Minister Attends World Government Summit

February 20, 2024 | 5 Comments

“Minister of Health, Kim Wilson, represented Bermuda at the World Government Summit [WGS] held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates [UAE] from February 11 – 14, 2024.

A Government spokesperson said, “The WGS hosted 25 heads of state and 200 ministers, and visionaries including Sam Altman [Open AI] and Jensen Huang [Nvidia]. During her visit to WGS, Minister Wilson was able to connect with the UAE’s Minister of Health H.E. Abdul Rahman Al Owais.

“Several discussions centered around the role of health and healthcare, including whether recent technological innovations contribute to resilience, or create new vulnerabilities.”

“Bermuda and the UAE face common challenges in our healthcare systems, including rising levels of non-communicable diseases like diabetes and cancer, as well as the growing strains on our healthcare systems from ageing populations,” said Minister Wilson.

“Bermuda’s strategy to combat these includes broadening healthcare accessibility, improving preventative care, and prioritising data analytics, a path the UAE has pioneered with its advanced digital health services.

“With the UAE and Bermuda striving to deliver efficient, accessible, and patient-centred care for our populations, this cross-continental dialogue will hopefully spark collaborations that enhance health outcomes and sustainability. As Bermuda and the UAE chart our respective healthcare futures, our shared challenges and opportunities pave the way for a collaborative journey towards better health for all.”

The Government spokesperson said, “Minister Wilson met with the Minister of Health from the Seychelles H E Peggy Vidot, where they shared the similar health learnings and experiences as Small Island States. She also joined a roundtable with eight Nobel Prize Laureates discussing scientific discovery and applications.”

Minister Wilson concluded, “What resonated with me during our discussions at the Summit was the central idea that urges the global community to foster collaboration across various sectors and embrace innovative approaches in tackling health challenges. The ultimate call is to redirect our attention from healthcare to health, recognising that the responsibility for health is unquestionably a collective effort transcending borders and sectors.”

The Government spokesperson said, “Bermuda was invited to attend the World Governments Summit because of the Premier’s in person engagement with the UAE’s Ministry of Cabinet Affairs during his COP28 visit to the UAE, and the closer relationship developed between the two countries over the past year. The Government of the UAE covered the cost of the visit for the Hon. Minister Wilson and her Permanent Secretary Aideen Ratteray-Pryse.”

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  1. Ringmaster says:

    Let’s hope she didn’t embarrass Bermuda with her usual response of “I don’t have that information in front of me”.

    • Question says:

      Yes. Or the classic embarrassing response in the middle of the pandemic crisis:
      “The information came in after 7.00pm and I’d stopped looking at my email for the night”.

  2. Hilarious! says:

    Let me guess, all of the conference attendees are the same people who helped shut down the world under the guise of saving us using junk science. Even Fauci finally admitted the 6-feet/2-meter (yes, I know 6 feet is not 2 meters) distance rule just sorta appeared.

    I remember pointing out to an overly zealous vertically & weight-challenged healthcare worker trying to take my forehead temperature at LF Wade arrivals that the circles on the floor were incorrectly labeled. She called Security on me.

    Just remember, this same Minister pushed the Sugar Tax based on way outdated BMI (Body Mass Index) tables. Even the American Medical Association (AMA) recommended doctors not use body mass index (BMI) exclusively as a way to assess wellness.

  3. Joe Bloggs says:

    Is this the third trip to Dubai for a PLP Government Minister this year?

  4. comfortably numb says:

    Poor Kim, what she knows about health would comfortably fit on the back of a very small postage stamp. As others have mentioned, her consistent response to questions during Covid, despite having a file thick enough to choke a horse clutched in her nervous hand, was “I don’t have that information in front of me”! Still, like the Emperor, I’m sure she and her entourage enjoyed their $10,000 Q suite seats on Qatar Airlines.

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