Tyler Kerr Set For Pro Fight In Thailand

March 4, 2024 | 0 Comments

[Written by Stephen Wright]

Tyler Kerr will face an experienced Thai opponent in a professional Muay Thai fight at the JF Boxing Stadium in Pattaya, Thailand, tomorrow [March 5].

Kerr is two months into a six-month immersive Muay Thai experience in Thailand, training at respected gyms, fighting on local shows, and embracing the culture.

The 28-year-old said he is keen to make up for lost time after missing the Amazing Muay Thai Festival at the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium last month because of a sickness bug.

“I got sick with a stomach infection before the festival and had to sit it out for two weeks,” Kerr told Bernews. “These things happen. The best thing you can do is deal with it and move on.”

In preparation for tomorrow’s contest, which will be televised, Kerr has been training at the respected Petchrungruang Gym, the oldest Muay Thai gym in Pattaya and where Tawanchai, the One Championship featherweight world champion, learned the “art of the eight limbs” as a precocious talent.

Tyler Kerr Bermuda 3 March 2024

The Bermudian’s bout will feature full Muay Thai rules, ten-ounce gloves, and a trio of three-minute rounds, with Kerr admitting he knows little about his rival but has trust in his matchmakers.

“Some gyms out here will put you in [a fight] to make money, a mismatch, and bet against you, but the gym I’m at look out for the well-being of their fighters,” said Kerr, who fights at lightweight.

“It’s a traditional, authentic Muay Thai gym, not one of the big commercial, touristy gyms you get here in Pattaya.

“I’ve been putting in the hard work here for some time, so the coaches have an idea of where I’m at and have matched me with someone they believe is of a similar level.

“I know I’m up against quite an experienced Thai fighter, which I’m quite excited about. It will be the real deal.”

Tyler Kerr Bermuda 3 March 2024 2

After spending the first month of his trip training at the FA Group gym in Bangkok, Kerr travelled to Vietnam to train alongside his former opponent Ybon Dang, who he lost to in the final of the Amazing Muay Thai Festival in Hua Hin last year.

Over the next few months, Kerr plans to travel to Malaysia and Japan before returning to Pattaya, where he will continue to train and fight in preparation for the TBA Muay Thai Expo World Championships in Des Moines, Iowa, in June.

“I’ve been training at high intensity for five to six hours a day since I arrived in Thailand,” said Kerr, who trains locally at Fight City Muay Thai and Fitness.

“My day starts with a 10k run at 6.30 am; I train from 9 am to 11 am, including pad work and sparring, before returning to the gym to train from 3 pm to 5.30 pm, with bag work and conditioning work.

“I’ll take a little break after my fight, though, because my shins will probably be a bit beaten up!”

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