2024 Harbour Nights To Start This Wednesday

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The Bermuda Chamber of Commerce announced that Harbour Nights is “set to return to Front Street on May 15th, from 7pm to 10pm, marking the commencement of an exciting season of cultural celebration and environmental awareness.”

A spokesperson said, “The much-awaited Harbour Nights are set to return to Front Street on May 15th, from 7pm to 10pm, marking the commencement of an exciting season of cultural celebration and environmental awareness. Proudly sponsored by Keep Bermuda Beautiful [KBB] and the Department of Culture, this inaugural event promises an evening of vibrancy, entertainment, and sustainability education.

“Themed “Cultural Roots & Sustainability Truths,” the first Harbour Night of the season aims to honour Bermuda’s rich cultural heritage while raising awareness for environmental conservation. The event coincides with Bermuda’s Heritage Month, celebrated in May by the Department of Culture, highlighting the island’s unique traditions and history. Additionally, this year marks a significant milestone for Keep Bermuda Beautiful, as they commemorate their 60th anniversary.

Traci Burgess, Executive Director, said “Keep Bermuda Beautiful is looking forward to co-sponsoring the 2024 Harbour Nights opening night with the Department of Culture to celebrate Bermudian culture and the environment. This year marks six decades of community impact with tens of thousands of volunteers who have removed over one million pounds of litter, illegal dumping, and ocean pollution since KBB’s inception in 1964. Along with Beyond Plastic, we support the Chamber’s sustainability goals for Harbour Nights which are aimed at reducing waste, encouraging reusable products and eco-friendly packaging, and promoting recycling of tin, aluminium, and glass [TAG].

“As one of Bermuda’s oldest environmental charities, KBB has become engrained in our culture. We are excited for the opportunity to celebrate Heritage Month with the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce and Department of Culture at one of the island’s most iconic signature events, Harbour Nights! Look for the KBB info booth near the flagpole and stop by to say hi, capture memories in the 360-photo booth, grab a 60th anniversary cookie and share your favourite KBB stories with us.”

Senator Owen Darrell, Minister of Tourism Culture and Sport said “This partnership between Keep Bermuda Beautiful, the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce, and the Department of Culture embodies the essence of community spirit, environmental stewardship, and the vibrant energy of our cultural heritage. As we celebrate Bermuda’s rich traditions during Heritage Month under the theme ‘Culture Equals Energy’, this opening event of Harbour Nights serves as a platform for fostering awareness and action towards a cleaner, greener future.”

As part of the Chamber’s sustainability initiatives, and thanks to the invaluable help and support of its sponsor and partner, the Corporation of Hamilton, Harbour Nights will feature clearly marked recycling bins to help sort Tin, Aluminium, and Glass from regular trash. Attendees are encouraged to utilise these bins to contribute to the island’s environmental efforts.

Danielle Riviere, CEO of the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce, said “We are excited to start up the season, and are very grateful for our sponsors. KBB has been instrumental in crafting a waste management plan and has kindly donated blue recycling bags which we are now distributing to all our vendors. The Department of Culture on the other hand has provided input in the entertainment lineup for the evening, which promises to captivate the audience. Gombeys will lead the procession, paving the way for a diverse array of performers to take the stage from 8pm to 10pm. Finally, I would like to thank the Corporation of Hamilton and the Bermuda Tourism Authority, who sponsor and support this key event throughout the season.”

“Join us on Front Street as we kick off the Harbour Nights season with a celebration of our cultural heritage and a commitment to environmental sustainability. Let’s come together to honour our roots, protect our environment, and enjoy an unforgettable evening,” the spokesperson added.

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