Top 10 Most Viewed Videos For February 2024

March 1, 2024 | 0 Comments

During February, Bernews posted over 100 videos on our website, various social networks and on our dedicated video website Bernews.TV, and the most viewed videos for the month included taxi drivers gathering outside TCD, the Bermy Barkus Dog Parade, derelict vessels, Bermuda National Trust’s Plant & Bake Sale, PALS’ 36th annual walk, OBA leader Jarion Richardson on the 2024 Budget, Minister Furbert’s press conference on bus service, military aircraft leaving Bermuda, the Bermuda Is Love community garden, and the MAAC Dash At Dark youth races.

As far as Facebook videos, the most viewed for the month was Bermudian Collie Buddz’s Grammy nomination in the Best Reggae Album category, on Instagram the most viewed for the month was the Dolphin Quest at the National Museum of Bermuda, and the most watched Twitter video was OBA Senator Dwayne Robinson speaking at the Senate.

#1 – Taxi Drivers Gather Outside TCD , February 7

#2 – Bermy Barkus Dog Parade, February 11

#3 – Derelict Vessels In The West End Of Bermuda, February 15

#4 – Bermuda National Trust Plant & Bake Sale, February 10

#5 – PALS 36th Annual Walk, February 25

#6 – OBA Leader Jarion Richardson On 2024 Budget, February 16

#7 – Minister Furbert Press Conference On Bus Service, February 14

#8 – Military Aircraft Leaving Bermuda, February 5

#9 – Bermuda Is Love Community Garden, February 11

#10 – MAAC Dash At Dark Youth Races, February 2

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