National Teams Gear Up For US Open Volleyball

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The Women’s and Men’s National Volleyball Teams are gearing up for the US Open Volleyball Championships in Columbus, Ohio, on May 23rd.

A spokesperson said, “The Women’s and Men’s National Volleyball Teams are travelling to Columbus, Ohio to compete in the US Open Volleyball Championships on Thursday, May 23rd. The championships are being held in the Greater Columbus Convention Center and will give the teams an opportunity to compete at a higher level in preparation for the ECVA Senior Indoor Championships being held in October in Antigua.

“The teams are competing under their club names; the women are registered under the name ‘DIVC’ and the men as ‘Ace Boyz’.”

Women’s DIVC Team

  • Amber Simons [2]
  • Anna Marcotte [9]
  • Cailey Longworth [6]
  • Hailey Moss [3]
  • Kayla Grant [5]
  • Kayley Hamilton [1]
  • Megan Hands [10]
  • Natalie Gazzard [11]
  • Rachel MacKenzie [8]
  • Shaela Rae [13]
  • Sharri Weldon [7]

Head Coach: Gary LeBlanc

Assistant Coach: Mike Gazzard.

Men’s National Volleyball Team US Open Volleyball Championships Bermuda May 2024

Women’s Head Coach said, “We are very excited to attend the 2024 USA Volleyball Open National Championships in Columbus, Ohio under our club team name, Devils Isle Volleyball Club [DIVC]. This year’s team is a very well balanced mix of experienced senior players with a good core group of junior players. This year, we have seven players who have risen through the ranks of our junior club program, Paradise Hitters Volleyball Club which is a testament to all of the work and effort of our volunteer coaches and administrators who have helped that program thrive over the last nine years. Many of these players have gone on to continue playing volleyball in university and bring a fresh look that Bermuda volleyball can expand on. Rounding out the team are our senior players who have the experience of competing at this annual tournament and they are critical in providing the guidance required to be successful in a three day tournament such as the US Open. As long as we remain focused and consistent with our play, we will be able to compete with the best teams in our division.”

Men’s Ace Boyz Team

  • Ben Barnett [7]
  • Bohdan Kudlyk [11]
  • Braedon Madeiros-Cooke [2]
  • Brandon Sousa [13]
  • Jake Roberts [1]
  • Keiran Hamilton [8]
  • Kyle Hamilton [10]
  • Sean Tucker [3]
  • Tiago Ferreira [9]
  • Tyler Siese [4]

Head Coach: Mike Smith

Assistant Coach: Juanita Blee

Manager: Chad Stoddard.

Men’s Head Coach said, “We have an outstanding group of players this year. They have worked exceptionally hard and dedicated a tremendous amount of time and effort to reach this point. The competition will be tough, but we’ve been working hard on our defensive and offensive systems. Defensively, our passing has come a long way, and because of that we have a very strong and fast attack. I’m excited to see their hard work pay off in the upcoming tournament. I’m confident they will make Bermuda proud.”

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