OBA’s Smith: Time For Minister To Resign

April 25, 2023

“It is time for Minister Rabain to do the honourable thing and resign,” Shadow Education Minister Senator Ben Smith said.

Senator Smith said , “When I first saw the video that has circulated with the Minister of Education, I felt it was important to wait for context before commenting.

“However now that the Minister has clarified his position, he exposed a continual trend that the public is seeing—he refuses to listen to parents and teachers regarding impending school closures; ask anyone who is a part of the West End and East End primary school communities.

“It is time for Minister Rabain to do the honourable thing and resign.

“This video seems to indicate that the input and opinions of some parents and schools is not accepted by the Minister. If the Minister feels challenged by their questions and their need for data, this is a problem.

“Many families’ lives will be changing with the school closures and they have every right to demand clarity.

“Ignoring the people who challenge the decisions that are taken is not a sustainable solution. Families are frustrated.

“Yet again, it feels like the needs of our students are not being prioritised and the voices of distrust are growing louder.

“The Minister needs to communicate openly by listening and helping the parents and teachers to understand the decisions that are being taken. The Ministry of Education needs to be open to ideas that may be different than the plan it’s pursuing.

“And if the Minister isn’t willing to listen to his stakeholders, it is time to have one who will.”

Bernews asked the Ministry for a response and will update as able, and you can also watch the Minister responding the topic overall last night on the ZBM newscast here.

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  1. LOL says:

    Sure after another party is created and you flip over like a pancake obaUBP

    • Poof says:

      So @ LOL You think the current state of Bermuda is funny? By the way, I believe the PLP has more ex-UBP politicians than the OBA, including the last leader of the UBP. So, ya, the PLP is more UBP than the OBA you love to trash. So, I see why you call yourself LOL, you are a joke.

      And you know what, give me the UBP anyday. When they were in power we were on the top tree of highest per capita income, top three in best places in the world to live. We all had jobs (if we wanted one), schools were full and the kids got a decent education, the roads were in good shape, and we had money in the bank. Gang related violence and gun crime were non existent and any kid could travel the whole island without fear. Now you got kids from out west and east that are afraid to travel across a bridge.
      Keep cheerleading for the PLP and enjoy the F&F payroll that comes from our hard earned tax daollars .

      What can you say about the PLP. 20 years abd what do you have to show for it.

      • LOL (original) says:

        I agree with Proof.

        LOL I like to end with a joke… LOL

  2. watching says:

    And be replaced by whom? Minister Rabain has shown commitment and determination in the face of adversity. He is not perfect but he is the most committed Education Minister we have had in over 25 years. A resignation is not warranted.

    • In Awe says:

      You mean committed to his agenda and not concerned who it impacts.

  3. Guy Carri says:

    OBA is not coordinated in its attack. Sporadic pieces like this without making it heavy and getting the emotions stirred. They need to take a page out of the PLP’s book and make big deals out of nothing and get the public woke.

    Right now the PLP is taking full advantage of their supporters NOT speaking out against them. They are making fools of you!! Your loyalty and support isn’t valued, it’s being abused! They are not doing ANYTHING positive for you! Let them know!

  4. Warrior says:

    Minister Rabain is like a leaky bucket..all left is sludge. Best Education Minister ever in PLP was Mr. Dale Butler. I would live to hear his thoughts on this fiasco of a plan.

  5. Hurry up! says:

    Why can’t data be shared? What is there to hide? Transparency might help.

    Look, we can’t afford to keep all these schools open with such a few children and any decision made will never
    Meet everyone’s approval. But please, move forward quickly because by the time you implement whatever system it will be outdated!

    No one likes change, but you are creating anxiety with all this back and forth.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      “Transparency might help.”

      Bite your tongue!

  6. kevin says:

    If there is thing that is certain and that is the plp dont care what you think , they have not once even blinked on what they want whether it right or wrong . This government is doing what it wants …..why because the OBA supporters didnt vote in the last election and the plp flock will vote where they are instructed. I do blame our current economic conditions on the plp because thats simple they own it Education is no different its in shambles we spend more per child than those spend in Private Education. They arent capable of fixing it