Audio: House Of Assembly Motion To Adjourn

March 8, 2023

[Updated] The House of Assembly is currently in session this evening [March 8], with MPs speaking on the Motion to Adjourn,  which is held after the Orders of the Day have been dealt with, and allows any MP to speak on on a topic[s] of their choosing for up to twenty minutes. You can tune into the live audio below.

Update 8.40pm: | The session has concluded and the full audio is below; the speakers were, in order, MP Derrick Burgess, Minister David Burch, Ianthia Simmons-Wade, Minister Jason Hayward, Neville Tyrrell, Kim Swan, and Premier David Burt. You can drag the bottom bar to fast forward if you want to skip to a particular speaker.

Update | The live audio has concluded and the 80-minute replay is below

We do apologise for ‘missing’ one MPs graphic on the video, it was a short speech, 2 minutes, and we are just starting on our plan which aims to regularly stream audio of the Motion to Adjourn, like we do the morning session, and the missing graphic was a hitch this first time! We re-posted that speech with the proper graphic as to provide some form of a ‘fix.’

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  1. Cromwell says:

    its TRUE unemployment is pain for them and their families but the former labor leader is not communicating business consideración. If those workers belong to the BIU they will have adaqate termination benifits

  2. Verdad says:

    After listening to all of the speakers, I wish to say thanks to Bernews. Certainly put to rest the rantings of the OBA and the disinformation