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Ignite Bermuda has launched its fourth annual Young Adult Entrepreneurial Internship Programme.

A spokesperson said, “Ignite Bermuda is excited to announce the launch of its annual Young Adult Entrepreneurial Internship programme, thanks to the continued support of HSBC Bank Bermuda. Applications for this part-time paid summer programme are currently live online for the next two weeks.

“This programme was designed to bridge the gap by providing local 18 to 25-year-olds an opportunity to learn about and experience entrepreneurship through an internship without having to dive in to start a small business themselves.

“The eight week programme provides young adults with hands-on experience with entrepreneurs within local startups while giving them the opportunity to learn from experienced leaders across the industry. The internship programme is open to local young adults aged 18 to 25, who are eager to learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur and to gain invaluable first-hand experience.

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“During the internship programme, participants will have the opportunity to work on a real-world project within a designated business or organization and gain invaluable experience in the day-to-day running of a startup.

“They will also gain mentorship from those within the Ignite community, including the Ignite Team, Alumni, and Host Entrepreneurs, while participating in workshops based on Ignite’s award-winning programme designed to help them develop key skills they will need to succeed in both their personal and professional lives.”

Georgia Rego, Programme Manager, said, “We are thrilled to run our fourth Young Adult Entrepreneurial Internship Programme this summer. Each year, the programme has continued to evolve and our results continuously show an increase in the development of the entrepreneurial mindsets of young adults in Bermuda.

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“This programme is pivotal in providing aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn from and gain first-hand experience alongside local entrepreneurial leaders.”

The spokesperson said, “Applications are currently being accepted online and young adults currently in Bermuda, and those studying internationally, are encouraged to apply. Interviews will be conducted virtually and the programme dates have been coordinated as much as possible with the upcoming summer break period so that all those intending to be on the island this summer can participate.

“The 2024 programme runs from early July through August for 8 weeks, requiring a total of 12 hours commitment each week. It begins on July 9th with a two-day orientation in the Ignite Hub alongside the Ignite Team and some of its alumni. Throughout the programme, which runs until August 27th, interns participate in bi-weekly workshops on topics such as customer discovery, marketing, lean startup, self-management, mental health and wellness, Bermuda economic overview, entrepreneurial journey, and more.

“Upon completion of their internships, interns will have the opportunity to present their entrepreneurial experience, progress within their special projects, and how they anticipate applying this knowledge moving forward.”

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2023 intern Portia McGhie said, “This programme taught me not to be my biggest setback and go for it. Not only from the workshops but from my peers as well. I feel like the environment was very welcoming and calm which made it easier to adapt to this new experience. It taught me as I progress in the business world not to be afraid and go for my goals.”

2023 intern Zen Marley Mello said, “My host always had a positive attitude and was excited to work with me. She always had a clear vision and helped me to execute it. She was very understanding and ensured that I took information that would benefit my own business and greatly built my confidence in myself.”

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The spokesperson said, “Ignite Bermuda is grateful for the support from HSBC Bank Bermuda, for both their financial contribution and their continued commitment to supporting Bermuda’s young adults through their insightful staff involvement during our workshop events.

“Applications for the internship programme are now being accepted online until 5 pm on April 26th. Learn more and apply on the Ignite website.”

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