Minister Darrell Congratulates Devonshire Colts

March 27, 2024 | 4 Comments

“Congratulations to Devonshire Colts who had an impressive season, not losing any of their games, and winning the First Division Trophy.” said the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Senator Owen Darrell.

“As one of the two National Sports in Bermuda, Football is deeply ingrained in our culture. The beautiful game, with a blend of skill, strategy, and passion captivates fans worldwide. Football has a way of stirring emotions and uniting people from different cultures and backgrounds transcending individual differences.”

Coach Ray Jones, Minister Owen Darrell, Captain Jaquari Paynter, and President Zuri Darrell

First Division Cup Presentation Bermuda March 2024

Minister Darrell added, “Devonshire Colts are a great team with a rich heritage founded by Edward DeJean, the principal of Howard Academy, and Braxton Burgess, a physical education teacher. Former players included Kenneth Richardson, Lionel ‘Eggs’ Darrell, Charles Phipps, Calvin ‘Bumps’ Simmons, Cecil ‘Junks’ Durham, Edward ‘Woody’ Fox, Raymond Morgan, Delwin Trott, Alex Romeo, Onslow Grant and Arnold Todd, and coaches Carlton ‘Pepe’ Dill and Donald ‘Dick’ Dane.

“Over the years, Devonshire Colts achieved astonishing success. In 2023, they celebrated 65 years and marked the anniversary with a gala black-tie dinner and a documentary to promote awareness of Devonshire Colts’ impact on the community, entitled Sportsmanship, Character, and Unity: The 65-Year Journey of Devonshire Colts.”

Minister Darrell concluded, “On behalf of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sport, I congratulate both the Devonshire Colts and the Boulevard Blazers for delivering a truly captivating end-of-season match.

“Supporting our sporting teams to foster a sense of unity, pride, and identity in our community is essential. The Ministry and Department of Sport and Recreation will be on hand to congratulate the Premier Divison Champs and FA Cup Champs in the upcoming weeks.”

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  1. huh says:

    Only 2 national sports???

    We have Swimming, Cycling, Triathlon, to name just a few of the many where we have National teams representing Bermuda.

    Oh silly me, this was just a photo op.

    • Bermy2Uk says:

      Talking like that I’ll assume your not Bermudian to not even know why those are our two national sports

  2. Vortex says:

    How is this news? What an embarrassment of a photo op.

    So let me get this straight. Senator uses Government privilege to congratulate team he supports, some of whom are his relatives.

    Just do your job Senator and stop wasting our time.

  3. Pa says:

    Live him alone as he is doing a wonderfull job on the side managing our ailing economy, its just another game of 50 footballs , don’t know which one to kick and where to kick it .

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