Consultation On Expanding Working Population

January 31, 2023

Following the release of the ‘Addressing the Challenge of an Ageing Population in Bermuda’ position paper, the public is invited to contribute their feedback, as the Government plans to create a “Strategic Policy Paper on Expanding the Working Population of Bermuda.”

A Government spokesperson said, “The public will recall the September 2022 release of the position paper on Addressing the Challenge of an Ageing Population in Bermuda, highlighting this demographic shift’s impact on our economy.”

“To help address this challenge, the Government is creating a Strategic Policy Paper on Expanding the Working Population of Bermuda. It will contain strategic initiatives for implementation aimed at improving and expanding the economy and increasing the working population.

“The public is invited to contribute their insight, ideas and feedback to help ensure that decisions made are in agreement with and benefits the community. For example, we are seeking submissions to include in our Strategic Policy Paper that focus on the following:

  • “Immigration, emigration, new business development and labour policy changes for current and future sectors;
  • “Driving investment, innovation and improved opportunities for a sustainable Bermuda; and,
  • “Expansion of current and future sectors and activities to promote sustainable growth, increased job creation and accelerated recovery.

“While not exhaustive, this list will help provide points of interest and stimulate ideas yet to be discussed or discovered. Essentially, there is a need to deliver better outcomes, build investment opportunities, create jobs and sustain employment activities.

“All are encouraged to make their submissions through the Bermuda Citizen’s Forum consultation page Addressing the Challenge of an Ageing Population in Bermuda. The consultation period will end on 1st March 2023.”

The Minister of Economy and Labour, Jason Hayward, explained, “We must continue investing in products, people and technology and working with the private and public sectors to improve our competitiveness and develop processes that provide equal access and opportunity for all.

“The actions we take now will shape the future of our community, and I urge everyone to contribute their thoughts and work together to solve this critical challenge facing the future of Bermuda.”

‘Addressing the Challenge of an Ageing Population in Bermuda’ follows below [PDF here]

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  1. question says:

    Do away with protected classes, encourage foreign investment in Bermuda, and guarantee Immigration Dept responses to all work permit applications within 14 days. Ditch the minimum wage, and ditch the suggested disastrous changes to Payroll Tax, which will drive IB jobs away from the island.

    • Graham says:

      What the Government says it wants, and what the Government actually wants are very different things.

      It has no interest in population expansion, only staying in power.

      It has no interest in the common good of Bermuda, only themselves.

    • Frank says:

      Why is investing in IB the solution to a problem that is persistent all over the world? How are jobs and companies that are solely here because of one thing, which tax avoidance going to benefit our economy in the long run? It takes a literal flip of a switch for such businesses to take their money elsewhere no matter how attractive we make doing business here look. Reliance on a currency that is backed up by fraudulent banks who print money from nothing and stamp value on it willy-nilly only actually benefit a chosen few. The trickle-down effect that all governments push onto the everyday person has been debunked over and over again. Foreign business should not be the way forward and should not be any governments main priority. Investment into strengthening our self-reliance and pushing us to grow our primary sector has been proven time and time again to be far more beneficial to a countries GDP and self-esteem. Covid should have been a rude awakening for us showing that when in doubt nobody one truly cares for us besides ourselves. WAKE UP BDA. Preparing our people to work jobs in agriculture, STEM, trades, and to just think outside the box would provide Bermuda with a range of skill sets to handle the challenges we are currently dealing with. The cost of living would dramatically decrease if two of the most important things needed for a society to function were produced domestically. That being energy and food. Water is another thing that for the most part we have successfully managed to produce(collect) locally, a model that some other countries are adopting themselves. There are many different technologies and methods, some having been around for decades that an island like ourselves situated some 1000km away from the nearest county could benefit from. I don’t understand how our politicians and people in the comments can not see these simple answers to these very dire problems. It’s almost too simple, but here we are looking at nothing that will actually make a lasting difference. We’re a tiny spec in the grand skim of things and we will be easily over looked if s**t hits the fan, you can guarantee that. And don’t let the nay-sayers say it’s not possible because it is. Everything I’ve talked about is scaleable, adaptable and will be profitable when given the time, but we truthfully must ask ourselves what is more important, profit or life. I’m sure we can all come to the same conclusion with that question.
      If you don’t believe what I’m saying just look at the island of Bornholm next to Denmark and enlightening yourself a little

      • Joe Bloggs says:

        “Why is investing in IB the solution to a problem that is persistent all over the world? How are jobs and companies that are solely here because of one thing, which tax avoidance going to benefit our economy in the long run?”

        That is a misunderstanding of Bermuda’s economy. Bermuda is one of the top 3 insurance and reinsurance jurisdictions in the world. The amount of insurance and reinsurance talent in Bermuda is extraordinary given our small size.

        Those IB companies are not here simply to minimise tax.

        With that said, they can be driven away by taxation.

        • Frank says:

          Talent that was only developed from learning from foreign sources.
          Talk to anyone in that area of work and they will tell you an undergraduates of any kind and the ability to learn on the job is for the most part is all you need to work in re-Insurance, international business sector..
          To think that they could find more viable talent here on an island that has a population of just over 70,000 then back in their own native countries is insane.
          And explain to me how these international business would not choose to do their work domestically if our taxation wasn’t so low?
          Every business owner knows the closer you are to your customer generally the less expensive your work will be.

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    ” the Government plans to create a “Strategic Policy Paper on Expanding the Working Population of Bermuda.””

    NO! This must not be allowed. This is “Pathways to status” in disguise!

    We must not discuss this subject. I clearly remember being threatened at a “Town Hall meeting” for asking questions about “Pathways to status”. If it was not allowed to discuss the matter in 2015 or 2016 we must not be allowed to discuss the matter now!

  3. Ringmaster says:

    The only recommendation is to not get Government involved in any aspect of the economy, except to have the regulatory environment welcoming. All drivers of the economy will come from the private sector, not Government. Anyway, as to consultation why bother when it has been made clear time and again the PLP won’t listen.

  4. sandgrownan says:

    Provide an accelerated pathway to permanent residency, including status and voting rights. The PLP precipitated this situation, which we ALL said would happen, and now they must take progressive steps to fix.

    And, as “question” noted above some short term fixes will help. The dept. of Imm should treat applicants as valued clients NOT the enemy.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      NO, sandgrownan! We must NOT discuss this issue.

      I have been threatened for simply asking questions when Michael Fahy first proposed this idea. Stay safe. Do not even discuss the subject!

  5. Hmmm says:

    So PLP want to bring back all those people they chased away… really hate to say it…

    I told ya so!!!!

  6. Ringmaster says:

    Why is there a problem anyway? Hasn’t the PLP been shouting “Bermuda for Bermudians” for years to win elections? No need for foreigners, until now. Another problem may arise in the next few weeks if the proposed payroll tax changes are made in the Budget. No question it will make IB move jobs away. It occurred when Paula Cox did her unwise increase, it will happen again.

  7. Observer says:

    Bermuda is currently on a road to economic disaster. Our current government are partly responsible for this and for some reason they don’t know how to address the problem. All the old rules and regulations, whether by legislation or word of mouth, no longer apply to this island and a world we now face. Bermuda, you have to open the doors, it is your only chance to avoid destroying everything through racial hatred, self gratification and corruption. Open your eyes Bermuda this is no longer a joke.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      It would be difficult for any political party to jettison the dogma of 60 years. It is even harder for the PLP. The PLP has been shouting “Bermuda for Bermudians” for 60 years now. Bermuda is a small place with long memories.

      And there is a serious lack of understanding of economic reality in Bermuda. The PLP Government seems to think is can improve the lives of workers by legislating a “living wage”. Some businesses will manage to pay a living wage. Other businesses will close because of the cost of paying a “living wage”.

      Price controls, whether positive (like a “living wage”) or negative (like rent control) have economic consequences that tend to be the opposite of the stated objective of the government who introduces such legislation.

      The PLP Government simply cannot adapt to the new (open) world order. Partly because of a fundamental misunderstanding of economic reality and party because it is constrained by its own history.

  8. Go away says:

    Best thing for govt to do is go away and let some of us drive the bus cause they are less than clueless. The bs immigration policies and work permits system is their doing, now they say we need them back. Worse than my dog chaseing it’s tail

  9. Consultant says:

    They want the general public to contribute to consultation why when they a) don’t listen b) don’t care. And c) will do it Burt and Ewarts way anyhow