone.” Their harmonies are sweetly rehearsed, and when Lauretta is not the lead singer, as a musician, she melts into the music, becoming one of the instruments. ‘Polished, Professional Artists’ is their brand.

Two guest artists were featured in the lineup of this stunning and engaging show. Lovette Smith, who is also a vocalist on the “No Place Like Bermuda” soundtrack, teams up with Lauretta in Whitney’s “This will be [An Everlasting Love]” – each adding their own flavour to what became a sisterly hook on the lyrical line “From now on.”

Every lady loves eye candy, and Jamie Zuill provided that. He was met with loud applause as he entered the stage and instantly wooed the ladies with a sultry, “How are you feelin’ tonight?” followed by Luther Vandross’s “Stop to Love,” mesmerizing the ladies with his sexy, classy charm, and smooth operator voice. Between the two guests, the band’s repertoire included The Ojays, “She Used To Be My Girl,” and Michael Jackson’s “Love Never Felt So Good,” which was re-recorded by Justin Timberlake.

The ‘love segment’ was for those who prefer their entertainment to be ‘grown and sexy.’ This duet between Lovette and Jamie provided an opportunity for the audience to see entertainment value where entertainers become the actors. They were to be the couple in love singing, “If This World Were Mine,” originally performed by Luther Vandross and Cheryl Lynn. Jamie was the believable suitor who meant every word that he sang to Lovette in that moment.

Lovette, the consummate professional, sang beautifully, but did not compliment Jamie’s character by playing the role of his lady love. She missed the moment when he called for her attention by touching her arm, a motion requesting a shared moment. Nevertheless, in her very next song, she became the sultry Anita Baker in her rendition of “Been so long” carrying her audience into her world of loneliness as she reminisced about her missing love.

No one can sell Bermuda like Bermudians. That’s the winning premise behind Bermuda Live Productions. Their interaction with the audience, and the show finale which exits the audience with Kirk Franklin’s “Smile” makes it a winner. If you missed “Livin’ Local” at the Loft, they are about to commence their summer season. It’s definitely top-of-the-line entertainment. Take your visiting guests to a show, or just go and enjoy a celebration where you will experience the beauty of the island, and a special welcome to Bermuda in Hindsight’s Living Room, at the Loft on Fridays and Saturdays at 8:30 p.m.

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  1. Newton Adcock says:

    Excuse my ignorance, but, where is The Loft.
    The location was not mentioned anywhere in the article….
    or am I missing something.
    Thanks, and keep well and safe.