Column: MP Burgess On Mr King’s Remarks

March 23, 2024 | 1 Comment

[Opinion column written by MP Derrick Burgess]

It is deeply disappointing but not surprising that the OBA’s newest face is bringing back one of the old UBP messages.

OBA candidate Robert King went out of his way to attack, in his own words the “Black Civil Service”. This follows in line with the attacks made online daily against our public officers demanding that the “bloated” government staff be slashed. Now, Mr. King is using race to criticise the same civil service he was a part of until just days ago.

PLP Bermuda March 22 2024

As a labour government, we stand with the workers and take great issue with the OBA, by way of their newest candidate, purposefully vilifying all public officers and adding in racial tropes about a “Black” Civil service. Why did the OBA and Mr. King feel the need to evoke the term “Black” in a negative manner?

Bermudians need to ask themselves, do OBA Leader Jarion Richardson, retiring MP Michael Dunkley, and their OBA colleagues support this attack on the “Black Civil service”? Robert King’s words, not ours.

- Derrick Burgess

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  1. Hey says:

    There is nothing labour about the way the PLP elite operate. They have sold off Bermuda to foreigners giving them tax breaks or privatizing things like taxi dispatch through Hitch , which means the working man and woman has to cover the shortfall through things like sugar tax and increased fees or through not having services delivered by government, like working infrastructure maintenance, roads, bridges.

    The PLP elite are far right wing narcissists.

    Bermudians are poorer, receiving sub standard education, and being funneled into lower income jobs by the PLP design. Wake up people, 25 years of PLP rule has destroyed the land of opportunity and the elites wealth was paid for by you in return for trinkets, like LED lightbulbs, which cost over 3 times more out of needed public funds than if you’d gone to the store and bought them yourself. The PLP needs to be shaken up to serve the people who vote for them, because for the past 25 years they have only served the elites.

    They may be funding low income housing, but they created a Bermuda where low income housing is the most we could afford. They are controlling you, they are puppetmasters. Please wake up and stop being puppets.

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