Video: Minister Roban On Blue Prosperity Plan

August 25, 2022

Minister of Home Affairs Walter Roban held a press conference this afternoon [Aug 25] to provide an update on the Blue Prosperity Plan.

Minister Roban said, “Good day to all members of the media and the listening public.

“Joining me here today from the Bermuda Ocean Prosperity Programme or BOPP, is MS. Cheryl Mapp, Blue Economy Specialist, Sarah Brooks, Marine Spatial Planning Specialist, Ali Hochberg, Outreach Specialist, and Noelle Young, Administrative Assistant. And from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Director Andrew Pettit, and his team.

“Many will know that Bermuda’s Exclusive Economic Zone or EEZ, the area from our coastline to 200 nautical miles, holds tremendous untapped potential for sustainable ocean industries, which can contribute to our economic growth, infrastructure development, and job creation.

“While ensuring economic resilience, the Bermuda Government is also committed to achieving the highest standard of marine protection, which is essential to building ocean resilience.

“To that end, you will recall BOPP, was created. This community-driven program is a partnership with the Government of Bermuda, the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences [BIOS], and the Waitt Institute. It aims to responsibly develop Bermuda’s Blue Economy to diversify national revenue via the coordinated management of Bermuda’s blue assets, including marine resources and ocean-related industries. It includes developing a marine spatial plan that designates complete protection for 20% of Bermuda’s waters, creating 90,000km2 of marine protected areas, and working to improve fisheries management, where appropriate.

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“In February this year, BOPP released the comprehensive State of Bermuda’s Waters report. This report, developed in cooperation with the island’s leading scientists, industry experts, and resource managers, has helped identify priorities for Bermuda’s future development and use of our marine resources.

“I am now excited to provide an update on advancing our effort to finalize the Blue Prosperity Plan, which will outline the first steps for Bermuda to become a global leader and a hub for investment in sustainable industries.

“The Draft Blue Prosperity Plan, developed by BOPP to foster the sustainable, profitable, and enjoyable use of our ocean resources, is available to download today at It outlines a pathway to growing Bermuda’s ocean economy while protecting and restoring the island’s ocean spaces for present and future generations.

“It has two components: the Blue Economy Strategy, a guideline for growing Bermuda’s ocean-related industries and attracting investment opportunities, and the Marine Spatial Plan, a framework for implementing sustainable ocean development, protection, and management.

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“This Draft Blue Prosperity Plan uses the best available science. It builds from extensive input from the Government of Bermuda, the local scientific community, stakeholder groups, and the Bermudian public.

“The plan proposes the development of a Blue Investment Facility, which would attract and manage investments and provide new revenues and career opportunities for Bermudians.

“Before formal adoption, the Government will undertake an extensive public consultation on the Draft Blue Prosperity Plan to give the public every opportunity to be involved in the process. In the coming months, virtual and in-person community engagement events will be held. Individuals can also join one of the six stakeholder groups representing the needs and perspectives of Bermuda’s ocean users and submit feedback through the Government’s Citizens Forum website. This is your ocean, your future, you decide.

“At this time, I want to recognize BOPP, the Waitt Institute, especially the founder Ted Waitt, BIOS, the scientists and many others that remain committed to advancing this initiative for the betterment of Bermuda and its people.

“I cannot overstate how vital this initiative is to the future of our country. It is also an excellent example of what can be accomplished when we all work together. I urge everyone to look out for these announcements and get involved in guiding the future of Bermuda.”

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