Kidney Care Bermuda Will Not Charge Copays

December 4, 2023 | 0 Comments

Local nephrology healthcare provider, Kidney Care Bermuda [KCB] announced that as of 1 January 2024 “they will no longer be charging patients copayments for kidney treatment [nephrology] services.”

Chief Executive Officer of KCB, Ms. Irena Ashton said, “We made this decision to improve access to kidney care for residents and help them obtain better treatment for kidney related issues. We hope that not having to pay for copays will encourage more people to take advantage of the treatments and educational sessions we provide and thus stop their kidney conditions from worsening.”

“Eliminating copays will ease the burden for patients who have chronic kidney disease and require regular specialist care and treatment. We don’t want patients delaying healthcare because of the associated costs. Early referral to nephrology is very important to prevent worsening of kidney function and early onset of dialysis. Patients will have the opportunity to receive necessary education centered around self-care and disease management to actively participate in slowing down the progression of their disease.”

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A spokesperson said, “KCB also offers free screening for persons who are at high risk of developing kidney disease such as those living with high blood pressure or diabetes. Screening for kidney disease is essential since most patients don’t experience noticeable symptoms in the early stages of the disease. Early diagnosis means patients not only receive appropriate nephrology care, but information and education on kidney disease.”

“By partnering with CARNA Health and other health care providers in a Bermuda-wide population screening, KCB hopes to actively address the high number of people living with undetected CKD.”

“It’s always been our goal to partner with patients and provide a high standard of kidney care combined with essential information and tools for patients to live healthier longer lives,” Ms. Ashton said.

The spokesperson said, “Services at KCB are provided by certified nephrologists, Drs. Wendy Outerbridge and Danielle Farrington, and qualified nursing staff. KCB advocates for early and timely referrals to nephrology as outlined by the KDIGO 2021 Clinical Practice Guideline.

“This allows patients the opportunity to prevent their disease from worsening, but also explores kidney transplant options before the onset of other kidney replacement therapies. Renal replacement therapies are a complex topic requiring multiple clinical and educational sessions with patients and their families. Late referrals often deprive patients of opportunities to learn and adjust to their new journey with kidney disease.”

Ms. Ashton also said: “It’s important to reiterate that our services are not replacing the need for regular primary care follow up but rather, will allow patients with kidney disease to access our nephrology services. KCB is located at 63 Victoria Street, Hamilton, across from St. Paul’s Church. For more information contact 295 8999 or visit

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