Delegation Attend Cruise Global Conference

March 31, 2023

Minister Wayne Furbert, Francis Richardson, CEO of Bermuda Shipping and Maritime Authority and Stacey Evans from the Ministry of Transport attended the Seatrade Cruise Global Conference held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Minister Furbert said, “It is important that Bermuda was represented at this conference where the discussions focus on the global cruise industry. It is apparent from the sessions I attended that there is positive momentum in the cruise line industry. Additionally, our team held several meetings with our current cruise partners and met with cruise lines with ships that could be accommodated in the Ports of Hamilton and St George.”

The spokesperson said, “The conference theme, “Forward Momentum”, focused on the future of cruising and what momentum means for both short-term and long-term innovations and business plans. The conference sessions covered environmental sustainability, destination stewardship, consumer travel trends, new ships and cruising experience.”

David J. Herrera, President Norwegian Cruise Line; Harry J. Sommer, President and CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. [NCLH]; Stacey Evans, Ministry of Transport; the Hon Wayne Furbert; Frank J. Del Rio, President and CEO Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd.; Frank A. Del Rio, President Oceania Cruises

Minister Furbert & NCL Senior Executive March 2023

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  1. Travel says:

    Has anyone tried booking a flight to the Caribbean… can’t get there in one day and taking more than one stop… do better Bermuda

    • Question says:

      Give this lot a few more months, and we won’t even be able to get to Miami in one day.

  2. Tess Tickle says:

    I agree…I think Bermuda should be represented at the global conference for the legalisation of mariquanna and the growing ovit ….of great import just like that there…did you know you can smoke it in international waters .
    I want to produce hemp rope as we did back in the day …why?…Because it is biodedgradable…grocery bags too…..trash bags too….here’s the thing I only need the stems….so as a consequence ,(another “thing”) , I will have an abundance of totally useless bud …and leaves….sticky …aromatic too….so I was thinking …if we could perhaps legalise that bit We could pacage and process it to assist in our futures as a people and in turn our economy…we are hemoraging money like before giving Bermuda to King James…..I think we started making rope back then too…I digress….I would participate in your endeavors my good Government when next do we make rope…and know we will need to get rid of those sticky bud and aromatic leave…so why not sell it for a profit…what say you? Money is good yes?

    • Tucker says:

      Wow. You really missed with that one.
      You can’t profit of of MJ, you can’t sell it to anyone but your own people.
      The rest of the world left Bermuda behind, decades ago.