2024 Skyport Magic Mile Youth Race Results

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[Written by Stephen Wright]

Joseph Cechini and Jaeda Grant were crowned the 12-15 champions in the Skyport Magic Mile at the Flora Duffy Stadium yesterday [March 2].

Cechini won the combined boys and girls race in a time of 5min 22.47sec, with Grant coming fifth overall and the fastest girl in 6:01.77.

Hasim Ming was the top performer in the boys’ 10-11 race, winning heat one in 5:44.12, while Julian Simmons was the quickest in heat two in 5:56.48.

Sukanya Jobson won the girls’ 10-11 race in 5:55.67.

In the boys’ 8-9 race, Liam Horrobin won heat one in 4:32.55; Kaleef Daley won heat two in 4:28.27; and Adrian Myers won heat three in 4:38.50.

Jordyn Lewis claimed top spot in heat one of the girls’ 8-9 in 5:11.56, with Caroline Smatt winning heat two in 5:02.28.

In the boys’ 7 years race, Nolan Horrobin secured the honours in 3:13.73, with Takudzwa Benza winning heat two in 3:28.25.

Nicole Slater was the fastest in heat one of the girls’ 7 years race in 3:39.88, with Giselle Reid-Rubaine winning heat two in 3:34.90.

In the boys’ 6 years race, Jamie Kane won in 3:32.23, with Georges Parbis winning heat two in 3:49.69 and Eli Fubler winning heat three in 3:48.35.

Rayne Smith was the fastest in heat one of the girls’ 6-year race in 3:46.31, with Vivienne Fox winning heat two in 3:55.16.

In the boys’ 5 years race, Aayan Semakula won heat one in 1:58.64, with Logan Hayes winning heat two in 1:56.46, and Koa Bean claiming the honours in heat three in 1:53.40.

Zhuri Goodchild won heat one in the girls’ 5-year race in 2:02.68, with Raelyn Robinson winning heat two in 2:00.71.

In the boys’ 4-year race, Beau Hollinger won heat in 2:13.63, with Domenic Henry taking heat two in 2:15.73, and Thiago Smith claiming heat three in 2:18.49.

Sloane Outerbridge won heat one of the girls’ 4-year race in 2:05.71, with Xaya Burrows claiming heat two in 2:20.64.

The 4 to 5-year-old boys and girls ran one lap of the track; the 6 to 7-year-old boys and girls completed two laps; the 8 to 9-year-old boys and girls ran three laps; and all other age groups completed four laps.

The full 2024 Skyport Magic Mile Results follows below [PDF here]:

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