Minister Visits With Corrections Officer Recruits

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“Training that prioritises safety equips our officers to handle challenges effectively in their critical roles,” stated Minister of National Security Michael Weeks, following his visit last week to meet the nine recruits undergoing foundational training to become Corrections Officers.

A Government spokesperson said, “Minister Weeks, alongside Colonel Edward Lamb, the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of National Security, observed the recruits as they were given specialised training on the use of force at Warwick Camp.

“The training on the use of force is meticulously designed to equip officers with crucial techniques for self-defence and personal safety while ensuring strict adherence to the legal frameworks and protocols outlined by the Department of Corrections.

“Minister Weeks emphasised the importance of this training, highlighting its pivotal role in empowering officers to effectively de-escalate any situation they may encounter while upholding safety standards.

The Minister added: “The Use of Force Training, alongside the comprehensive 12-week programme, underscores our dedication to ensuring that our officers are equipped with the necessary skills to carry out their duties efficiently and responsibly.”

“The recruit training programme, which commenced on 1 November, combines classroom instruction led by the Corrections Training Team with practical experiences in real-world environments.

Commissioner of Corrections Keeva Joell-Benjamin said: “These training sessions not only educate recruits about the Department of Corrections’ mission and vision but also emphasise the paramount importance of public safety, reinforcing the core values of safety and security.

“Equipping our officers with specialised use of force training is paramount in ensuring their safety and fostering a secure environment within correctional facilities.

“This training is pivotal in preparing our recruits to manage various situations they may encounter during their duties effectively.

“Practical training has proved to be an effective way of reinforcing the concepts taught in the classroom. Experienced staff and government cohorts within the Ministry of National Security also conduct training sessions.”

Recruit Officers Deanne Lightbourne and Sienna Bell take instruction from Education Officer Lisa Brewster

Corrections Officers Bermuda Dec 3 2023 (1)

Corrections Officers Bermuda Dec 3 2023 (2)

Corrections Officers Bermuda Dec 3 2023 (3)

Corrections Officers Bermuda Dec 3 2023 (4)

Use-of-force instructor David T. Wilson gives a demonstration to Minister Weeks

Corrections Officers Bermuda Dec 3 2023 (5)

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