PCA Enters Into Partnership With Camões IP

April 15, 2024 | 0 Comments

The Portuguese Cultural Association of Bermuda has signed a protocol of cooperation with Camões – Institute of Cooperation and Language, I.P. and has “become a part of the Institute’s global network of associated schools and centres for the promotion of Portuguese language and culture.”

A spokesperson said, “Camões, I.P. comprises the leading specialists in Portuguese language teaching and learning, providing pedagogical resources for all age groups, and meaningful connections to the Lusophone world.

“The protocol between the two organisations is expected to last three years. It aims to support the PCA in its delivery of teaching Portuguese to school-aged pupils and of teaching Portuguese as a Foreign Language to students of all ages. The new partnership will reinforce the PCA’s commitment to teaching the Portuguese language in Bermuda and to ensure that its programmes are delivered in line with global standards set by Camões, I.P. Becoming an affiliated centre will assist the students of the PCA who will benefit from scientific, pedagogical and didactic support from Camões, I.P. More concretely, the PCA’s teacher will be able to take part in continued professional development and to have expanded access to libraries and audiovisual content.”

Chairman of the PCA, Richard Ambrosio, described this new partnership said, “I am excited that the students and the teachers of the PCA will benefit from this exciting new relationship with Camões. Such an affiliation serves as a seal of quality for the programmes we offer and for the quality of instruction delivered. We look forward to developing our programmes even more over the three years of our protocol as we continue to strive to fulfil our mission to provide quality-level instruction in the Portuguese language in Bermuda. I also hope that the partnership can prove more fruitful in the broader promotion of Portuguese in our island home.”

Dr Cátia Verguete, Director of Camões, I.P. in the UK and Channel Islands, also stated, “We are delighted to extend our collaboration to the Portuguese Cultural Association of Bermuda. It has been fascinating to learn about the longstanding relations between Portugal and Bermuda, about the Portuguese-speaking community and the growing interest in maintaining Portuguese language learning among the families. We are certain that this will be an extremely fruitful relationship both for Camões, I.P and for the PCA. Here in London, we have rolled up our sleeves. We are eager to contribute our pedagogical resources and expertise, and to see this partnership grow.”

The spokesperson said, “Finally, please note that as a registered charity [#385], we critically depend on the generous support of members of the public to keep our programmes alive. If you are interested in donating, you may do so at any time via our BNTB Bank Account: number, 20006060707516100; name ‘Portuguese School of Bermuda’. Every little bit helps!

“If you have any questions about the School, our adult programme or making a contribution, feel free to get in touch with us at any time via info@portugueseBDA.com.”

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