‘Ensure Materials Are Appropriately Covered’

February 17, 2024 | 3 Comments

The police have reminded truck drivers to “ensure that the materials loaded on their vehicles are appropriately covered.”

The police posted the image below online and  said, “Truck drivers are reminded they have a responsibility to ensure their loads are secured, covered and safely and lawfully loaded.

“Overstacked foliage pose a risk by falling into the path of other vehicles or obstructing licence plates, brake lights or turn signals.

“Truck drivers are urged to use caution and ensure that the materials loaded on their vehicles are appropriately covered before setting off.”

Truck Driver Police Reminder February 2024

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  1. Wassabi says:

    Glad something is being done. Over the years I’ve seen so many trucks with cubes of cinder blocks with nothing more than a layer of drink wrap on the top row securing the load. No ropes, tarps nothing. Saw a hole load fall off on corner of middle road ans store hill a few years ago that missed traffic on the other side by inches.

    Years ago all loads were secured and also covered. Today almost nothing

  2. Just saying says:

    Not to mention, loads with power tools on top that are already too high. They used to get tickets back in the day

  3. Pure Madness!!! says:

    I agree, something needs to be done. I was out walking early one morning and got slapped by a tree branch that was sticking out from the side of a truck. And I was on the sidewalk (covering eyes)…..

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