Aspen Donates To Waterstart Programme

June 30, 2023 | 0 Comments

Waterstart Ltd. and Aspen Bermuda Limited [ABL] announced a three year partnership to support environmental education, noting that “Aspen’s contribution to Waterstart will ensure students have ongoing access to experiential learning opportunities at the Burt Island campus in Hamilton Harbour. ”

“I am delighted to extend our relationship with Aspen’s Bermuda office, which has pledged $50,000 per year for the next three years. Aspen’s funding will help Waterstart to continue to enrich student learning experiences by immersion in nature,” commented JP Skinner, Director and Founder of Waterstart.

Mr Skinner added, “Our island campus supports thousands of students from all of Bermuda’s middle and high schools to explore the principles of environmental protection. Having Aspen’s commitment for the next few years is a huge step toward enacting our mission.”

Anne Kermode, Education Officer at Waterstart, explained, “The donation from Aspen will enable our organization to continue to promote experiential, cross-curricular learning opportunities for our school communities.

“Waterstart’s unique campus facilitates a direct connection with the environment. Students are encouraged to unlock critical thinking skills and a problem-solving mindset because, being away from the comfort of the mainland, they observe firsthand the issues that Bermuda is facing. Students are invited to think outside of the walls of the classroom to solve challenges relevant to their future. It’s a fun and dynamic environment to teach in and we are grateful to Aspen for helping us to maintain our commitment to our children.”

Mark Pickering, CEO of Aspen Bermuda Limited, said, “Aspen’s Bermuda office is committed to supporting youth education and environmental stewardship in Bermuda. Waterstart’s platform is highly effective at advancing progress in both areas – providing hands-on learning across a diverse student base in critical areas of marine protection, reintroduction of threatened species and experimentation in “off-grid” operations.

“Having met many Waterstart alumni, interns and current students, I can attest to the benefits the program has on increasing the awareness and knowledge of our local environment, as well as enhancing important social skills for participants. We are thrilled to invest in the program’s expansion and support the ambition to increase the number of youth able to gain from the valuable experience Waterstart provides.”

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