2022 Health Facility Registration Commences

June 27, 2022

The Bermuda Health Council has commenced the 2022 Health Facility Registration process for all health-related businesses, and noted that for additional information, people can access the memorandum or contact them via 292-6420 or healthcouncil@bhec.bm.

The memorandum said, “The Bermuda Health Council will be opening the 2022 Health Facility Registration process to all health-related businesses on June 27, 2022. Registrations will be valid for a 2-year period, beginning July 1st 2022, and expiring on June 31st 2024.

“Health Facility registration is open to all health service providers [businesses, agencies, and organizations]. Specifically, if a facility offers services that can directly impact a person’s physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, environmental or occupational health, they are invited to register with the Council. This is especially true of businesses who services are, or may be, reimbursable by health insurers, but may also include businesses not directly offering clinical services.

“While registration with the Council is not required by law, for some facilities, registration provides businesses with a National Provider Identification Number [NPI]. This NPI will aid in ensuring the accuracy of the health data collected by the Council. The Council will utilize these numbers to assist with system planning, make recommendations for insurance reimbursement, track adherence to safety and operational standards, ensure professional registration, and monitor high risk medical technologies.”

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