Audio: Val Sherwood ‘Music From The Heart’

February 14, 2024 | 1 Comment

Singer-songwriter Val Sherwood has released new song, Music From The Heart, which she describes as “seriously reflective” and “speaks to the power of music to heal.”

She noted that, “Music From The Heart has been my website tagline for over a decade, but the song was written more recently, produced and arranged by the amazing John Woolridge”. The song was recorded at Just Platinum Studios in Bermuda.

Music From the Heart, which is also Ms Sherwood’s website tagline, was produced and arranged by John Woolridge. Website:

Music from the heart,
Lyrics from my soul,
Where does that leave me,
When the stories have been told?
Feelings that I know,
Heartbreak I can feel,
I’ve been here before,
Like a hamster on a wheel.
I’ve been there, been buried deep,
Cried myself off to sleep,
And I was rescued by my songs, oh yeah,
I was rescued by my songs.
Good songs are the strings,
A rich orchestral part,
Songs you need to sing,
Whenever you need heart.
Music from the heart,
Lyrics from my soul,
Songs can bring you back,
From the deepest, darkest hole.
The songs are there; they’re buried deep,
Come to me in my sleep,
Forever grateful to my songs, oh yeah,
Forever grateful to my songs.
Music from the heart; lyrics from my soul
I will still be here when the stories have been told.
I’ll live forever in my songs, oh yeah,
I’ll live forever in my songs.

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  1. Nicky says:

    Val and John what beautiful lyrics and composition! You are our mighty Bermuda treasures.

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