RFP Issued For Solar On 30 Govt Buildings

July 14, 2022

The Government has issued an RFP for rooftop solar for “approximately thirty Government owned buildings across Bermuda.”

The notice said, “This Request for Proposals [RFP] is an invitation by the Government of Bermuda to prospective proponents to submit proposals for Government Solar Development Project, as further described in Section A of the Request for Proposal [RFP] Particulars [Appendix D] [the "Deliverables"].

“This RFP is an invitation to submit offers for the provision of leased equipment for rooftop solar PV across approximately thirty Government owned buildings across Bermuda for a least term of no less than twenty-five years from the commissioning date.”

The notice contains a document [PDF] titled ‘project location details’ and the buildings listed include the Co-Educational Facility Prison, Ministry of Public Works Quarry Depot, Prospect Primary School, Sylvia Richardson Care Facility, T. N. Tatem Middle School and Community Center, WestGate Correctional Facility, Berkeley Institute, CedarBridge Academy, Dellwood Middle School, Sandy’s Secondary Middle School, West Pembroke Primary School, Hamilton Health Clinic and Annex, Harrington Sound Primary School, Dalton E. Tucker Primary School, Elliot Primary School, and the Fort Prospect Water Catchment.

The document also lists Lagoon Park Pre School, Lyceum Pre School/Francis Paton Primary School, Paget Primary School, Port Royal Primary School, Prospect Preschool, St George’s Community Centre, Victor Scott Primary School, Warwick – Post Office – Pre School – Clinic, West End Primary School, Global House, Dame Lois Browne Evans Building, Gilbert Institute Primary School, Happy Valley Day Care Centre, Dame Marjorie Bean Hope Academy School, East End Primary School, and Devonshire Pre School Avocado Lodge.

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  1. wondering says:

    So now we want to out panels on ageing buildings. What is the maintenace cost for removal and roof cleaning every so often?

    • Chris smith says:

      Minimal costs. In fact, if the roof or at least the areas that are getting panels are properly painted first, then the panels don’t need to be removed for recoating the roof for at least three recoats.

  2. Red Pill says:

    If you think they are gonna save money with Solar I have property to sell you on the Moon. Please wake up!!

    • Chris smith says:

      Why wouldnt they save money?? Especially now that its about $55c a kilowatt??
      Businesses accumulate the bulk of their electricity costs during the day when solar works.
      If the system is matched to the buildings daytime consumption, ROI is under 5 years. The systems will still be running 25 years from now. The savings from not paying for most of the electricity used over 25 years is phenomenal.

  3. dunn juice says:

    Try cleaning and or painting some of those horrible embarrassing looking building, at least your consistent the rest of the island looks like sheet too. so do yo

  4. saud says:

    Bermudians prefer to burn bunker oil, and throw their garbage into the ocean.
    KBB, LOL