Duffy Commits To Reducing Carbon-Footprint

February 1, 2024 | 0 Comments

Dame Flora Duffy said she is committed to going carbon-neutral after undergoing a carbon-footprint assessment to measure her environmental impact based on her 2022 calendar.

Duffy, who won the gold medal in the women’s triathlon at the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2021, said on Instagram that with the support of the Apex Group, she has been on an “enlightening journey” and is determined to “do better” reducing her carbon-footprint.

“I’m sure it was entertaining for them [Apex Group], given they usually support multi-national corporations with such assessments and not endurance athletes,” Duffy wrote.

“First step, gathering all the data. This includes all my travel, and accommodation, listing every shoe, goggle, every bike, etc. All utilities at home, mileage driven, and then some.”

Despite having solar panels on her homes and driving a fully electric car in Boulder, Colorado, Duffy said her carbon impact was “10x that of a regular person in a developed society” because of her air travel for competitions and supply chain of items purchased as a triathlete.

“I get multiple bikes, wetsuits, a lot of shoes, and other training gear new each year, so my level of consumerism is very high,” Duffy wrote.

“However, each season, I either donate, sell, or give to friends when I am finished with the gear so at least the life cycle of the product lives on, and it is not just discarded.

“Apex then advised on trying to offset some of my impact. And after consultation, I supported a project Ecologi [a British firm that funds renewable energy projects]; while I am sure imperfect, it does feel better knowing I’ve tried to make a proportionate impact.”

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