‘Strengthening Bermuda’s Global Relationships’

December 4, 2023 | 10 Comments

After week one of Bermuda’s visit to the United Arab Emirates, Premier and Minister of Finance David Burt said he has been “extremely encouraged by the progress made to further strengthen relations with global and regional partners.”

A Government spokesperson said, “As the public is aware, Premier Burt and Deputy Premier Walter Roban are currently in the UAE participating in regional economic events and the United Nations COP28, the most important environmental global gathering of the year.

“Last week, the Premier attended Abu Dhabi Finance Week [ADFW], an event which brings together global financial industry leaders and innovators.

“During ADFW, the Premier signed a Memorandum of Understanding on behalf of the Ministry of Economy and Labour with the Emirates Family Office Association in line with the Government’s objective to attract further economic investment to Bermuda from the Middle East.

“Premier Burt, building on the relationships forged over the last year, had a formal meeting with the investment team at Mubadala and Masdar to discuss infrastructure and renewable energy investments in Bermuda.

Following ADFW, Premier Burt said, “I had the opportunity to engage with international leaders, deepen our economic ties, and discuss how Bermuda and the UAE can collaborate.”

“It was a pleasure to re-engage with H E Ahmed Jasim Al Zaabi, Chairman of ADGM and officials at Mubadala, having previously met with them during my visit to the UAE in March. These high-level engagements play a crucial role in strengthening Bermuda’s global relationships and our economy.”

The spokesperson added, “On Dec. 1st, the Premier attended the opening of COP28, where he joined other world leaders to listen to pledges and commitments aimed at tackling climate change.

“While at the opening events, the Premier attended an event for Women Climate Leaders & Small Island Developing States, which His Majesty, King Charles III and other Caricom and world leaders attended.

“The Premier also had an opportunity to engage with Caricom leaders, including Prime Ministers and Premiers from Barbados, Bahamas, Dominica, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and fellow British Overseas Territories, the British Virgin Islands and Anguilla.”

Premier Burt said, “It’s very good to see significant representation from our OT leaders here at COP28. Climate action is a collective fight that we are all committed to addressing as it is islands such as ours that will be the most significantly impacted by the effects of climate change.”

The spokesperson added, “The Premier and Deputy Premier also presented and highlighted the island during the SDG Disruptor Summit during “Bermuda Day”.

“Turning to week two of COP28, the Premier will engage in regional media outreach as well as hold additional meetings focusing on energy, technological innovation and economic cooperation.

“Also, today [Dec. 4th], Bermuda will be part of a panel discussion called CARIBBEAN SIDS: The Case for Access to climate finance by CARICOM/OECS Associate Members. Bermuda will be joined by Anguilla, Cayman Islands, Montserrat, the British Virgin Islands and Turks and Caicos. The Premier returns to Bermuda on December 7. The Deputy Premier returns to the island on December 10.”

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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    “After week one of Bermuda’s visit to the United Arab Emirates, …”

    They are staying longer?

    • Hilarious! says:

      COP28 runs 30 November until 12 December 2023. Why would Burt & Company not enjoy a two-week taxpayer-paid trip? Plus, I hear from friends that the shopping is world-class in the UAE. Christmas is rapidly approaching.

      “Turning to week two of COP28, the Premier will engage in regional media outreach as well as hold additional meetings focusing on energy, technological innovation and economic cooperation.

  2. Vote for me says:

    Burt sounds just like Jim Hacker from Yes Minister. Meetings, plans, committees, ties and talks, but no actual achievements or benefits to the public.
    All that seems to be at the top of the list is increasing the number of wealthy foreigners, not help his voter base to get out of the minimum wage trap.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      “He’s a smooth-tongued, cold-eyed, hard-nosed, two-faced creep,’ I said, trying to be fair.”

  3. Steve says:

    Wasted money yet again by the green muppets

  4. Wassabi says:

    Ya boy got ADD? What happened to Crypto, Tech Hub, Casino, vertical Farming and all the other job making, money bringing ideas.

    Burt can you finish something you started for once! Or throw in the towel.

    Lead , follow or get out of the way.

    • Jo says:

      The UBPoba keeps their clowns busy. You better get ready for the next election and change the name and leadership again.

      • LOL - the real one says:

        You better get ready to move to Nottingham, and live off of those white British people you hate so much…because your government is pushing you into poverty! LOL

      • Joe Bloggs says:

        The UBP was dissolved more than a decade ago. Stop living in the past.

  5. Steve says:

    What a waste of taxpayers money. Burt no idea how much we are in debt. As for De Silva when are you going to repay us the taxpayers after your $800k mess up.

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