‘Bermuda Fruits’ Stamp Collection Released

April 15, 2024 | 0 Comments

[Updated with video] “To celebrate the variety of naturally occurring vegetation on our small island, I am pleased to announce the launch of a new commemorative stamp collection showcasing Bermuda Fruits,” said  Minister for the Cabinet Office Vance Campbell at the Post Office’s unveiling of the latest commemorative stamp collection to celebrate the island’s traditional ways of utilizing Bermuda’s naturally occurring fruit.

Minister Campbell said, “Bermuda is revered for its beauty and natural environment. Edible fruits are bountiful all year round. Islanders have embraced the flora and fauna to prepare home remedies and meals as far back as the 17th Century.

“In recent years, there has been renewed interest in maintaining a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle. We can look to the past to point us toward the future that is rooted in our connection to nature.

“Parcels sent through the Bermuda Post Office carrying these artistically memorable pieces of Bermuda will end up at every corner of the world. The illustrations were created by Bermudian artist Janet Percy who draws inspiration from our island’s most recognizable plant life.

“For example, the Loquat tree bears a yellow, plum-shaped fruit in January and February that is ordinarily used in recipes for pies, chutneys, jams, and liqueurs. Fans of the iconic fruit may be happy to learn that loquats are nutrient dense, as a rich source of potassium and other essential vitamins.

“And take for instance the Pawpaw – a fruit that was first introduced from the West Indies used for a variety of dishes such as stews, soups, and pies. The beloved local fruit has been known to aid digestion and reduce inflammation in some populations. The Bermuda pomegranate, the Prickly Pear, the Suriname Cherry, and Bay Grape plants are also featured in this latest commemorative stamp collection. The classic plants and fruits appear on the newly released stamps, which are now available for purchase at all post office locations island wide.”

The Government spokesperson said, “Following the stamp unveiling, Dr. Frith provided free herbal tea samples to members of the public in the post office lobby. In addition, staff from the Department of Health set up a stall to offer blood sugar and blood pressure screenings for those wishing to check their health status.”

Minister Campbell concluded, “I commend the work of our postal staff and everyone within the ministry involved in making this event possible.

“Before closing, I want to remind the public to eat nutritiously dense fruits and vegetables as part of a balanced diet. Let today’s event be the gentle nudge to get outdoors to enjoy Bermuda’s vibrant, botanical environment.”

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The Bermuda Fruits Stamp liner notes follows below [PDF here]:

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