Govt Provides Update On Hurricane Lee

September 12, 2023 | 5 Comments

The Government provided an update on Hurricane Lee, noting that the onset of tropical storm force winds is anticipated at around noon on Thursday and the EMO will convene tomorrow [Sept 13] and “substantive decisions will be made at that time, and these decisions will be promptly communicated to the public.”

A Government spokesperson said, “In response to Lee’s approaching threat, the Bermuda Weather Service [BWS] has placed the Island under a Tropical Storm Watch. The BWS is also expected to consider upgrading this watch to a Tropical Storm Warning tonight. This development is indicative of the potential impact that Lee may have on Bermuda.

“Key points to note:

  • 1. Timing of Tropical Storm Force Winds: At this time, the onset of tropical storm force winds in our marine area is expected at around 10 a.m. on Thursday, September 14th. On the Island itself, the onset of tropical storm force winds is anticipated around noon on Thursday afternoon.
  • 2. EMO Assessment: The Emergency Measures Organisation [EMO] will convene tomorrow to assess the evolving situation and potential impact of Hurricane Lee on Bermuda. Substantive decisions will be made at that time, and these decisions will be promptly communicated to the public.
  • 3. Government Services: While it is too early to definitively state whether Government services will be affected later this week, the public is strongly urged to take this storm seriously and ensure preparations are completed.

“As of the latest advisory from the BWS issued at noon today, Hurricane Lee is currently a Category 3 hurricane located 483 nautical miles to the south of Bermuda.

“The storm is moving in a west-northwest direction at 5 knots, with maximum sustained winds of 100 knots [115 MPH], gusting to 120 knots [138 MPH].

“Lee’s closest point of approach to Bermuda within the next 72 hours is anticipated to be 151 nautical miles to the west, occurring at 2 a.m. on Friday, September 15th.

“The Ministry of National Security, the BWS, and the EMO continue to closely monitor Hurricane Lee’s progress. We urge all residents and visitors to Bermuda to stay informed and heed any official advisories or warnings.

“To keep abreast of all weather information, visit the Bermuda Weather Service, the official weather authority for Bermuda, at”

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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    I would rather have an update from the experts and the Bermuda Weather Service please.

    • puzzled says:

      Then watch the US Weather channel/s.

    • smh says:

      you just couldn’t help yourself huh ?

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      It is all right there for you on the NHC website.

      Projected center locations, wind field estimations in each quadrant, advisories and discussion on what the storm is likely to do.

      The NHC is the source of information for everyone else.

    • John says:

      That’s who informs the EMO simple.

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