Bermuda Powerboat Racing Results

September 19, 2022

The Bermuda Power Boat Association held their National Championship races at Ferry Reach.

Ryan McLean won two of the Junior Races, with Santiago Rowe winning the other two. Jason Simons, and Jahlae Raynor both won a race in the JetSki Class, while in the Power Boat Class, Jody Coreiro and Chris Pacheco won the B Class, with Steven Meireles and Phillip Raposo won the D Class, and the S Class was won by David Selley and Steven Bridges.


Race 1

  • 1st Ryan McLean
  • 2nd Santiago Rowe
  • 3rd Sayla Williams

Race 2

  • 1st Santiago Rowe
  • 2nd E’mari Ingemann
  • 3rd Sayla Williams

Race 3

  • 1sr Ryan McLean
  • 2nd E’mari Ingemann
  • 3rd Sayla Williams

Race 4

  • 1st Santiago Rowe
  • 2nd Ryan McLean
  • 3rd E’mari Ingemann

Jet Ski Races

Race 1

  • 1st Jason Simons
  • 2nd Jahlae Raynor

Race 2

  • 1st Jahlae Raynor
  • 2nd Jason Simons

Power Boats

B Class

  • 1st B 77 Jody Coreiro & Chris Pacheco
  • 2nd B 3 Bobby Decosts & Justin Alonso

D Class

  • 1st D297 Steven Meireles & Phillip Raposo
  • 2nd D 177 Caris Nesbit Sr & Jr

S Class

  • 1st S20 David Selley & Steven Bridges
  • 2nd S7 Jahzar James & Derrick Seymour

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