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February 23, 2024 | 0 Comments

[Opinion column written by PLP MP Christopher Famous]

“Granting such individuals streamlined pathways to full rights” – OBA Deputy Party Co-Chairman and C6 candidate Joseph Marable on the OBA plan to give away Bermudian status.

It is interesting, yet not surprising to witness the OBA have their candidates continuously put out press statements claiming the PLP does not reach out to all Bermudians. The facts are clear that over the last two election cycles, we have consistently gained support from all walks of life.

Hence, we have MPs in what were once solid UBP/OBA strongholds. As prime examples: Jache Adams in Pembroke West, Vance Campbell in Smith’s West and Crystal Caesar in Southampton West Central.

Additionally, we have made consistent gains in both Paget West and Paget East where the UBP/OBA traditionally garnered 80 per cent of the vote.

Without a doubt, these seats have moved away from remaining UBP/OBA strongholds, as all voters embrace the inclusive platforms that the PLP has put forward year after year. Whether it be the growth of the international business sector, a fairer tax system, protection of our oceans, or ensuring seniors are taken care of.

PLP MP Christopher Famous Opinion Column Bermuda February 2024

The PLP has consistently invested in additional affordable housing in order to give more Bermudians a hand up in life. Meanwhile, the OBA had never invested in this vital part of our social infrastructure.

Ironically, they are the only party that continuously speaks about racial division and revives the UBP policies of slashing the civil service, as per their Deputy Party Co-Chairman Joseph Marable: “The OBA’s proposed spending reductions are primarily targeted at administrative inefficiencies.”

Bermudians have only to remember that it was the OBA that cut the pay of Bermudian workers, froze seniors pensions and slashed scholarship funds for public schools. They then granted major concessions to Aecon for the privatisation of the airport, and a guarantee for Morgan’s Point that has cost Bermudian taxpayers over $200 million.

While the OBA have found a few new faces to use fluffy words, their core policies remain aligned to hurting the working and middle class whilst granting Bermudian status to those they choose.

Their 2024/25 Budget Reply will surely reflect those values.

- Thomas Christopher Famous

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