Bermuda Archers Compete In Indoor Shoot

April 3, 2023 | 0 Comments

Archers across Bermuda traveled to the St. George’s Community Centre to compete in an indoor shoot hosted by Gold Point Archery. The distances were 9 m and 18 m, and the categories were from yeoman to seniors with archers competing in either barebow, compound or recurve divisions, with the 60 arrows shot are scored out of 600.

This event was the first national tournament for some and for others preparation for upcoming international events for 2023. Event organizer Trina Roberts said, “We enjoy hosting local events for archers who want the experience of competition without a lot of pressure and who enjoy having fun learning the sport. This was our first indoor competition for the year and pleased with the overall results. We are now in the outdoor season where the distances will range from 30m upwards to 70m. Moving to the longer distances takes time and training and our range in St. David’s have the coaches available to assist those archers with their aspirations.”

Categories & Divisions Winners

Yeoman Compound Men – Scarlet De Roulet, Score 354/600 at 9 m on a 80 cm target.

Bowman Compound Men – Oliver De Roulet, Score 481/600 at 9m on a 80 cm target.

Barebow Bowman Men – Braeden Fraser, Score 319/600 at 18 m on a 40 cm target.

Recurve Cub Men – Jordan Peterkin, Score of 222/600 at 18m on a 40 cm target.

Cadet Recurve Women – Elektra Smith, Score of 370/600 at 18m on a 40 cm target

Junior Recurve Women – Robin Selley, Score of 531/600 at 18m on a 40 cm target.

Senior Recurve Women – Ashley Weekes, Score of 454/600 at 18m on a 40 cm target.

Senior Barebow Men – Jamie Fraser, Score 267/600 at 18m on a 40 cm target.

Senior Recurve Men – Camerin Pickering, Score 550/600 at 18m on a 40 cm target.

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