Cross-Country Championships To Be Held

November 30, 2022

The Telford Electric National Cross-Country National Championships will be held this Saturday, December 3rd at the Botanical Gardens starting at 8.30am.

A spokesperson said, “The Bermuda National Athletics Association is proud and excited to announce the Telford Electric National Cross-Country National Championships. The event will feature races in the following categories: Under10 years, U12, U14, U17, U20, Open, Masters, and Senior categories.

“Athletes featured include Solae Goater, Yara Muhammad, and Ava Clarke-Trott who are vying for the title of U10 girls’ Telford Electric National Cross-Country National Championships. While Liam Horrobin, Adrian Myers, and Matthew Hoey will challenge in the U10 boys’ field for the title.

“In the U12 divisions, Riana Robinson, Sukanya Jobson, and Elena Bortoli have their eyes focused on gaining the Telford championship title. In the boys’ division, Ronan Davidge, Shane Reardon, As’ad Muhammad are contending to end the undefeated streak of Chavi Pacheco.

“U14 girls will be an exciting race as Saniya Place, Azari Jones, Aria Mosquera, Antoinette Barry, Amaris Munya, and Kelise Wade are all considered to be front runners for the title of Telford Electric National Cross-Country National Championships. U14 boys’ field is led by Cameron Adkins who is currently undefeated in cross-country but athletes like Tobiah Goodchild, Luca Bortoli, and Sanchez Smith have plans to put up a challenge for the Telford title.

“U17 young ladies will feature Jaeda Grant, Fenella Wightman, and Daria Desmond; they will be challenging each other while running the three-mile course to be crowned Telford Cross-Country Championship. AJ Harkness, Khari Sharrieff, Aaron Lugo, and Max Reid are expected to battle for the Telford title in the U17 division.

“U20 division will be missing stars in both divisions as J’Auza James and Shayla Cann will not be competing as they will be taking the SAT test, as a result, these divisions are expected to be wide open and excitingly competitive with athletes like Jayson Simons, Jyier Barnett and Jake Brisbane challenging for the Telford Electric title.

“As always we have our open and senior divisions which we expect to be competitive and exciting as athletes Mike Rickards, Tony Riker, Donna-Mae Arorash, Edwina Arorash, Zina Jones, Florence Sharpe, Sean Kelly, Marcello Ausenda, Gavin Simmons, Philip Woolins, Richard Howells, Rose-Anna Hoey, Rebecca Shepard, Wentworth Tucker, Darryl Herrick, Michael Toyer, Mairi Redmond, Jennie Kelly, and Laurie Orchard are some of the participants expected to be strong candidates to run away with the Telford title.

“Through the support of the Bermuda Tourism Authority, BNAA has been able to add an additional feature to the Telford Cross-Country Championship with the introduction of American Secondary School Athletes which we are calling the Bermuda Challenge!

“The challenge is an invitational for American Secondary School Athletes. Their addition to this field will help to bring out stellar performances of all of the local athletes.

“The Telford Electric National Cross-Country Championships will be held at the beautiful Botanical Gardens with the first race starting at 8:30 am. The event is free of charge and open to the public. The BNAA is inviting everyone to come and support our athletes and wishes to express a heartfelt thanks to the title sponsor for the event Telford Electric.”

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  1. Hazel Clark says:

    Thanks to BNAA for your partnership delivering the Bermuda challenge. We are excited to bring in youth cross country athletes from the US to compete with our local