Shuntae Todd To Make Stand-Up Comedy Debut

September 7, 2023 | 0 Comments

[Written by Stephen Wright]

Whether bearing down on goal during her days as a Bermuda women’s national team footballer or injecting humour into her popular social media videos, Shuntae Todd has always understood the importance of good timing.

Todd has been making people laugh for as long as she can remember, describing herself as a “jokester” and “class clown” at school.

However, it was not until she began posting funny videos, firstly while working for The Department of Parks during a hurricane clean-up operation and then promoting her mobile carwash business Splash and Dash, that her local popularity grew.

She has more than 2,800 followers on her business Instagram page.

“I made a video after a bad hurricane,” Ms Todd told Bernews. “Everybody was getting recognition [for the clean-up] apart from Parks, so I put up a funny video on Facebook saying, ‘We’re not picking up another leaf until someone starts giving us some credit.’ It went viral!”

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On Friday [September 8], the former North Village and Dandy Town striker will make her stand-up comedy debut in the White Yardie Returns show, performing alongside the British-Jamaican comedian, who came to Bermuda last year, and local funnymen Jonathan Young, King Somner and Mr Fotogenik.

“When the organisers called me to be a part of the show, it caught me by surprise,” Ms Todd told Bernews. “I was like, ‘Not me!’

“I took a few days to see if I’d feel more comfortable about the idea.”

The 35-year-old, who hosted the Onika Present’s Reminisce talent show at City Hall in Hamilton last month, was encouraged to try stand-up years ago but admits her nerves held her back.

“People always told me, ‘You should be a stand-up comic’,” said Ms Todd, who has also appeared in commercials for local companies.

“I was asked years ago when Bootsie had his comedy club on Front Street. I guess the nerves overpowered me back then. It was too immense, and I always turned it down. I’m more mature and feel more relaxed about it all.

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“It just so happens my first time on stage will be in a big show. It’s not in a backyard or anything!

“Hopefully, I can transition the laughs I give people in more intimate settings and everyday conversations onto the stage.”

Ms Todd, who helped the women’s national football team win the gold medal at the NatWest International Island Games in Bermuda in 2013, said the pressure of making people laugh is more stressful than the expectation to score goals.

“In football, the fans are waiting on a goal, which can come from any of the players on the field; however, I’m alone on stage and have to deliver. It’s not such a shared experience.”

White Yardie Returns will be held on Friday at the Ruth Seaton James Auditorium at CedarBridge Academy in Devonshire from 8 pm to 11.30 pm. Tickets are $75 and are available at

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