Column: MP Wade On OBA, Challenges & More

January 26, 2024 | 2 Comments

[Opinion column written by PLP MP Jason Wade]

At a time when so many of our people are struggling, the OBA is exploiting the struggles and challenges of Bermudians.

The OBA, out of one side of their mouth, says they care about struggling Bermudians. Yet. out the other side of their mouth, they and their supporters ridicule and demean Bermudian civil servants and call for them to be forced into unemployment.

Out of one side of their mouth, the OBA says they care about the struggles of Bermudians, while out of the other side of their mouth, they advocate for opening the immigration floodgates without any regard for protecting the legitimate hopes and aspirations of Bermudians.

Out of one side of their mouth ,the OBA says they care about struggling Bermudians, while out the other side of their mouth they and their supporters have spoken out against the PLP bringing forward a living wage, modernization of financial Assistance to help more Bermudians in need and get help to those who need it faster.

Tougher labour laws to protect Bermudian workers.

The OBA say they care about struggling Bermudians. Yet they repeatedly speak out against PLP initiatives designed to put more money in Bermudians’ pockets, protect Bermudian workers, and take on the greed that is driving up the cost of living.

The reality is that the OBA wants the votes of struggling Bermudians, but doesn’t want to actually help these same Bermudians.

- MP Jason Wade

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  1. CB2 says:

    As a concerned Bermudian, I must voice my frustration with the narrative presented here. Jason’s portrayal of the OBA as the root of our island’s challenges is not just misleading but blatantly ignores the significant power the PLP holds in our government. As someone who values objectivity over party loyalty, I find it necessary to call out what appears to be blatant deflection by the PLP.

    Let’s be clear: the PLP holds an overwhelming majority in our government, with 30 out of 36 seats. This majority grants them the power to enact any policy or law they deem fit. Yet, we are left wondering: what progress has been made on the issues MP Wade champions? Why hasn’t the PLP, with such power, advanced the causes they profess to support?

    MP Wade’s column sidesteps this reality, resorting to a classic political maneuver – blaming the opposition, in this case, the OBA, for the island’s woes, while holding significant power themselves. This approach is not only easy but also avoids self-reflection and accountability.

    We are facing real and pressing issues: the struggles of civil servants, the need for a living wage, modernizing financial assistance, stronger labor laws, and the escalating cost of living. But the question remains, why haven’t we seen significant strides from the PLP, given their dominant position? Finger-pointing is no substitute for action and effective leadership.

    Blaming the OBA is a tired and irresponsible tactic. It diverts attention from the PLP’s own shortcomings and inaction. Bermuda deserves more than political games; we need tangible results. It’s time for the PLP to break this cycle of blame and demonstrate real progress. Holding power means holding responsibility. It’s time to use that power to effect positive change in the lives of Bermudians, not just as a tool for opposition scapegoating.

    As Bermudians, we must demand more from our leaders, beyond party lines. We need actions, not just words; progress, not just promises; and above all, accountability. Constructive criticism is a cornerstone of a healthy democracy, and it should be welcomed, not avoided.

    Enough is enough. The PLP must step up and deliver, or acknowledge their inability to lead our island effectively. I believe in Bermuda and its potential for positive change, but this can only be achieved through unity and collaboration across all political spectrums.

    [A Frustrated Bermudian]

  2. What! says:

    When is the Government going to stop their lies. They are destroying Bermudians future and telling lies in an attempt to discredit the opposition. Clearly the opposition are a massive threat. If the PLP (am not talking about man or woman on the street voters, but the politicians, who appear to be sucking the future away from Bermudians) had success they could spout off about it, but they haven’t. Vote them out, they deserve to reap what they have sowed, and they have sowed failure, failure, failure. You and I , the person on the street taxpayer are funding Gencom through us having to pay increased taxes, whilst they have to pay none.

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