Opposition Leader On National Heroes Day

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Cole Simons Bermuda December 2018[National Heroes Day message from Opposition Leader Cole Simons]

National Heroes Day 2023: A Day of Reflection, Inspiration, and Family Bonding

As Bermuda prepares to celebrate National Heroes Day, and as summer is finally upon us, we eagerly anticipate a day filled with joy, relaxation, and family bonding. This cherished holiday invites us to honor the heroes who have shaped Bermuda’s history while creating lasting memories with our loved ones.

National Heroes Day is a time to reflect on the remarkable achievements and contributions of those who have selflessly dedicated their lives to the betterment of our community. It is a day to pay tribute to the heroes who have fought for justice, equality, and the preservation of our cultural heritage. Their courage and vision continues to inspire us, igniting a flame of pride in our hearts.

But National Heroes Day is not only about recognizing the heroes of the past. It is also an opportunity to celebrate the heroes within our own families—the everyday individuals who make a difference in our lives through their love, support, and unwavering presence.

On this special day, families gather to reconnect and strengthen the bonds that tie us together. Whether it’s a picnic on the beach, or a barbecue at home, National Heroes Day provides the perfect backdrop for quality time with our loved ones.

Beyond the festivities, National Heroes Day encourages us to contemplate the values and principles that our heroes exemplify. It serves as a reminder that each one of us has the power to make a positive impact on our community and the lives of others. Whether it’s a small act of kindness, lending a helping hand, or standing up for what is right, we can all be heroes in our own unique way.

As we celebrate National Heroes Day 2023, we can embrace the spirit of unity and togetherness . As Bermudians, let us honor the heroes who have paved the way for progress, while nurturing the heroism within ourselves and our families.

Take this opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with your loved ones, sharing stories of resilience, triumph, and the values that have been passed down through generations. Teach the younger ones about our national heroes and the significance of their contributions. Instill in them a sense of pride in their Bermudian heritage and inspire them to be agents of positive change.

National Heroes Day is a reminder that heroism can be found within the everyday actions of ordinary people-that’s how heros are made. It is a celebration of the collective strength and resilience that permeates our society. So, let us come together as a community, united in our appreciation for our heroes, our families, and the shared values that make Bermuda truly special.

On this National Heroes Day, may we honor the heroes of the past, celebrate the heroes within our families, and embrace the heroism that lies within each of us.

Happy National Heroes Day!

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