Alshante’s Father: Satisfied with Findings

March 9, 2010

We spoke extensively with Al “Sprucey” DeGraff Sr, the father of Alshante Brangman. He was extremely clear that he was fully satisfied with the police findings that Ms. Brangman died of natural causes.

He stated he never suspected the young man whom the police initially had in custody “assisting them” of killing his daughter.

He went on to mention that he has tried to contact the man in question recently, and has not received a reply…which he clearly stated he did not think ill of, chalking it up to the recent unfortunate circumstances.

Mr. Degraffe said that he feels

They owe him an apology for beating him up down the hospital

He spoke of his daughters prior health issues, saying she had issues with various things including severe swelling, aches/pains and more.

He said of his daughter:

She’s not suffering, at least she’s not in pain. I’m gonna miss her, but she’s gone to a better place. There are things you have to accept, as you can’t change them.

Mr DeGraff spoke of his regret for circumstances during Alshante’s formative years that disabled him from being there for her completely. He said in later years Alshante always assured him that all was well, and appreciated the time and effort he spent with her young daughter A’Saiya.

Al DeGraff with A’Saiya. Photo used with permission of Mr DeGraff

Al DeGraff with A’Saiya. Photo used with permission of Mr DeGraff

We also spoke with Alshante’s younger brother, 15 year old Al Degraffe Jr. The well spoken young man is an accomplished motorcross racer, and says his older sister used to attend his races and support him completely.

Ms. Brangman resided with her mother, stepfather, younger sister and daughter. She passed away earlier this week, with her death initially termed “suspicious”. The 23 year old was a well liked cashier at Marketplace, and a dedicated mother to her daughter.

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