OBA: Public Deserves Answers On Cyber-Attack

November 29, 2023 | 12 Comments

“Rather than enlightening the public the Government has chosen to hide behind the excuse of ‘secrecy’ and refused to provide any information,” on the cyber-attack that occurred in September, OBA Senator Dr Douglas De Couto said, adding that “the Bermudian public deserve to know what happened.”

Senator De Couto said, “Last week the One Bermuda Alliance submitted several questions about the Government Hack, expecting answers in today’s Senate session.

Screenshot from the Senate schedule listing the questions:

Planned questions on cyber attack 2023 Nov

“However, rather than enlightening the public the Government has chosen to hide behind the excuse of ‘secrecy’ and refused to provide any information. Based on this Government’s track record, we can only presume this attempt to dodge accountability is to hide poor management and mishandling of the recent hack and any prior hacks that may have occurred.

“Our questions included asking about the history of Cyberattacks on the Bermuda Government in the past three years, details of any ransoms paid, and what actions the Government has taken to improve cybersecurity after each attack. We explicitly asked about any attacks within the past three years.

“Since Minister Darrell used the excuse of secrecy and ongoing investigations, we can only presume that any hacks within the past three years are still under investigation. What could justify such delay?

Audio extract from today’s Q&A in the Senate

“The Bermudian public deserve to know what happened in this attack, that has affected almost everyone on the island, including civil servants who couldn’t pay their rent because of missing or late pay checks, businesses stalled waiting on paperwork stuck in Government, and travelers unable to get their travel documents.

“The public also deserve to know whether or not it was a ransomware attack, and if their personal data is safe. Detailed travel and health records, payment information, and other sensitive commercial and personal information may have been stolen from Government systems. And, if the Personal Information Protection Act [PIPA] was in force, the Government would be required by law to disclose this information.

“Finally, what are the financial impacts to the Government for this hack? As the Government has not denied this was a ransomware attack, we can only presume that it was, and ask, how much ransom was paid? And, how will that affect Government spending on programs and projects?

“It’s time for this Government to come clean. However, to most of the public, it’s no surprise that they refuse to.”

During today’s session the Minister said that the matter was under active investigation.

Questions Submitted by the OBA

Q1. Would the Honourable Minister please provide the Senate with a list of all Cyber-attacks or hacks on Government of Bermuda IT systems over the last three [3] years prior to 30th September 2023, with dates and details on the nature of the attack?

Q2. With respect to each attack cited in Question 1, would the Honourable Minister please inform the Senate as to whether any ransom was requested, the amount of the ransom, and whether any ransom was paid or not?

Q3. With respect to each attack cited Question 1, would the Honourable Minister please inform the Senate as to what specific actions were taken by Government to improve cybersecurity?

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  1. Hilarious! says:

    Perhaps the honorable senator should file a PATI request for the information? ;-)

  2. 365 says:

    The Only thing that surprised me is that the PLP membership still have faith in Burt as their number one. In his time as Premiere he has improved nothing compared to the previous government. None of his grand ideas for Economic recovery have worked out, not one! Not vertical Farming, Blockchain, Tech Hub, Savvy Entertainment and more. He has deceived us and withheld information from the taxpayer several times. Some examples are Southampton Princess SDO, Artitrade, Binance and Cyberattack. Can someone please tell us one thing that he has done in all these years that warrants his continuation as Premiere. What has he done to make life here in Bermuda better for all of us. I cant think of one thing. Can one of you?

  3. Kim Smith says:

    Is there someone in the legal profession who might indicate what the truth is more likely to be in this matter: that the answers to the questions cannot be given now pending the ‘active investigation’, or whether the Government Senator is avoiding answering the questions.

  4. Steve says:

    The public need answers from PLP. Now!!!!

  5. The nerve!!! OBA , the public deserves ANSWERS to the over $300 million your political party allowed to be thrown to the breeze!!! PLEASE!!
    WHAT ABOUT THE undemocratic APPROACH YOUR PARTY PLAYED IN TH DESIGN OF THE AIRPORT? Else for America Cup Bermuda…..hogwash!!!

    • truth says:

      What $300 million are you talking about. If you are talking about Morgan’s point, the PLP triggered the guarantee, it was the choice of the PLP to do this as it would transfer the whole of Morgans Point into the government’s hands….. or so they thought. Turned out to be just Caroline Bay

      If you are talking about the airport minimum revenue guarantee, then please calculate the interest on the debt we would have to borrow to build the airport, then look at what it would have cost to run the airport during covid as we would have to still pay that. You’ll find that the OBA saved us a huge amount of money more than what was paid for the minimum revenue guarantee. You also have to remember there was no money in the pot at the time the OBA came into power to pay government worker wages let alone build an airport. The OBA turned that no money situation around, so you should thank them for that.

      Am glad you recognize that the Americas Cup was an incredible success for Bermuda. It’s a shame that the PLP created spin and used it as a political jab, we could have had all those mega-yachts and their money visiting and generating money in Bermuda’s economy. We may have had Southampton Princess bought by one of those people and it not turned into a Condo Park if we as an island hadn’t had the PLP drag them through the politcal mud.

      if you are talking about 300K not 300M, then those were private donations and not taxpayers money and at the time ethical action was taken and someone resigned for not following proper procedure.

    • Better today than 10 years ago says:

      I read these articles and the defense of the current state of affairs on these blog posts and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but in the cold light of day–we really must be real. Is Bermuda better, stronger and moving in a strategic way forward moreso than it was 10 years ago? If the answer is no–then we must demand from our elected officials why it is not.

      It appears from the tone and approach that our elected officials they seem to have a misplaced idea of who they are responsible to. They are not our caretakers, they have been chosen to do a job and if we feel they are not doing it–we have the right to ask and they have an obligation to answer and not in an offhanded, petulant and arrogant way–the current haughty approach really only sows the seeds of mistrust in the community.

    • Tucker says:

      You’re such a liar…you do a disservice to your people.

  6. Hilarious! says:

    Q1 – the request should go back at least five (5) years.
    Q2 – good luck
    Q3 – good luck

  7. Never happe says:

    Will never get an answer from the govt, just another one of their sweep it under the carpet long enough create more screw ups and like all their to many to count blunders and lies will get forgotten. NOT! Duck weave and deceive as much as they want it will come back to haunt them it’s called karma. Eg. do you see anything going forward at south P yet. Any Burt coin buildings for sale and that’s just a start

  8. Vote for me says:

    From some comments I’ve heard from people arriving through the airport it sounds as if the Immigration system is still down. Why the need for paper arrival forms and why the lack of data on file?

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