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Both By-Elections To Be Held On June 7th

The date of the by-elections for Constituency 22 Paget East and Constituency 25 Warwick North East have been announced, with both set to take place on June 7th. The by-elections were prompted by the resignations of OBA MPs Jeff Baron and Dr Grant Gibbons, with Dr Gibbons representing Paget East, while Mr Baron represented Warwick North East. Paget East... Read more of this article

PLP Thank Baron & Dr Gibbons For Service

Following the resignations of Jeff Baron and Dr. Grant Gibbons the PLP Chairman thanked them both for their service, and noted the resignations will lead to by-elections, and said the PLP candidates will be “selected and announced once the Party undergoes the internal selection processes.” PLP Chairman Owen Darrell said, “The Progressive... Read more of this article

By-Election To Be Called In Paget East

Following the resignation of OBA MP Dr Grant Gibbons, a by-election is expected to be called in Constituency 22 Paget East, meaning the island will be holding two by-elections in the coming months, as Dr Gibbons is the second MP to resign in recent days.By-Election To Be Called | Date Unknown The OBA confirmed that Dr Gibbons resignation will mean... Read more of this article

MP Dr Grant Gibbons To Retire From Politics

[Updating] OBA MP Dr Grant Gibbons will be retiring from politics, he has just announced in Parliament, with his formal resignation as an MP to be effective on April 30th. Opposition Leader Jeanne Atherden said, “It is with appreciation and sadness that we announce the very well deserved retirement from politics of our colleague The Hon Dr. Grant... Read more of this article

By-Election To Be Called In Warwick North East

Following the resignation of OBA MP Jeff Baron, a by-election is expected to be called in Constituency 25 Warwick North East, and both political parties can be expected to challenge for the seat.By-Election To Be Called The OBA confirmed that Mr Baron’s resignation will mean a by-election will be called for Warwick North East. The Bermuda Constitution... Read more of this article

Jeff Baron ‘Stepping Away From Politics’

[Updated] Jeff Baron — the former National Security Minister and elected OBA MP for Constituency #25 Warwick North East — has announced he is “stepping away from politics – effective today.” Mr Baron tweeted “Dear Bermuda: Thank you. It’s been a privilege to serve you for the last 5+ years of my life. I am stepping... Read more of this article