2022 Paget Parish Scholarship Recipients

September 29, 2022

The Paget Parish Council has announced the recipients of the 2022 Paget Parish Undergraduate Scholarships.

A spokesperson said, “The Paget Parish Council has announced the recipients of the 2022 Paget Parish Undergraduate Scholarship, which provides both scholarship and bursary awards for Paget students studying abroad.

“Scholarships are based on academic excellence and along with demonstrating financial need, Bermudian students must have been residents of Paget for a minimum of five years.

“Shu’yab Nasir and Nasir Rudolph are the top winners of the Paget Parish Undergraduate Scholarship and will receive an annual award of $5,000 for the next three years. Shu’yab is pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce, minoring in Accounting at St. Mary’s University, Canada. Nasir attends the University of Miami and is studying Environmental Sciences and Marine Affairs, minoring in Economics.

Council Member Jerome Reid, Paget Parish Undergraduate Scholarship Winners Shu’ayb Nasir and Nasir Rudolph. Bottom row: Council Member Angelika Davis. Bursary Award Winners: Alaiyah Hayward and Za’Kayza Parsons, Council Chair : Bill Pitman. Missing from photo: Council Member Davida Morris and Bursary Award Winner Vishan Patton

Scholarship Recipients Bermuda Sept 2022

“Additional 2022 award recipients include Za’Kayza Parsons, Vishan Patton and Alaiyah Hayward, who have each been awarded a one-year, $2,000 bursary to put toward their studies.

“Za’Kayza is a student athlete who is pursuing a Bachelor of Psychology from the University of Maryland in Baltimore, US [UK]. Vishan Patton attends the University of South Florida, where he is studying Business Analytics and Information Systems. Alaiyah Hayward will be working towards a Bachelor of Nursing from the University Of Manchester [UK].

“The Council is also pleased to provide continued support to previous year winners.

“Kamilya Reid will receive a continuance of her three-year, $5,000 award, which she won in 2020. Kamilya is pursuing a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Chemistry at Northeastern University in Boston, USA.

“KyAsia Scott-Fishenden will apply the final portion of her four-year, $5,000 award during this academic year. KyAsia is undertaking a Bachelor of Environmental Science degree at Cardiff University in the UK.

“The Council’s Scholarship Selection Committee was very impressed with the 2022 candidates, who showed passion for their chosen field of study, were able to articulate their goals, and achieved academic excellence. The Council is very proud to support a top rank of Paget university scholars.

“Over the past 22 years, the Paget Parish Council has provided 75 awards to Paget scholars, totaling over $484,400. We are extremely proud of our young people and are pleased to provide support to Paget residents who are currently obtaining their undergraduate degrees at an overseas university.

“We know that our scholars continue to navigate both the academic and pandemic life, and work hard to balance and blend their responsibilities, health and overall well-being. We celebrate their resilience, commitment to their studies and are pleased we are able to make a small financial contribution to their future goals.

“The Paget Parish Council is fortunate to be able to do beneficial work and provide scholarships for Parish residents through the management of and revenues gained from the Red Hole dock berths and boatyard. Legislated in 1954 as the Paget Waterlot Act, this property, which was generously left in trust to the Council by the late Mr. Onley and Mrs. Cornelia Jones to provide waterfront access to Paget residents, forms the funding basis that allows the Council to do beneficial work in the Parish.

“The Paget Parish Council is a Government appointed body comprised of 12 members who are Paget residents and serve the community for the benefit of all residents of Paget. The nine Parish Councils fall under the Ministry of Community Affairs and Sports, and follow the mandate as set out in the Parish Council Act 1971.

“The Council encourages eligible students to apply for the Paget Parish Undergraduate Scholarship or the Robert J. Wright Scholarship each spring, through the national portal, www.BermudaScholarships.com. Annual deadlines are June 30.

“Residents who have questions are invited to contact the Council via www.PagetCouncil.com or email paget.parish@outlook.com.”

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