59th Annual Schools Art Exhibition Winners

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The Department of Education hosted a prize-giving ceremony for 12 deserving young artists who participated in the 59th Annual Schools Art Exhibition held in April at the Bermuda Society of Arts.

Back row: Nzingha Ming, Fergus O’Connell, Callie Lucas, Min. Vance Campbell, Steven Masters, Dan DeSilva; Middle row: Shannon Rose-Robinson, Cristina Capelo, Chelsea Scarth, Zachary Cornes, Rio Stovell, Zooey de la Santos, Johnette Darrell, Nicole Ratteray, Monika Stoppa; Front row: Divine York, Zayda Augustus-Smith, Siena Walters, Ibrahim Danish, Marwah Abdul-Jabbar

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A spokesperson said, “The People’s Choice certificates and prizes were awarded to primary, middle and senior school students who garnered the most votes during the exhibition. Members of the public were encouraged to visit the gallery and engage with the artistic creations of Bermudian public and private students through physical ballots or online voting.

“Visitors had the chance to pause and reflect on the theme ‘Stepping Forward: No Limitations’ before submitting their final vote.

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“Prizes included a gift bag of art utensils and drawing materials, courtesy of the Department of Education. The overall winners in each category also received a $75 gift card to Brown & Co., courtesy of the Department of Culture, and a 2024 Membership to the Bermuda Society of Arts, courtesy of BSoA Gallery Director, Ms. Nzingha Ming.

“Parents, visual arts teachers, and school administrators attended the event in support of the People’s Choice recipients. Also in attendance were the Acting Arts Education Officer, Mrs. Shannon Rose-Robinson, and the Acting Minister of Education, the Hon. Vance Campbell, JP, MP, who gave his remarks.”

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Minister Campbell stated: “Acting Minister of Education, Hon. Vance Campbell, congratulated the twelve exceptional young artists who captivated the audience with their unique artistic expressions at the 59th Annual Schools Art Exhibition. Minister Campbell also acknowledged the tremendous work of the art educators from private and public schools.”

Minister Campbell said: “This week marks International Arts Education Week, a commemorative celebration of the arts and, most importantly, the arts educators who play a critical role in fostering our students’ appreciation, understanding, and growth.

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“Arts education is not just a part of education; it is the heart of it. It articulates and activates culture, deepening our awareness of humanity’s many facets. Through arts education, our students learn to express themselves, think critically, and appreciate the beauty and diversity of the world around them.

“This afternoon, let me give a special thank you to the visual art teachers for your instruction, guidance, and the passion you bring to your work with our students.

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“With the closing of the 59th Annual Schools Art Exhibition, we recognise the teachers who assisted with all the behind-the-scenes work that helped make the Primary and Middle/Senior Exhibitions a resounding success. We also recognise the families who have been a pillar of support, encouraging and nurturing the artistic talents of our students.”

Mrs. Rose-Robinson commented, “Thank you to everyone who visited and voted in support of our young, budding artists. We hope the prizes presented to the People’s Choice recipients will encourage them to continue growing as creatives and developing their craft. The 59th Annual Schools Art Exhibition saw 100% participation from public and private schools Island-wide. We are excited to see what new and expressive works of art will be in store as we prepare to celebrate the 60th year of showcasing visual arts. Every student who participated in the exhibition and every dedicated art teacher who contributed to the masterful displays will receive certificates.”

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Schools Art Exhibition People’s Choice Recipients

Lower Primary

  • People’s Choice Winner – Ibrahim Danish [P2], Somersfield Academy
  • Runners up – Divine York [P3], West Pembroke Primary; Zayda Augustus-Smith [P2], West End Primary

Upper Primary

  • People’s Choice Winner – Jahziah Douglas-Dill, Dame Marjorie Bean Hope Academy
  • Runners Up – Marwah Abdul-Jabbar [P6], Clara Mohammed School; Rio Stovell [P6], Harrington Sound

Middle School

  • People’s Choice Winner – Zachary Cornes [M3/Yr9], Saltus Grammar School
  • Runners Up – Siena Walters [M2/Yr8], Warwick Academy; Zooey de la Santos [M1/Yr7], Bermuda High School

Senior School

  • People’s Choice Winner – Chelsea Scarth [S3/Yr12], Mount St. Agnes Academy
  • Runner Up – Callie Lucas [S1/Yr10], Saltus Grammar School; Fergus O’Connell [S2/Yr11], Saltus Grammar School

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