‘Electrical Equipment Failure’ In Acute Care Wing

June 9, 2024 | 5 Comments

[Updated] There has been an “internal electrical equipment failure” in the Acute Care Wing of the hospital, all “patient appointments for all KEMH departments are cancelled until further notice” and ”we ask that the public not attend the hospital except in emergencies,” the Bermuda Hospitals Board said this evening.

A spokesperson said, “There has been an internal electrical equipment failure in the Acute Care Wing of King Edward VII Memorial Hospital [KEMH]. The emergency generators are not currently running. Paget Health Services building managers are on site working on the problem which has also impacted operations in the General Wing.

“All patient appointments for all KEMH departments are cancelled until further notice.

“Due to the situation KEMH is at Alert Level 3. At this level we ask that the public not attend the hospital except in emergencies.

“At the moment steam, running water and a/c have been impacted. The Emergency Department is working. No surgeries were underway.

“BHB is working with our community partners to assist in the provision of services. People with hospital appointments will be contacted and advised of any changes.

Update 2.43am: A spokesperson said, “All power has been restored in the ACW and all systems are running normally. Departments that provide outpatient services will be contacting patients and clients who had appointments booked today, and advise them when to come in. If you have an appointment for today, please contact the department directly before attending the hospital.

“The hospital is now at Alert Level 1 and has re-opened fully to the public.”

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  1. Hilarious! says:

    There must not be a real emergency because if it was, the EMERGENCY generators would be running. It also makes perfect sense to buy and install a new generator so that it also will not work in an EMERGENCY.

    Naturally, the person in charge of maintaining the EMERGENCY generators will not be fired. Who is in charge of this clown show?

  2. Bill says:

    Respirators…dialisis….so if people die….can we expect to see charges filed ?

  3. Bill says:

    How many so far….?????
    Is it a great many?
    How many deaths have occured since this failure…this number should be investigated , criminal negligence by tort …innaction …ommission this reminds me of the ambuñance driver who blocked our privately owned egress…on private estate while wife was having a stroke…during….I have good reason to say…investigate cause of death as this plays out !

  4. Clarity says:

    Belco failed “and” back up generator failed ?
    Who in hades is engineer there ?

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