Electric Vehicles For Nurses & Postal Employees

May 30, 2024 | 14 Comments

Minister of Health Kim Wilson and Minister of the Cabinet Office Vance Campbell unveiled electric vehicles for some Government departments.

Minister Kim Wilson’s remarks:

Minister Wilson said, “Good afternoon everyone,

“Today, I am pleased to introduce the new Electric Vehicles that will replace a portion of the Department of Health Fleet used by our dedicated District Nurses and Environmental Health Officers. The Minister for the Cabinet Office, Hon. Vance Campbell, also joins me, and he will share information about the new EV bikes for the post office.

Armel Thomas, Acting Chief Environmental Health; Sam Brangman, Postmaster General, Minister for the Cabinet Office Vance Campbell, Minister of Health Kim Wilson and Lynn Jackson, Chief Nursing Officer

Press Conference Bermuda May 29 2024 (1)

“And I welcome the Minister responsible for Transport, who has spearheaded the ‘EVolve Bermuda’ initiative. This initiative aims to phase out the importation of internal combustion engine [ICE] vehicles and help Bermuda achieve its Net-Zero goal.

“Today marks a significant milestone in our zero-emission vehicle initiative, ensuring that the Island is ready for the global shift towards electric vehicles while proactively addressing the challenge of vehicle emissions.

“It is heartwarming to see these electric vehicles supporting our Department of Health Team, who play a vital role in our healthcare system.

Tekle Ming, Facilities Manager; Sam Brangman, Postmaster General; and Dean Hayward, Postman and BIU Postal Division President

Press Conference Bermuda May 29 2024 (2)

“Our district nurses visit patients in their homes to deliver essential healthcare services. They manage chronic diseases, assist with post-hospitalization care, provide palliative care, and engage in health promotion activities.

“Their work improves access to healthcare for individuals with mobility issues or those living in remote areas and reduces the need for hospital admissions, enhancing the quality of life for many Bermudians.

“The Environmental Health Team in Bermuda, another vital section of our healthcare system, ensures public health by maintaining a clean and safe environment through various roles, including inspecting food establishments and investigating foodborne illnesses. Monitoring drinking and recreational water for contaminants, and managing disease-carrying pests like mosquitoes and rodents.

Armell Thomas and Lynn Jackson with the Department of Health’s district nurses and our environmental health officers

Press Conference Bermuda May 29 2024 (3)

“Our district nurses and our environmental health officers travel extensively around the island, making reliable transportation crucial. These new EVs will help them cover their areas more efficiently.

“The adoption of EVs supports Bermuda’s environmental goals by reducing emissions and promoting cleaner air. Lower fuel and maintenance costs will provide financial savings for the healthcare system, allowing more resources to be allocated to patient care.

“As the Minister responsible for Health, I am particularly encouraged by the fact that improved air quality from reduced emissions will benefit the health of our community, especially for those with respiratory conditions.

“Research indicates that reducing exposure to tailpipe emissions, such as soot and particulate matter, can lower the risk of mortality, heart attacks, and hospitalizations due to heart disease and cancer.

Press Conference Bermuda May 29 2024 (4)

“Our commitment to reducing vehicular emissions aligns with global environmental and public health goals, and our entire community will benefit from these new electric vehicles as Bermuda advances on its path to becoming a zero-emission transportation leader in the Caribbean.

“As I said earlier, Bermuda’s district nurses and our environmental health officers are essential to our healthcare system. Adopting electric vehicles will further enhance their ability to deliver high- quality care while supporting the environment.

“Thank you.”

Press Conference Bermuda May 29 2024 (6)

Minister Vance Campbell’s remarks:

Minister Campbell said, “Good afternoon members of the media, fellow Ministerial Colleagues and our representatives from partnering Ministries.

“As the public will be aware, the Government is currently finalising its ‘EVolve Bermuda’ initiative – the zero-emission vehicle [ZEV] policy which will eventually phase-out the importation of privately and commercially owned internal combustion engine [ICE] vehicles in Bermuda.

“Spearheaded by the Ministry of Transport, the proposed phase-out dates for
ICE vehicles include 2035 for cars and 2040 for heavy trucks.

Press Conference Bermuda May 29 2024 (5)

“As you have heard, to lead by example, the Ministry of Public Works has committed to electrifying the Government vehicle fleet through a phased approach by replacing aging assets with ZEVs when available.

“On behalf of the Cabinet Office and more specifically the Bermuda Post Office, I am pleased to join our partnering Ministries to signal our willingness to participate in this initiative.

“We believe that sustainable development is an essential element of postal operations.

“It contributes to improved business efficiency and resilience, strengthened
customer relationships, and the development of new products and services.

“In addition, responsible operations allow postal operators to create attractive and safe working places, build trust with the communities in which they operate, and leverage their networks for the involvement and benefit of the general public.

Press Conference Bermuda May 29 2024 (7)

“As a United Postal Union member, the Bermuda Post Office supports efforts to incorporate sustainable development into their activities for a sustainable future.

“The Post Office operates several cycles and vehicles that have an impact on greenhouse gas emissions from postal operations.

“In that regard, we have decided to do our part to be part of the solution to combat climate change.

“As the largest motorcycle fleet operator within Government, with 50 cycles, the Bermuda Post Office was identified as a primary candidate for the Electric Motorcycle Pilot Program.

“So, we’ve partnered with the Ministry of Public Works and purchased two electric motorcycles which will allow us to test the new technology before larger procurements are considered.

“The initial Pilot is planned for six months and we look forward to getting acclimated to these new vehicles and ensuring a cleaner, greener way to deliver mail.

“Thank you!”

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  1. Hilarious! says:

    News Flash Ministers (again) – there is no such thing as a Zero Emission Vehicle. Why that concept is so hard to grasp is simply mindboggling. Respectfully, given Minister Wilson’s less-than-stellar research for justifying the Sugar Tax, she lacks credibility. Her bungling of the pandemic is a prime example of the Peter Principle at its best.

    The ‘EVolve Bermuda’ initiative is lipstick on a pig. Botox on a camel. A whale that doesn’t swim. Where will the money come from to upgrade our roads to handle the extra weight of EVs? How much will it cost taxpayers for charging stations for these Government EVs? Gosh, what will happen when it rains?

    EVs are so good that not one Minister will open up their own wallet to buy one. But hey, the thousands of underage children working under horrible conditions in Africa mining rare earths for EV batteries thank you for keeping them employed.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      “not one Minister will open up their own wallet”

      You could have simply stopped there.

  2. hey says:

    I don’t remember this being in the budget.

  3. Izzypop says:

    My question is. Where is the money coming from
    One minute there is no money and the next, every day we see government spending money on something .

  4. Hilarious! says:

    It is abundantly clear that any open consultation to solicit public opinion is just a formality. The overwhelming evidence against the EV plan was so powerful that the plan had to be reinvented and rebranded as “EVolve Bermuda.” I wonder how much taxpayer money was spent on rebranding?

    Just remember, not one Minister nor the Big Guy can define “climate change.” And they all jet around the world at taxpayer expense.

    My bad for not remembering to add one minor detail in my original comment. Bermuda Fire Services is not trained or equipped to put out an EV fire. Where are those costs? Extinguishing just an EV (car) fire requires thousands of gallons of water. THOUSANDS OF GALLONS! And even then the fire might restart. The water runoff could contaminate the water supply. Air pollution just from the burning battery is significant. Imagine a burning e-bus!

    Bermuda now has a fleet of 70 electric buses for public transportation running on roads not designed to handle the weight of an EV. Why is the Government going all in on EVs? Follow the money.

  5. Hilarious! says:

    “The adoption of EVs supports Bermuda’s environmental goals by reducing emissions and promoting cleaner air. Lower fuel and maintenance costs will provide financial savings for the healthcare system, allowing more resources to be allocated to patient care.” DEBUNKED!

    A recent Consumer Reports survey of owners of 330,000 EVs in the USA found that EVs have far more problems than ICE vehicles. Repairs are costlier if you can wait for the parts, insurance premiums are higher, and some insurance companies will scrap an EV after an accident.

    Then we have EV tires wearing down faster than ICE tires, releasing particulate matter into the atmosphere. EV batteries are recharged using BELCO’s fossil fuel-powered generators. Bermuda’s electric rate is basically the highest in the world.

    Why do the people who are signing off on the invoices totally unaware of what is public information?

    • Jimbob says:

      No job? You sit on this site all day raging about nonsense?

      • Hilarious! says:

        OK, “Jimbob.” Being retired, I can read the news and enjoy life while my investments grow. Are you even in Bermuda? Jimbob is such a common name in Bermuda. Right up there with Billyjoe.

  6. I'm just saying says:

    You all will find out how dangerous these vehicles will be. There will be more accidents. They are not they way to go. People are not buying them. And these people here are trying to push them. There’s no benefit in purchasing one.

  7. Red Pill says:

    EV’s are twice as likely to be in accidents than gas vehicles. The acceleration is very high with no governor. EV’s are a bridge to no where. The sale of EV’s has dropped in other jurisdictions. Batteries in an EV can weigh up to 500kg.You need 10 tonnes of ore for the required cobalt, 2 tonnes of ore to get enough nickel and 12 tonnes of copper ore. In total you have to process 200 tonnes of soil to make a single battery. This pollutes more than a petrol/diesel car does in 20 years of normal consumption. And where will you store the old batteries of an old out of service car? Think twice before you buy an EV.

    • Truth says:

      Repeating a meme you found on facebook makes you look stupid.
      Cobolt isn’t used in Lithium iron phosphate batteries…it is used to refine petroleum though. You might want to remove that talking point.
      Lithium carbonate brine comes from South America and Australia, and they don’t use children to “mine” it.
      None of your talking points are real or true. You’re a typical trump follower. LOL

  8. PACK MAN says:

    The electric car is all about making money.
    There is no such thing as free energy.
    The power company ownes you .
    Electric vehicles cost more to buy and service.
    After 5 year who wants an electrical car.
    Electric cars can not go the distance .
    A high compression mazda gas engine is more efficient with improved fuel burn.
    Hybrid cars have gas undersized engines included with power to weight issues .
    Bermuda salty corosive climate plays havoc with any thing electrical the contatacts go first, look at your battery terminals.
    Todays car are not engineered to take the aditional weight of the batteries in my oppiom deemed to be unsafe .
    No improvement is tires available to support the aditional weight , higher tire pressure required.
    The brakes in an electric car are not good enough as the take longer tome and distance to stop the vehicle.
    If the U.S.A. Canada ,South America and Mexico went 100% green it would not make any difference to polution.


    • Truth says:

      “in my oppiom”

      I think you smoked too much “oppiom” before you wrote that ill informed mess.

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