Regiment Exercises Before Hurricane Season

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Royal Bermuda Regiment troops recently ensured their readiness for storm-related disaster relief deployment ahead of the Atlantic hurricane season, which starts on June 1.

A spokesperson said, “Royal Bermuda Regiment troops recently ensured readiness for storm-related disaster relief deployment before the Atlantic hurricane season starts on June 1.

“Exercises such as route reconnaissance, building shoring and tree-cutting allowed soldiers and officers to fine-tune practical and communication skills while strengthening teamwork.”

Major Duncan Simons, Officer Commanding B Company and the regiment’s Commanding Officer Designate, explained: “B Company’s remit is humanitarian aid and disaster relief, which includes hurricane response, so before the season begins we do a shake out exercise to test and practise a few skills.

“We stood up the operations room and presented a mock operational order so that everyone understood their role.

“We ran through a recce scenario where the Immediate Response Team commanders proceeded along routes prescribed in our disaster management plan. There were props that highlighted situations – roads partially or completely blocked, for example.

“We tasked two of the IRTs to shore a building and also got in some chainsaw practice.”

The spokesperson said, “Corporal Taye Fishington, 24, from Warwick, has been in the regiment for six years and is no stranger to dealing with the aftermath of a major storm.”

The warehouse and distribution worker, who is a member of the RBR’s Band and Corps of Drums, said: “A couple of times I’ve been on top of the roofs to put down tarps after holes were made during hurricanes; a couple of times I’ve cleared roads of big trees, helping the chainsaw operators.”

On being able to support the community, he added: “It feels good, it’s definitely fulfilling.”

The spokesperson said, “For Lance Corporal Spencer Brown, who runs Island Rehab Hub – a physiotherapy, personal training and injury rehabilitation business – the skills were new to learn.”

The 50-year-old, from Warwick, said: “I’ve been introduced to a machete, I’ve been doing my best to cut down some trees that are invasive.”

He added: “It’s different to my day job. The reason I’m in the military is because I used to be, back in the UK, and I always liked the soldiering part. I never thought I could do it again until I came to Bermuda and realised I could join the regiment.

“You’re never too old to learn something new, the regiment gives you the chance to do that.”

The spokesperson said, “LCpl Brown looks forward to being able to assist in the unfortunate event that a hurricane hits.”

He said: “It’s an opportunity to be involved in helping the island clean up, to make myself useful and give back to the community that I’m now living in – that’s important.”

The spokesperson said, “Private Marketa Raynor, 41, has been in the regiment since 2018 and highlighted that teams are required to communicate effectively during disaster relief work.”

The security guard, from Somerset, added: “With the hurricanes, when we’re in the community, we are always thinking about how we would feel if that was our mom, uncle, aunt or grandpa.

“We really do come together even more than we would on a normal day.”

She said it felt great to be in a position where she can help and added: “That’s one of the reasons that I joined the regiment, to give back to the community and to gain another family, which I didn’t expect, but it’s definitely a plus.”

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