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[Updated] Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport Owen Darrell is holding a press conference today [Nov 14] to “discuss upcoming ministry initiatives, as outlined in the Speech from the Throne.” We will have additional information later on, and in the meantime the live video is below.

The 18-minute live video replay is below:

Update 7.08pm: Minister Darrell’ full statement follows below:

In the second half of this year Bermuda has seen world class representation in the field of sport both on and off the island. From near misses on the cricket pitch, to podium finishes in the Pan-Am Games and just this last week- a young golfer’s dream of playing in the PGA coming true.

Competing on the world stage in Sports is in our DNA, and I think that we should all recognize the dedication, hard work, and support that it takes to compete with some of the world’s best. Achieving elite status as an athlete is

a destination that starts at the grass roots and community level, and I want to take this time to thank the technical officers and staff within my ministry who have put in the long hours to ensure that this Government continues to support the development of sport in our community from the beginner, to the amateur to the professional.

The Government has ensured that necessary funding, totalling over $1.5 million dollars, reached 21 National Sport Governing Bodies [NSGB] over this last period which can only be called an outsized return on investment given the success our athletes have earned.

In addition to the organisations and elite athletes that received direct funding, I am pleased that the necessary repairs to the Netball and Basketball courts were completed, in large part due to the collaboration with the Ministry of Public Works and community partners.

In the coming year, I am looking forward to executing plans to continue investing in our rich sporting heritage and our talented local athletes.

During this parliamentary session, The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport will look to pass the necessary legislative amendments to Bermuda’s Anti-Doping framework so that we can not only fly our flag proudly at international events, but also ensure a clean and safe environment for our athletes.

Following consultation between the Premier, myself and the Director of Culture, the message was received loud and clear as to what our creatives are looking for. It is not lost on this Government, that the long hours honing one’s craft requires the right environment to thrive, not only for sports but also creative endeavours.

The need for makerspace emerged as the number one wish for creatives during stakeholder feedback sessions. It is a fact that Bermudian creatives are not always able to have their art also be their primary source of income. As a result, many do not have full access to “tools of the trade,” which includes space to rehearse, to record, to meet and to practice.

The Department of Culture will further consult with creatives across multiple disciplines to ascertain the most important functionality that a makerspace should have for each genre of art.

Collaboration with the Ministry of Public Works has already begun in identifying currently unoccupied Government buildings with a view to converting them to creative hubs.

Though this year has seen record levels of rain and blustery weather requiring us to cancel the Gombey Festival, I am still so proud of our Gombey troupes for coming out and representing our culture during the Bermuda Day parade earlier this year.

In the buildup to Bermuda Day 2024, we will be looking at the application process and giving more time for participants to apply for support from the Bermuda Day fund.

The public will be aware that following the Government Department realignment last week, I now have responsibility for Tourism.

With the Bermuda Tourism Authority Summit taking place on the 28th of this month, it is my intent to and engage key stakeholders and industry leaders in the coming weeks. This years’ theme is Building a Better Bermuda Tourism Ecosystem – the focus is to collaborate with our industry partners to plan and commit to a networking system that will enhance the economic activities.

This past weekend, under the leadership of the Bermuda Tourism Authority, and in conjunction with local and international partners, the delivery of the Butterfield Bermuda Championship was a success. The dedication and hard work from the BTA is appreciated and recognised by the Ministry. The recently released 2022 KPMG impact study showed the PGA Butterfield Bermuda Championship delivering great return-on-investment for our Tourism industry.

In alignment with the National Tourism Plan 2019-2026, the Ministry alongside the Bermuda Tourism Authority will deliver more engaging experiences and events for visitors that include local involvement in the sports, arts, and culture arenas. This realignment of portfolios allows for synergistic partnerships between existing Government Departments responsibilities and the BTA.

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