BEDC Launch 2024 Enterprise Incubator Program

March 13, 2024 | 1 Comment

The Bermuda Economic Development Corporation [BEDC] recently kicked off the 2024 cohort of the Enterprise Bermuda Incubator program with an orientation evening on March 8th, 2024, at the BEDC Main Office.

A spokesperson said, “The event welcomed 15 new businesses, marking the start of their 12-month journey toward growth and development.

“The Enterprise Bermuda Incubator caters to entrepreneurs seeking to kick-start or expand their startups, particularly those in their first three years of operation. This year’s cohort will benefit from various resources, including BEDC’s educational courses, office space, global learning opportunities, and mentorship.

“The BEDC continues its partnership with the Accelerator Centre in Waterloo, Canada, which continues to bring its extensive curriculum and access to experienced mentors to the program, aligning with BEDC’s goal of supporting entrepreneurial success.”

Front: Razia Billoo, Maryem Biadillah, Keile Rabain, Lornette Furbert, Dana Selassie | Middle – Shervonne Hollis, Kendall Trott, Rhea Gibbons, MeLahku Selassie | Back – Earl Basden, Grae Minors, Kimwana Eve, Janee Pitt

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Erica Smith, Executive Director of BEDC, expressed, “I continue to be excited about our ongoing partnership with The Accelerator Centre [AC], one of the world’s top 5 private business accelerators since 2017! Having cultivated some of the most innovative and impactful entrepreneurs and companies, our Enterprise Bermuda Incubator cohort will have access to some of the AC’s best curriculum, content, mentors, and networks to allow them the opportunity to soar.

“We at the BEDC, look forward to seeing how this year’s Founders and CEOs utilise these resources and unprecedented access towards growth for their various entrepreneurial endeavours. I am sure we will not be disappointed with the outcomes 12 months from now!”

Jay Krishnan, CEO of Accelerator Centre, said about the new cohort and continued partnership, “We’re looking forward to working with the 2024 cohort of the Enterprise Bermuda Incubator program. We’re thrilled to be continuing our partnership with the BEDC team and to be collaborating to drive the entrepreneurial spirit in Bermuda. Together with BEDC founders, we’re fueling economic growth and paving the way for local businesses to thrive.”

Kelsea Williams, Communication & Development Officer at BEDC, welcomed the new cohort, saying, “This program is designed to help you develop your business effectively. The BEDC is here to guide you through this exciting process, providing support every step of the way to ensure your success. We can’t wait to see how your businesses grow and evolve over the next 12 months.”

The spokesperson said, “Adding a special touch to the evening, past EBI graduates Gavin Carter of Gavin’s Butter and Kalyn & Michel’le Cannonier of Uplift shared their experiences with the new cohort. They talked about what to expect from the program, shared their own stories, and gave tips to the new group. This underscores the value of learning from people who have already been where you are and are willing to offer support and advice to new business owners.

Gavin Carter from Gavin’s Butter

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“The orientation provided a chance for the new businesses to meet the BEDC team, network with each other, and learn about the Accelerator Canada partnership, setting a foundation for the support and networking that will assist them in the coming months.

“The 2024 Cohort Includes:

  • Shervonne Hollis of Unique Global Events & Services
  • Maryem Biadillah of The Bermudaful Centre for Mindfulness
  • Grae Minors of One Border Over
  • Janee Pitt of Tassel Bermuda
  • Kimwana Eve of Lookie Lookie
  • Lornette Furbert of The Pit Stop
  • Razia Billoo of aRDee
  • Chloe Minors of Fresh Faith Apparel
  • Micah Smith of Breeze Air Conditioning and Major Appliances
  • Earl Basden of On D Rocs Podcast
  • Dana & MaLahku Selassie of Buquila Bermuda
  • Rhea Gibbons of Realising-the-Inbetween
  • Kendall Trott of Content Space BDA
  • Keile Rabain of Summer by Keile
  • Marcus Rewan of Special Misfits

“As these new entrepreneurs progress with the Enterprise Bermuda Incubator, BEDC remains focused on supporting the development of Bermuda’s small and medium-sized business sectors, ensuring a robust future for local enterprises.”

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