Cricket: Polaris MVP & Spinner Awards Winners

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The Eastern County Cricket Association [ECCA] and Polaris Holding announced the winners of the 2023 Polaris Series MVP and Stan Smith Spinner Awards.

A spokesperson said, “The Eastern County Cricket Association [ECCA], in partnership with series sponsor Polaris Holding Company, announced the winners of the 2023 Polaris Series MVP and Stan Smith Spinner Awards at Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club. The individual awards are typically presented at the conclusion of the third and final Eastern County match. However, this year’s awardees were announced later due to severe weather disruptions and an extended cricket season for T20 World Cup qualifiers.

Polaris MVP of the Series Award – MacQuille Walker

“MacQuille Walker, a standout player from the 2023 Eastern County Champions, Bailey’s Bay Cricket Club, clinched the prestigious Polaris MVP of the Series Award for 2023. His consistent and exceptional performances have not only captured the admiration of cricket enthusiasts but have also established him as a rising star in Bermuda’s cricketing landscape. Polaris Holding Company [Polaris] CEO, Randy Rochester, awarded Mr. Walker a $1,500 cash prize in recognition of his series achievements.

MacQuille Walker and Randy Rochester

Maquille Walker and Randy Rochester Bermuda Oct 24 2023

Stan Smith Spinner of the Series Award – Rodney [Pickles] Trott

“Rodney has [Pickles] Trott, a distinguished cricketer, received the esteemed Stan Smith Spinner of the Series Award. Trott’s extraordinary performance and mastery of spin-bowling throughout the 2023 Eastern County competition made him a deserving recipient of this accolade.

Stevens Douglas, President ECCA, presents the award to the mother of Rodney Trott

Stevens Douglas  & mother of Rodney Trott Bermuda Oct 24 2023

Polaris Holding Company’s Ongoing Commitment

“As the Premier Sponsor, Polaris Holding Company has maintained a long-standing partnership with the ECCA. The Eastern County series serves to foster the spirit of sports, culture, and community in Bermuda and aligns with the corporate objectives of Polaris. Through the Polaris MVP of the Series and Man of the Match Awards, Polaris Holding Company aims to recognize and promote exceptional talent and performance within Bermuda’s cricketing community.

“The investment by Polaris Holding Company, along with its subsidiaries East End Asphalt and Stevedoring Services Limited, extends to support the Eastern County Junior Cricket programme. This junior programme nurtures grassroots development, ultimately fueling the Senior Eastern County Cricket pipeline and furthering the progression of cricket in Bermuda.”

Steven Douglas, President of the ECCA, shared insights into the partnership, explaining, “The collaboration originated from the dedicated staff at Stevedoring Services, who have been loyal supporters of Eastern County for generations. Their passion for this 118-year-old competition inspired Polaris executives to invest in this institution as part of their corporate social responsibility initiatives. Our partnership with the Polaris group of companies has been exceptionally fruitful, and we eagerly anticipate the continued development of our junior and senior programs with their continued support.”

Randy Rochester, CEO of Polaris, expressed appreciation for the partnership with the Eastern County Cricket Association and emphasized the company’s commitment to community access to the event.

He stated, “Polaris Holding Company recognizes the significant community and cultural impact of the Eastern County series. As a critical contributor to Bermuda’s economy and daily life, we understand the value of the MVP and take pride in celebrating the dedication and passion demonstrated by MacQuille Walker. Furthermore, we are pleased to facilitate community access to the event by sponsoring radio broadcasts, enabling a wider audience to enjoy the competition.”

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