Live Blogging: Bus Strike Day #1

August 18, 2011

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This morning [Aug.18] Bermuda commuters are dealing with buses being off the road, following a strike by bus operators which was called late yesterday afternoon. The strike was predicated by the Ministry firing a bus driver who refused to take a drug test five times after being involved in an accident.

Update 9:40am: Bus drivers are meeting at the BIU headquarters, many in uniform some in civilian clothing. Unofficial reports indicate that some drivers are not in support of the strike, and fully prepared to go back to work. Bernews has been made to understand that some bus operators wanted to drive their routes this morning, however were stopped from doing so by others.

photo (1) aug 18 2011

Update 10:00am: The meeting has broken up, and bus drivers are expected back again at 1pm. BIU President Chris Furbert is returning to the island today, and is expected to attend the meeting.

Update 10:19am: A Facebook event has been posted calling for a rally against the bus drivers strike from 12:30pm – 2:30pm today [Aug.18] at City Hall.

Update 12:15pm: A few Bernews readers are reporting seeing bus drivers out in uniform using their private cars to pick up people.

Update 12:30pm: Demco said they have handed out just over 100 of the pink/blue ribbons that are being flown by people who are stepping up to assist transport people.

Update 12:40pm: The rally against bus drivers is underway. A dark cloud has come over City Hall, and those in attendance have moved to shelter under City Hall in preparation for possible rain. Discounting media, there are approximately ten people present at this time including one bus driver.

Update 12:55pm: People have gathered at the steps now, carrying signs saying things like “Take the test”, “BIU Enough is Enough” and “Government stand your ground.”

rally against strike

Update 1:01pm: Quick video from City Hall

Update 2:00pm: Minister of Transport Terry Lister released a statement extending his “profound thanks to the Bermudian public for their help and support last night and this morning in providing transportation for persons who have been left stranded by the bus strike.” He also encouraged bus operators who wish to continue working to do so.”Full statement here.

Update 2:22pm: Video below of Sahima Choudhury, who organized today’s protest against the bus strike. She said she was “infuriated with what is going on, enough is enough, and I am glad that others feel the same way. We would have gotten more people, but many could not make it as buses were not running.”

Update 2:42pm: A few minutes ago bus drivers who were congregating outside BIU headquarters were called inside by a union official. The bus depot on Palmetto Road is completely quiet as of this time, photo below.

photo (2) aug 18

Update 3:02pm: BIU President Chris Furbert – who just returned to the island – will be hosting a press conference at 4pm.

Update 3:51pm: One bus is now on the road this afternoon. Earlier today Minister Lister encouraged drivers to work if they would like, and it appears that at least one bus driver has decided to break the strike and drive.

Update 3:52pm: Thanks to someone on our Facebook page, here is a link about a bus strike in Malta last month which saw 60 drivers walk off the job. Officials responded by flying in 55 British bus drivers to drive the routes. Their Transport Minister Austin Gatt is quoted as saying to the striking drivers “The days when you dictated what happened in public transport are over.”

Update 4:00pm: We are at the BIU waiting for the press conference with BIU President Chris Furbert, which is due to start soon.

Update 4:15pm: The press conference is about to get underway, there are a number of bus drivers present. [Sorry for the lack of live stream it was logistically impossible, but we will carry the video later today]

photo (2) aug 18 2011 biu

Update 4:31pm: BIU officials have said the strike will continue and they want the driver reinstated without loss of wages or benefits.

Update 4:33pm: When asked if the strike is still on, Mr Furbert replied, “The drivers are still here at the Union”, and received applause from drivers in attendance.

Update 4:41pm: We are receiving reports that another bus has been seen on the roads. If the reports are accurate, that makes at least two drivers out on their routes in defiance of the strike.

Update 4:53pm: Department of Marine and Ports Services released a statement confirming all ferries are running as scheduled, and advised people who normally commute via the bus, to consider taking the ferry.

Update 4:55pm: We have [unofficially] confirmed that at least two buses are on the road. The photo below was taken 5 mins ago, in the area by Berkeley Institute showing the #4 bus on its route.


Update 5:09pm: The full 25 minute audio of the BIU press conference is below [videos to come]

Update 5:30pm: When asked about giving strike notice, Mr Furbert said they did not get notice the driver would be fired, she was fired “on the spot.” Drivers in attendance applauded when Mr Furbert said they didn’t give notice as they wanted “immediate action.”

Update 5:38pm: When asked what the BIU will do if the DPT/Government does not back down Mr Furbert said, “If they decide to dig their heels in on this situation it will be very unfortunate. That is all I can say. I don’t see why they would want to dig their heels in.” He continued to to speak about policy not being followed, and refuted aspects of the accident report.

Update 5:45pm: When a reporter said the majority of people seem to be against the strike, Mr Furbert said unless you talk to all Bermudians you cannot say the majority of the public is against the strike. He said, “Unless you can tell me that 35,000 Bermudians are against the strike, you can’t say the majority. I am not taking that.” Some of the bus drivers present applauded his statement.

Update 5:50pm: Mr Furbert said someone emailed him saying they had to catch a taxi due to the bus strike, and wanted to know where they could get the money back. Mr Furbert said, “How many people around the world when this kind of stuff happens, actually send an email to the Union leader and say ‘you know I was disadvantaged by that and someone needs to pay me.’ That is the height of arrogance. And stupidity I might say.”

Update 5:55pm: Press conference part #1 [7 mins]:

Update 5:55pm: Press conference part #1 [17 mins]:

Update 6:52pm: Premier Paula Cox issued a statement this evening [Aug.18] saying, “I would encourage the bus drivers to return to work. Disruptions like these are harmful to our economy and right now as a country we need to be rowing in the same direction.” Full statement here.

Update 7:00pm: Pat Gordon-Pamplin, Shadow Minister for Transportation and Tourism, said, “The OBA repeats its call for this dispute to be sent to an arbitrator, as provided for in law, and the suspension of strike action. The Island is being held to ransom, disrupting thousands of commuters and tourists and damaging the Island’s tourism reputation. This situation has been allowed to spiral dangerously out of control, far out of proportion to the particulars of the dispute, and we are left to wonder what hidden agendas may be driving the situation. Bermuda is being damaged – its economy, its reputation and its morale. Calm, reasonable people need to step up. It’s time to get smart. It’s time to put Bermuda first.

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  1. L.B.F says:

    I suggest that he news take a picture of all those strikers….and then give them the ultimatre punishment….a lot of jobless people out there…i bet you they wont mind driving a bus.

    • Real talk says:

      Pat Gordon needs to shut up! She of all people to say she never put Bermuda first. She put her needs firt all the time.

      • Real talk says:

        Always trying to make political points. We all know she need to take the test and the biu are idiots.

  2. bina says:

    Let’s fire the Union President. he is clearly out of his mind. There is a man with too much power and he is going to bring Bermuda down!!!!!

    • Embarraed bus driver and ashamed to be a BIU member says:

      What Govt, should do is go after Chris and the officers of the Union because its against the law for them the encourage this type of action and I can tell you there were officers in the hall encouraging them to take this kind of action prior to the vote to strike.And the ones who supported this nonsense were those who have had previous run ins with management. just llok at the picture above you,ll see front and center the idiot who was fired for jumping out of his bus and threatening a lady motorist, he was fired and rehired after threats from Chris.There is a click at DPT which finally needs to be broken.

    • desmodus rotundus says:

      You cannot blame one man for the whole of bermuda. Bermudians are just as much to blame….

      • Finally.. says:

        WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLease explain your statement!!

  3. star man says:

    Bus Drivers need not wait for the Big Bad BIU Bully to return to make this situation even worse – because that is exactly what he will do. Mark my words. Drivers, please call off your strike and get back to work! Do the right thing. F**k Chris Furbert, he’s a dinosaur!

  4. susan says:

    I found this mornings commute rather enjoyable… and i didnt see anyone hitching a ride or looking for a ride either. I think the people that will suffer the most are the tourists. Welcome to Paradise! now start walkin!

  5. Christopher says:

    I want to give a facetious Thank you to the Union, I have no transportation to work due to the ignorance over this issue. I would now like to ask that you fork over at least some of the 6.8million of the people’s money you were forgiven, so that us workers can take cabs to our jobs. Oh right; you have nothing but self interest in mind, it’s not like you care about Bermuda and Her People. There should be laws in place to protect the people from frivolous actions such as this, or just abolish the Union altogether. It’s not like they give anything to the country, oh wait, they did give us DEBT in the amount of 6.8 million. There is a pattern here: Do what you want at your job if you are in the Union. You may get fired, but no matter what you do, right or wrong, the Union will Stick It Hard to Bermuda and Her People so that you can have your job back, the Union will EXTORT your job back for you. I feel sick that an entity is allowed to have that much power over this country.

    Wonder if the Bus driver that refused the drug test is PLP; because we know they support refusing drug tests.

    • star man says:

      “There should be laws in place to protect the people from frivolous actions such as this.” There are, as I understand it! It’s just that they aren’t enforced.

  6. Christopher says:

    I would love to attend the Rally, but without bus service, I can not get there. Gotta love it!!!

    • SMH says:

      I like you Christopher would also love to attend the rally today, but without the bus I am stuck in Sandys.

      Bermuda really is “Another World”

      • toweringinferno says:

        Same here, no busses means I would have had to spend money to get there, which is in short supply.
        I have never understood how a bankrupt union (monetarily and morally), that cannot pay its members strike pay for legitimate strike action (is there such a thing here?) has so much power. But then I have never understood how a sitting MP (Mr. Burgess at the time) could be the head of the BIU – no conflict of interest there at all!

  7. KARMA says:

    LOL I actually said the same thing this morning when I got in, and yes, I did stop and give a ride to a few people this morning.
    It was actually quite pleasant that I didn’t have to troll behind buses that dont indicate to stop, dont pull into the bus lay-by but rather stop abruptly in the middle of the lane, pull out with out indicating in front of you, etc etc etc….
    Quite pleasant indeed….
    I only feel sorry for those that couldnt get a ride anywhere this morning.

  8. Overly Concerned says:

    It’s simple – if you see someone standing at a bus stop and you’re in a car going in that direction, just stop and let them ride along. It doesn’t matter if you’re not going to their ultimate destination, someone else will come along where you drop them off that is. Hub and spoke, just like the airlines. I bet that it will be faster than taking a bus anyway and you’ll get to meet some of your fellow islanders and save some fossil fuels in the meantime.

    The BIU is a big bully and CANNOT be let to win this one. Otherwise government will be seen as spineless and the people of Bermuda will be seen as indifferent to the antics of raving lunatic union bosses. Maybe the BIU will realize that they’ve finally bitten off more than they can chew this time and hopefully government will finally call them to be accountable for both their actions and their finances.

    Sick and tired of this bull$hit.

  9. Christopher says:

    If the PLP does not enforce the Labour Relations Act, AS THEY SHOULD. How do we go about FIRING/IMPEACHING/DISBANDING the PLP for Failure to Complete their job? IS THERE NO ACCOUNTABILITY? Is the PLP full of spineless individuals who don’t even understand their job? I am so confused. How can a government behave this way?

    • Scott says:

      Its not the govt. The govt, so far, has stuck to their guns. the employee rules said she had to be tested after accident.. she didnt.. and now she’s fired..

      its the BIU thats causing all this… as things are at the moment the PLP have done nothing wrong.

      • Scott says:

        from what i understand, the bus services are non-essential, so there is no legal punishment for them striking… its just a bunch of pissed off people not going to work..

        can anyone clarify this?

      • desmodus rotundus says:

        sorry Chris you need to recheck your sources…government are not as innocent as they appear to be and neither is the bus company… i cant say anymore but the public dont have all the facts…

        • Harmony says:

          well give us the facts then!!! if not we will go off of what we do know!
          people want to be judged fairly but hide so much information. If thats how you want to do it then this is how it will be!

      • Christopher says:

        The BIU is responsible for the strike, the Government is responsible for letting them carry on this behavior. Stuck to their guns my behind! They haven’t even used the available guns they have. They have many options in which they can hold the BIU and Members accountable for their actions. I can remember years ago; government mentioning the fines and charges they “could” bring, but never have. If they keep allowing the behavior; issuing empty threats, then how can we expect the Union to behave any differently. They have been taught that there are no repercussions for their actions, no matter what they do.

    • Street Talk says:

      Clearly @Christopher, you dont know wth is going on but see the Govt as the person to blame..Before you go launching attacks saying anything, you should consult with someone who has an understanding of how things operate. If not shut your trap !

      • Christopher says:

        Read above. I gave my comment. The BIU is the out of control child and the Government is the parent in la la land just letting the child run right over them. Thats why I place blame on government, for not holding the BIU accountable on the many opportunities they have had to do so.

        • Christopher says:

          Here, straight from, from the LABOUR RELATIONS ACT 1975
          To me, it looks like they did not follow the law, I will admit though that I am not a lawyer. Read for yourself and decide.

          Restriction on strikes in an essential service
          9 (1) A lock-out, strike or any irregular industrial action short of a strike in an essential service shall be unlawful unless there is a labour dispute within that service and —
          (a) a report of the labour dispute has been made to the Labour Relations Officer under section 3(1) as read with section 7; and
          (b) thereafter valid notice of the intended lock-out, strike or irregular industrial action short of a strike has been given to the Labour Relations Officer by the employer, or trade union on his behalf, or workmen, or trade union on their behalf, as the case may be, at least twenty-one days prior to the day upon which the lock-out, strike or irregular industrial action short of a strike is to commence; and
          (c) the lock-out, strike or irregular industrial action short of a strike is the lock-out, strike or action specified in the notice (both as respects its nature and the persons participating) and, subject to subsection (4), commences on the day specified in the notice, or within twenty-four hours thereafter; and
          (d) the dispute has not been referred for settlement to the Permanent Arbitration Tribunal under section 8.

          • hmmm says:

            Dear Chris

            You said you aren’t a lawyer. This is clear. Buses are not an “essential service”. There is caselaw on what an essential service is.

            Someone already commented on such.

  10. Embarraed bus driver and ashamed to be a BIU member says:

    Again im totally disgusted by the actions of my coworkers and the poor judgement and direction of the BIU and its officers and organizers. To let you know you wont see me anywhere near this nonsense or any meetings you call other then to vote to go back to work and if the motion is put to the floor to finally get rid of the idiot Chris Furbert trust me i,ll be the first to stand and second that motion. I truely wish there was a way that I along with others could get management to allow us to get a bus and work today picking up people who truely depend on us.But since we are,nt allowed to drive Im going to city hall in full uniform and will encourage others to join me there. I have no fear or shame of showing my face at this rally. I,ll probably be treated like a trader but enough is enough. And its also time for our devisional President to go as well Glenn Simmons or dingbat as he is known is just as much of a joke as Chris is. SO at this time I,ll encourage my coworkers and there are lots of you who disagree with this nonsense to join me in the front row at the city hall rally. See you there

    • Not so proud today says:

      You will have support don’t be afraid to speak the truth oxo

    • Sahima Choudhury says:

      I applaud your courage and hope that others will follow your lead. We respect and appreciate the job that you, as the drivers, do for our island each and every day. We also support and encourage you to let your voice be heard. Let’s send a clear message to Mr. Furbert and the BIU.

    • Hudson says:

      Don’t be afraid. Stand tall. You have the support of almost every person on this Island behind you.

    • Life is a gift... says:

      Thank you for standing up for your convictions. You have our support.

    • Experience comprises illusions lost says:

      I’m just going to say what several others have already said – you have our full support! Thank you for showing courage and character in the middle of this BS! Hang in there my friend, and good luck.

    • James says:

      Good for you!!! You need to be applauded and start a revolution for getting your leadership changed.

      You are a bright star in that division!

    • No Respect says:

      bus driver – bravo!!! I’m so proud of you!!!! Keep tlking becasue we are ALL listening to you!!!

    • liz Titterton says:

      Awesome! Finally – we need all of Bermuda to say “enough is enough” we are all tired and totally had it with the Union pulling this sh

      **t!!! Really! given all all the cirumstances of our Island today, and yes, lets take a stand as many have done around the rest of the world in this “spring (and summer) of discontent” lets stand up and be heard and no longer be afraid!!! I wish I had know about the rally today – I suspect many did not know about it – thousands of us would have supported it!!!

  11. JUNO says:

    I don’t ride the bus but every week these people are striking. I swear they have one of the easiest jobs out there. If their not looking unhappy & miserable, their speeding on the roads,being a pain in the ass. They strike at a mere hang nail. What does this person have to hide. bus driver are not being held accountable for their action because they know that “Furbert” guy would stand up for them ( i personally think he is being paid under the table if you know what i mean wink,wink). In government aren’t random drug test implemented if not, it should these people have other peoples lives in their hand.

    *Don’t operate heavy machinery under the influence*

    • Street Talk says:

      its not your problem so mind your business. If you dont ride the bus how do you know the bus drivers are unhappy if their “speeding” pass you?

      You just want a piece of the action but your comment failed !

  12. Not so proud today says:

    Wish I was there to help transport our tourists!!!

    A struggling society and now we want to piss off these tourists that are still visiting and helping keep us afloat????!!!!!


  13. PawPaw says:

    What a sad day for Bermuda when the island comes to an almost stand still for a stupid, irresponsible druggie!
    Mr.”Hooked on Phonics” Furbert needs to be fired!!
    The bus drivers who went out on strike need to be fired!
    This whole thing is a fiasco!!
    One more nail in the coffin of the fast sinking ship on the island of Bermuda!!

  14. NOW IS THE TIME for both Stevedoring Services and Government to REWRITE the existing but so antiquated, employment agreements. Now is the time to join this Century, and abolish Saturday and Sunday work as being “overtime”. Buses/public transport workers and Stevedore/dock personnel (especially on an Island as small and dependent as ours for our inputs of food) should be hired ONLY on the basis of SHIFT WORK – whether your shift is a Tuesday or a Sunday, it makes no difference. The Service Industry, by its very nature, is shift work and in the rest of the “real world” not recognise Saturday or Sunday as “overtime”. Overtime should only commence when the mandatory work week hours has been exceeded.

    @ Christopher – I agree. The UNION OWES US, not the other way around. Where are the Union’s audited financials that are YEARS OVERDUE? Where did the forgiven performance bond monies go? This was OUR, the tax paying public’s, money that the Union happily swallowed up…..Where, where, where Mr. Furbert is the Union’s accountability for OUR MONEY? Mr. Furbert and BIU, you CANNOT CHERRY PICK from CBA and the country’s laws, what is suitable for you and what isn’t. Abide by ALL THE RULES (OH, AND THE LAW FOR THAT MATTER), not just the convenient cherry picked ones which suit your/BIU selfish, blind behaviour. Engough already. Stevedore Services and Government come in from the dark ages and rewrite Bermuda labour history – NOW!!!

    • Shawn Benevides says:

      Well said Margaret Benn!! nothing more to add, you covered it all.

    • desmodus rotundus says:

      well margaret you have no clue as to how the docks or their agreements work so please speak of things you know something about…..

      • I actually work in the shipping industry and have done so for 30 or more years including sailing on cargo ships…so I know more about the docks, containers, cargo, shipping and ship schedules, then you think – I have also seen stevedoring practices the world over……….in such huge busy ports as Rotterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and huge ports in South America etc. etc.

        If the current employment agreements make no distinction between a Sunday workday or a Tuesday work day, then GREAT! Tick that box as a job completed, well done and move on to the next work practice that could be looked at and improved BY EITHER SIDE.

        • desmodus rotundus says:

          i agree with you on that point. And that is why we have negotiations so we can negotiate a happy meduim for both sides or at least 50/50. Right now as i understand it, its management dictating to the workers what they want and thats it. their way or the high way- well they got another thing commin.

    • liz Titterton says:

      Totally agree!!! Is the Union “creating” these issues to hide others????? What are they soooo afraid of???? Where are the accounts and WHY DO NOT MEMBERS HAVE THE GUTS TO DEMAND FULL DISCLOSURE???? ITS TIME FOR CHANGE!!!

  15. Terry says:

    Is Paula still in Europe signing tias? Where’s the Deputy Premier, where’s Cabinet.

    This plan of theirs (the PLP and the BIU) is a work in motion.

    You’ll see. Mark my words.

    Now for plan ‘B’.

  16. LuvGoodNews says:

    Isnt Labour Day in September? Lol. Sad

  17. me says:

    just fire the drivers that want to strike, this is just an excuse not to work its so obvious. people are struggleing for jobs right now and if you dont want to do the job at hand some one else will.

  18. Triangle Drifter says:

    I know it is about insurance liability, licensing, a spineless PTB & government along with other issues but it is a shame that people with clean licenses & experience driving large vehicles cannot fill in for striking drivers.

  19. H says:

    Please give anybody you see waiting at a bus stop a ride. Especially if they are tourists. I will be doing the same in my old beat up car. Stay strong Bermuda, we will come out on top this time around…

  20. star man says:

    We are told that 80% of the bus drivers were against this strike, that they did not have full information on the collective agreement. Other union men, hard core union supporters, not bus drivers, may have commandeered the meeting along with the Big Bad Bully, Furbert, and the disliked shop steward. The result – as always – was another strike!

    Maybe Terry, as the PLP Minister involved here, should grow a pair and talk to PTB management and tell them to allow drivers who do not agree with the strike to take a bus out on route. Why not bust the union at the same time?! United we stand and all that bull sh*t.

  21. Fred says:

    The government should do to the union drivers what the US government did to the air traffice controllers in the 80′s. When air traffice controllers went on strike and disrupted public transportation nationwide, they gave them one day to return to work or else be terminated… many controllers were fired without ANY chance of ever being re-hired anywhere in the US governemnt, for ever !

    • Street Talk says:

      The US govt also killed thousands in 9/11 to convince the people they need protection from Terrorism. Does that make things better? umm no!

  22. Dawn de toilet says:

    I am so glad to hear there are bus drivers trying to stand up to the union however being stopped from doing their jobs by others – what a shame to be scared of your co-workers…i think a proper vote needs to be taken and noted those for and those against….not just saying 50% in favour when a lot said they were left out of the vote!

  23. shag says:

    Drivers should have a secret vote on the whole matter. Too many drivers are afraid to vote by a show of hands. You can hardly blame them with the idiots that are leading them.

  24. Disgruntled Tourist says:

    Hey Bus Drivers,

    Thanks for messing up my vacation to Bermuda. I hope you enjoy personally destroying the tourism industry on your island. If you keep striking, the cruise ships have plenty of other islands that they can visit in the future.

    Disgruntled Tourist

    • H says:

      I’m so sorry to hear this. Truth be told, this is not the mentality of most Bermudians. Please come back and give us another chance.

    • liz Titterton says:

      Thank you “tourist” for taking the time to input your views – really??? Do we need to say anything else people??? Our life blood is being sucked away!!! By people who do not care, and who are just trying to score points!!!! PLEEEAAASSSEE!!! If we have any Bermuda left after all this, God help us all – each and every one….

  25. Somerset Girl says:

    There are busdrivers picking up visitors and locals in their private cars. I’ve seen at least 5 in my travels this morning. They have on their uniforms and the ribbons on their car. Wow!!!!!!! Hunk when you see them!!!!!

  26. DinaS says:

    This woman was given 5 chances to do a drug test. If she tested negative, she would go right back to work. If she tested positive, she would have to undergo a drug program, and then go back to work. Either way, she would NOT have lost her job.

    She refused to take a drug test, knowing it was in her employment agreement, and she should be fired.

    In NY or NJ, if that happened, there would be ONE CHANCE to take a drug test. You blow that chance, and you are fired.

    Every bus driver in Bermuda who strikes should be fired. Instead of striking, they should be convincing their fellow driver to TAKE THE DRUG TEST!

  27. Shell says:

    The BIU should be ashamed of themselves. How can you support someone that so blatantly refused to follow the rules in her contract of employment.
    I will be picking people up at bus stops that need rides.

  28. goppleboy says:

    very very sad day for we B.I.U. members @DPT ,supporting this course of action….

  29. Not Surprised says:

    I want badly to participate in the rally, however, can not do so because of work. Can you tell us, Bernews, If there is a petition or something circulating that would afford those of us the cannot attend a way to how our support?

  30. Common Sense says:

    Bermuda is so lost; it is almost embarrassing to say that I am a Bermudian. This situation is unbelievable. It is a shame that we all sit around and watch this island sink. That woman should be ashamed of herself for causing all of these problems. All she had to do was take the drug test. If it was positive, she would have still had her job. Now, because of her ignorance, bus drives are unable to do their job, people are unable to get to work, and tourists, one of our most important sources of income, are unable to get around. This is a crying shame. I am really upset that I graduated university to come home to live in work on an island where you can strike b/c one STUPID person couldn’t follow proper protocol. All of those involved in this strike should be fired, no questions asked. Next, get rid of a union that uses its power to for evil. Finally, hire people who WANT to work! CASE CLOSED!

    • nnb says:

      another rumor has it she didnt refuse testing, her shop steward Glen Simmons told her to refuse! If this is true, I feel sorry for her. At the end of the day the contract state (according to RG) that if a driver is involved in an accident and someone has to be taken to KEMH then the driver has to be tested. They are talkin sh$t about principle but what about the example being set here. Do wrong and we will support you. craziness!

  31. EMPORA says:

    the test requires urine sample ..not hair frolic..thats wat cause this bulls….

    • alsys says:

      Not according to the drug testing waiver that the bus drivers, including Ms. Harvey, signed! It says urine test OR any test ordinarily necessary. That would include a follicle test as that is the international standard as well as the only one KEMH will perform.

      Please stop spouting this erroneous information and have a look at the facts.

      • EMPORA says:

        the facts are that bermudians are a very confuse people right now..

        • 32n64w says:

          … and they’re all located at 49 Union Square, Hamilton HM 12.

    • Chillin' says:

      You’re mistaken. The policy does not specify the TYPE of test and obviously TWO MONTHS after an occurrence, a urine test is no longer plausible. The hair follicle test is the only way and in ANY case, what inoocent party wouldn’t just submit to the test? I’ll take one right now. And tomorrow. And the next day. I wish she would have just admitted she smokes a little bit and snorts a little bit and gone to counseling and been done with the whole thing.

      SHE caused this bs. Nobody else. SHE caused it and Chris Furbert’s illiterate behind let her believe she had a case.

    • Pastor Syl says:

      @ Empora: a urine test is only valid when taken within 3 days of use. After that, only a hair follicle test can give an accurate reading. Ms. Harvey, or her advisors, had to have known this, which, to my thinking, is why she went home sick right after the accident instead of going in to take the test as she should have.
      In addition, what difference did it make to her if they tested urine or hair follicle if she wasn’t using any drugs? She just made herself look bad.

      On the upside, between herself and the union leaders, they have brought this country together in an unprecedented way! Truly, there is no ill wind that blows no good. More than 300 people are out there picking up folks who would normally have taken the bus. They have pink and blue ribbons donated by Demco Florist attached to their cars so you can recognize them. I understand there is a website too where you can sign up, stating where you are and where you want to go, and someone will pick you up! If anyone knows the website, please post it!
      Hooray Bermuda!!!

    • Heading Home says:

      Hair “frolic”,…are related to the leader of the union,lmfho!!!

  32. Common Sense says:

    Good job to the bus drivers who are taking a stand. Those of us with a brain thank you!

    • Terry says:

      How much they paying you, common sense………………………………

    • Just Curious says:

      Common sense, your are confused!

    • Away says:

      I think he means taking a stand against the strike…

      • Common Sense says:

        For those who are confused…i meant taking stand and going to work!!!!!!

  33. happy larry says:

    Congrats to Bernews for the amazing coverage. Bernews has now become my first choice for news on Bermuda.

  34. should not have happened says:

    This is what you do. Hirer her back but change the (law) so that every three months ALL Bus Drivers must be tested every three months and if you refuse than you lose your job. I do not won’t a bus driver driving me round under the influence of drugs that includes alcohol

  35. Christina says:

    This strike is disgusting…almost as digusting as Chris Furbert who is in charge of all of this ignorance. I will never understand why they even supported such ignorance. Clearly this lady was ONE person. The BIU is supposed to support the MAJORITY, correct?

  36. carys caisey says:

    I am deeply sorry that the people who rely on public transportation to get to work are being held to ransom….they don’t go to work, they don’t get paid….and then are not able to pay rent and pay bills…through no fault of their own….
    This is a bad reflection on BERMUDA in the eyes of the world and I know if I had come here on vacation and had bought a two week bus pass and was not able to access the service I am paying for I would never come back….do these tourists get a refund? At the end of the day you are paying for something and not getting what you paid for…has to be a clause somewhere where you should get a refund if the company defaults on delivering the services….this goes for local too …and yes…I too stopped to give a ride to people who clearly were waiting for a bus that would never arrive….Hats off the the drivers who want to return to work..

  37. Terry says:

    Well, Premier is not here, Furbert is flying first class back to Bermuda, straight through customs/imm….

    The plan is working…….14 people turn up at City Hall, 12 thousand comment on facebook and Bernews….”Wish I could have been there”………………..

    Irony is a bitch and it reminds me of McHales Navy……………and Gilligans Ilse…..

    Typical. All mouth, no action. Next election…….will be a sad reflection………………

  38. holla says:


    When KARMA comes around and kicks you all in the butt, do not ask your self WHY!

    You know Karma: WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND, umjussaying:

  39. Shell says:

    The BIU and members that support this strike should be ashamed of themselves. How can these people support someone who blatantly refused to follow the rules of her contract of employment.
    I support all of those who are picking people up. And to the bus drivers who refuse to support this nonsense; good for you. Be proud!

  40. holla says:

    WHO YA GONNA CALL, WHO YA GONNA CALL:- THE GHOST BUSTERS: President Of The BIU Chris Furbert, The Gen. Secretary Sis Molly Burgess, Bro. Louis Somner, Bro. Graham Nesbitt, Bro George Scott, Sis Ronnie Burges:

    Tink bout vat Um Saying:- KARMA


  41. Frank-Fed Up says:

    If i were a tourist why would i want to come to Bermuda to get stuck in dockyard with no proper transportion. I would just stay on the boat and enjoy great service.
    Why bring the ships to Bermuda if they can not be given proper service. Cut back the numbers , fix the channels to St.Georges and Hamilton to take bigger boats. Do what is right for the whole of Bermuda not just the stuffy rich Bermudians an greedy politions that have made there money that do not want to see Bermuda change. Bermuda must change!

    • Wondering says:

      St. George’s does not need bigger ships – there are cruise ships out there that can come through the channel as is – so why not make a serious effort to find them and get them in.

      Because of the persons mentioned in your comments and the former EB’s comments back then “when I return I am going to get what is mine” – got it and still getting and has ways of getting more – their and his time is going to come – when one falls they are going to huddle, scramble and run…. remember you can run but can’t hide. The Lord sits high and looks low.

  42. Terry says:

    Blacks being sold back into slavery by their own. …..

    Where is Ewart…..

    Oh thats right, he and Kirwin are keeping track here………

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      I’ll bet Ewart is at OUR house (thats right, OUR house) in Marthas Vinyard. Obama is in town this weekend so Ewqrt will want to be around in case there is a photo op.

      • Errr arrgrrhaarrr OR could E-Wart be either in “our” house in Martha’s Vinyard, or “our” penthouse thingy (2 condos knocked into one) in NYC, or wait………….that placial palace thingy down south (T&C is it??) with the yacht moored out front at the dock???……Oh! Oh! its such a nusiance when you have to make all of these pesky decisions on which house to visit, and try and figure out what time of the year it is and where will the celebs be hanging out……….is it Oscar season? is it Cannes Film Festival? Monaco race week? where do I go next? decisions, decisions, decisions!!! Yes…… sure did get “what is mine – got it and still getting it and has ways of getting more.”…….May the Lord sit mighty high and look mighty low.

        SO to summarise – Lets not forget that it was E-wart who GAVE THE BIU YOUR AND MY MONEY IN THE FORM OF THE forgiven performance bond of EXACTLY HOW MANY MILLIONS???? (Someone remind me here…..) ALSO EXACTLY Why did E-wart give AWAY MY MILLIONS without even asking me? And Why Did Ms. Cog allow it (amongst many other dubisious expenditures)???? And last but no doubt not least – EXACTLY why is the BIU so ungrateful to have received SO MANY MILLIONS from us the people of Bermuda, that they cannot even show their thanks by at least showing us their OVERDUE AUDITED financial statements?????? Its all a bit too incestious for my liking. Something sure stinks, and its not just rotten financials……..oops! I meant fish!

  43. Just Curious says:

    Bermuda Unions are monsters, they do what they want and tax payers still pay them!

    I wonder who created these Monsters!

    oops PLP….

    what OBA should do is start votes drives parish by parish! and have a city hall votes drive ,

    • Know your history says:

      That’s a negative! Yes, ‘Bermuda Unions’ are not what they once were. They fought and represented the ordinary worker who didn’t have a fighting chance. To get rid of them would be ludacris! You can’t discredit unions like the BIU and what it stands for based on one leader who isn’t upholding its purpose, duty and responsibilities. He nor any other VP, secretary, or member are not bigger than the BIU.

  44. SWEETBLACK says:


  45. Bri says:

    For the life of me I cannot begin to understand why this has become such a big deal. One individual decides to make a personal decision and suffered the consequences and the PTB goes on STRIKE????? At the end of the day right is right, wrong is wrong. Um….she was fired for insubordination and the PTB supports that!?? Why are polices put in place to begin with?? Please help me understand!! *scratching head*

    Blessings to the bus drivers who are not in support of this and are transporting tourists and locals in their own vehicles.

    SMH at the entire situation!

  46. Terry says:

    Bri…you can shake your head all you want.

    At this rate ( we don’t know whether your Male or Female) but you will be shaking your wallet/purse….better buy a duster…the cobwebs will be the irony of it all.

  47. Jumpy says:

    Plp won’t do any mass firings, too scared that about the amount of people the union could influence to stay away from the polls in the next election.

  48. think about it says:

    Lets think of this in a new light! Why not have this be the beginning of the private sector taking over the bus system. Who needs a government run system these days?

    • Terry says:

      The ones in Government who get the perks. Simple.

    • Wondering says:

      I heard when the buses are rented out for tours (rented by cruise company’s for their passengers) that is considered private enterprise. Can someone explain in depth this please.

      • nnb says:

        and when gov schools want to use them to transport BDA’s future.

    • Overly Concerned says:

      Also this is a supposed LABOUR government who is trying to go against the LABOUR unions. Yea – that’s gonna end well when it comes to election time again.

  49. me says:

    I think the government should put a ad in the paper tomorrow offering jobs to drive the buses. I am sure alot of people would appreciate a salary!

  50. Marie Paul says:

    ? Anyone? The collective bargaining agreement with BIU/Government. Does it specify urine sample for drug test or does it just say Drug test. Brother Simmons on HOTT1075 talkshow on sunday, eluded to the fact that she will take a urine test but not a hair follicle test. Drug test is a drug test to me. Why so specific?? Hummmm??

  51. ashamed BIU member says:

    My name says it all

    • EMPORA says:


    • desmodus rotundus says:

      If you are ashamed find yourself another union. I’m sure when your job is at stake you will sing another tune quickly.

      • Common Sense says:

        That is why all of the bus drivers are following this crap! They feel if they don’t, when/if something happens to them, they won’t be protected by the union becasuse they didn’t stand up for thier co-worker. It is stupid! And so is your comment desmodus rotundus! I should go and apply to take your job being you dont want it!

  52. Anyone says:

    It’s no wonder she didn’t want to give a follicle sample, she has a weave, or wig.

  53. refill says:

    Strike! Strike! Strike! Bermudian Unions like to Strike. Any occasion different insubordinations Bermudians like to Strike!!!! :(

    • Overly Concerned says:

      You could almost make a song out of that using the Bermudians like to drink music.

      Strike Strike Strike,
      The BIU loves to strike,
      They can empty the lot,
      They’ll vent steam on HOTT
      The BIU loves to strike…


  54. pipsqueak says:

    Just asking, is there an ongoing inquiry into the bus incident by the BPS?

    • Changing Status says:

      i’ve been asking the same thing, considering the fact that a persons hand was practially crushed, its a wonder that the BPS haven’t been involved.

  55. tourist says:

    i think this would make a verfy exciting and interesting news thread internationally, to see how pathetic it is to strike over such a small incident. this would really give a good outlook for anyone wanting to travel and visit bermuda to find out when they got there. that there is nothing they can do but to sit at whichever area their boat comes in and find out that they are stranded and cant go anywhere.

    This is ridiculous.

    • Rumandcoke says:

      This strike has already gone viral
      on the internet in the USA with
      potential visitors thinking of
      cancelling their vacations next week.
      What a disaster for Tourism.

    • JOKES! says:

      Ridiculous is an understatement. I would be interested to see if this gets picked up by international news solely because the situation we’ve created is almost comical. You can’t make this stuff up!

      Unfortunately, this is what happens when greedy, ignorant and uneducated people are in charge.

      • desmodus rotundus says:

        Well i guess they should put you in charge then we will see a difference….. unfortunately the best players are always in the audience

  56. IT IS WHAT IT IS says:

    I just came cross the hamilton terminal and there was a #8 bus loading people. I command that bus driver who is still working.

    • (sp) says:


      • Terry says:

        So (SP) do you agree with the comment or you just wanna be the speech therapist……

        Jingus…….so much to offer. I must command you on your input…..


  58. Relax! says:

    Tell me this please……who at the DPT/PTB is preventing those drivers against the strike from driving? Management fired her, for all the right reasons, and now drivers can’t drive buses when they want to. Who is preventing them? Surely Minister Lister, being of the highest rank in the Ministry, can overrule anyone and permit the drivers that want to, to drive. Isn’t that a power he can exercise??

    • Shell says:

      I agree. It doesn’t make sense that the people that do not support this are not allowed to work.

      • nnb says:

        i am with another union and far as i know i can do my job if i’m against strike. May be I should read my collective agreement again.

    • Christina says:

      YES!!!!! Kudos to the driver who was brave enough to not become a sheep and follow the rest of this ignorance

  59. Felecia Garnett says:

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Who decided that they needed to strike? Those bus drivers that are striking are leaving your brothers, sisters, wives, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles and cousins that rely on PTB to walk, come out of additional funds for a taxi or find alternate modes. Would they want someone to do that to them? I think not. Bermuda is a tourist island and they have also put our visitors as a disadvantage by their actions. If your gonna strike, strike for a legitimate reason. Pay cuts, mass firing, etc. not because 1 person who was in the wrong was fired. This person obviously does not have a leg to stand on or she would still have her job. Plus you would forego your bread and butter for 1 person. Come on BIU think about what you are forcing the work force to do. Its okay to stand for right but pick your battles wisely and this is definitely not a wise choice of battles.

  60. SWEETBLACK says:


  61. Onion says:

    I really don’t think I can stomach listening to this press conference. Tell me when it’s over.

  62. Changing Status says:

    “Update 4:38pm: BIU officials have said the strike will continue and they want the driver reinstated without loss of wages or benefits.”

    Really? how can they think that this is right? i dare them to have a meeting with the public and try to justify their reasoning to the hundreds of people, both residents and tourists, who were inconvenienced today.

    • Christina says:


    • star man says:

      I don’t think brother Chris Furbert knows how to work a computer, or goes on line much. Therefore he probably never reads the blogs and comments. As a consequence he may not know how strongly the Public feels about his little illegal strike. Time to replace him, he’s a dinosaur.

  63. Betty Rech says:

    The union as no clue on how to run a successful professional union…

    ignorance is on wall.

    Terry Lister needs to be running this country.


    • desmodus rotundus says:

      ..And i suppose you have a clue to running a union….get real

  64. Status Bermudian says:

    I cannot believe that Chris Furbert and the BIU officers!!! This really gives our young people a message! Do what you want and nothing will happen to you! Where is the common sense! As others have said, there are more and more people out there who need jobs. Fire the ones who won’t work and hire the ones who will. We make good money on this island and have had it good for a long time but times are changing and with this mentality it won’t be long until it gets bad real quick. When the tourists stop coming and the big business pull out, then what! Hey, we won’t need the buses then!

  65. Christina says:

    Update 4:31pm: BIU officials have said the strike will continue and they want the driver reinstated without loss of wages or benefits.

    WTF!!! WHYYYYYYY is the BIU supporting such bs!? SHE is not fit to drive civilians and tourists around the island! Why the HECK are they still backing her??????

    I actually don’t even understand what the BIU would get out of it. Why do they want her to be reinstated so bad!?

    Where are those protestors??? They needa go outside of the BIU and protest there. Catch Chris when he walks out with their signs

  66. the truth says:

    THIS is precisely what has gone wrong in this country. Accountability? What accountability???!!

  67. Terry says:

    This all reminds me of Alexander Haig when the President was shot……..

    “I am in control”………

    Classism is a bitch especially when you hold the purse strings……………

  68. Christina says:

    KEEP DRIVING BUS DRIVERS!!!!!! You’ve got the entire island behind you!!!!!

  69. Hook says:

    As usual , when these types of things happen, all sorts of opinions are expressed, ( which is good ). Misinformation or no information, however, make for comments and opinions to be skewed when talking about situations such as this. The B I U is DIRECTED in all matters by the REGULAR MEMBERS not the Leadership, which is currently being led by Chris Furbert. Get the facts, people. Most of us know a union member so link with them on how the Union is run. You may be very surprised at how things are done. Ck it out, my people.

    • Rockfish#2 says:

      Question is–how are the MEETINGS run?

      • Hook says:

        Meetings are conducted just like parliamentary and private sector meetings. Decisions made in meetings are by majority of members present. If one does not stand up and be counted for their true beliefs, then they have to accept the outcome. In this case we talking about B I U, same holds true of the parliamentary vote, on a much larger scale of course. Members rule in that organization.

  70. stop flipping striking says:

    every time you look these bloody buses a striking you no wat we should striking as a ppl against the buses is this wat my tax payers monies goes towards. i say each person that caught a taxi to wrk or multiple places should have there monies given back, this is outta garbage simply for a lady who refused to take a drug test n if found with drugs in here system still wudnt have been fired, u mean to tell the whole island has to suffer for her f^%k that n um pissed really come on ppl get it together. sometimes u need to look at the bigger picture an see the damage your gonna create b4 u make them ppl r already suffering now you guyz jus wanna f*&k us in thee a” to now. GOVt do sumtin if not your gonna have a bigger problem at hand seriously.
    Do your f’ing jobs.

  71. Cassy says:

    What I’m not understanding here is how the BIU can back a woman who defied her bosses by not taking the required test. Will someone from BIU please explain to Bermuda how this is morally correct? How can you stand up for someone who is wrong? This really shows us your true character. You will stand by the side of someone who is obviously wrong and hold your head high. Shame on you. God is frowning on you right now. But i guess you are not a God fearing person if you can behave the way you do.

  72. PORTO GIRL says:

    Like I said yesterday when Chris Furbert gets back he is going to support this, he has to because if they fire him, and the Auditors go in there and look and the books!!!! OMG no money!!!!!Have you noticed lately that any unrest he supports no matter what!!!! Please get him out of the Union. The bus driver is wrong!!!! policy and procedures are at all Companies these days, what does she think she is exempt from this!!!!!
    Next year all the Cruise ships will by pass Bermuda and go elsewhere!!!!! Bermuda is still going to see hard times.
    Wait until you see the news and Chris Furbert telling us all what to do!!!!!! He is running this Island not the PLP.

  73. Impressed says:

    Get those buses on the road!!! I commend those drivers who are standing for what is right. The public should not be punished for a dispute like this. This has gotten WAY out of control.

  74. MinorMatters says:

    Taking a poll to see who will utter the following words to the BIU: All you lot, back to work – NOW!!!!

  75. Just Curious says:

    if you see a bus driver who want your service tell them you are on strike too!

  76. Hook says:

    Remember now, one of the B I U Divisions voted to forfeit overtime for the next six months, just recently, as a gesture to help the economy. My people, get the facts as much as possible to help with understanding what leads to situations such as this.

    • Just Curious says:

      Hook, this have nothing to do with them helping the economy, someone who is entrusted with driver public refused to take a drug test, and getting support from BIU….

      • Hook says:

        All I am saying is that a majority of her peers ( Bus Operators) voted to take industrial action in her defense. My thing is if so many operators don’t agree with the decision, how did it get agreed. Were they at meeting. Nice discussion.

    • Christopher says:

      Government let the BIU off the Hook, Hook; for 6.8million, they still got a ways to go to help the economy.

  77. Relax! says:

    Gonna stop by the Union on my way home and ask, “anyone need a ride?”. Wonder how that’ll go over!!

  78. Emeka47 says:

    Ok she should have taken the urine test, but she was advised by her shop steward not to take it!! …uuhm wonder why. If she was without fault, she could defy her shop steward and remove all doubt! If a hair sample was to be taken, it may reveal that the woman indeed is a user of some sort of drug. If this came to light and the BIU supported this woman, what does this day about them.Are they saying, IS IT REALLY OKAY FOR DRIVERS TO PUT OUR LIVES IN DANGER?… makes you wonder about some other drivers.
    I hope all of you saw this woman’s picture and if she GETS HER JOB BACK, you should refuse to get on her bus when she opens the door. For your safety, wait for another bus. This will send a strong message to her, the PTB and the BIU that she is not trusted as a driver and needs to be relaeased for poor performance.
    Bermuda fight back!!! We have a say about any person who is driving children, the age, workers and tourist around Bermuda!

    • George Courtney, says:

      @Emeka47, i’ve seen her picture & what does she look like??? obviously you didn’t listen to the press conference above with your 3rd ear

  79. Plain and Simple says:


    Restriction on strikes in an essential service
    9 (1) A lock-out, strike or any irregular industrial action short of a strike in an essential service shall be unlawful unless there is a labour dispute within that service and —
    (a) a report of the labour dispute has been made to the Labour Relations Officer under section 3(1) as read with section 7; and
    (b) thereafter valid notice of the intended lock-out, strike or irregular industrial action short of a strike has been given to the Labour Relations Officer by the employer, or trade union on his behalf, or workmen, or trade union on their behalf, as the case may be, at least twenty-one days prior to the day upon which the lock-out, strike or irregular industrial action short of a strike is to commence; and
    (c) the lock-out, strike or irregular industrial action short of a strike is the lock-out, strike or action specified in the notice (both as respects its nature and the persons participating) and, subject to subsection (4), commences on the day specified in the notice, or within twenty-four hours thereafter; and
    (d) the dispute has not been referred for settlement to the Permanent Arbitration Tribunal under section 8.

    • OTS says:

      I don’t think the buses are an essential service.

      FIRST SCHEDULE (Section 1)
      1 Electricity.
      2 The extraction, distillation or purification, pumping, storage and distribution of water and the prevention of its waste, misuse or contamination.
      3 Services provided for the protection of the public health and the prevention of disease including the collection, transportation, processing and disposal of trade and domestic refuse and sewage.
      4 Hospital and nursing.
      5 Domestic and industrial gas.
      6 Port and dock services including pilotage, tug and line boat operation (not connected with cruise ships).
      7 Fire.
      8 Lighthouses.
      9 Air and Marine Traffic Control.
      10 The refuelling and maintenance of aircraft to the extent that this is necessary to maintain the essential services.
      11 The loading and unloading of mail, medical supplies, foodstuffs, cattle and chicken feed and all supplies needed to maintain any essential service specified herein and the transport of such goods to their proper destination.
      12 Transport necessary for the maintenance of any essential service specified herein and the maintenance of such transport.
      13 Telephone, telegraph and overseas telecommunication.
      14 Meteorological services.
      15 Airport security services (other than Police service).
      16 Ground electronic maintenance services connected with the safety of the Bermuda Airport and aircraft.
      17 The following services performed in relation to the Bermuda Airport pursuant to the Civil Airports Act 1949, that is to say—
      (a) airport infrastructure support services;
      (b) crash, fire and rescue services; and

      • Emeka47 says:

        They are NOT Essential Service, Shd be, they cripple our economy everytime!

      • Anon Ymous says:

        Ergo, according to point No.12, if the bus service is used by any personnel from the afore mentioned specified essential services then it becomes an essential service in it’s own right, yes?

      • Plain and Simple says:

        It could fall under number 12. Transport necessary for……….

  80. boston baked bean says:

    Has anyone listened to the nonsense Chris Furbert put forth during the press conference? First of all, a urine test after this length of time wouldn’t prove anything — it’s past time. What objection does ANYONE have to a hair follicle test if she has nothing to hide? And where in the world does Chris Furbert get the idea that he has the right to tell the Government what they can and cannot do ??? To the 2 bus drivers who are presently on the road — CONGRATULATIONS! I was pleasantly surprised to see all the people picking up stranded commuters this morning. Well done, Bermuda !!

  81. Kevin says:

    I would actually be interested in hearing the other point of view…

    Can one of the striking bus drivers tell us why this is such as issue? I understand the urine vs hair test (maybe they think if you give an inch, they (Govt) will take a mile?)

    Either way .. curious to hear the other side.

  82. RJ says:


  83. NallieBell says:

    just listened to press conf. Chris Furbert sounds like an friggin idiot!!!!

    • Annoyed Young Bermudian says:

      i couldnt believe my ears!! he has no self control blubbering over his words and raising his voice trying to make his point seem legitimate, the worst part is there are people in the background clapping and laughing at his “jokes”… sigh what a shame, he really needs to go. He is leading the BIU down an ugly path and making threats to the government… shocking

      • Shell says:

        He’s pathetic. So embarrassed to listen to him make no sense whatsoever.
        Don’t understand how he really thinks people are in agreement with him except for the people in that room watching spit and speak.

    • ABTD says:

      Sounds like?

  84. Terry says:

    Urine, smurine, folicle …..The Union wins again. Why?

    PLP…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Buy some pork and beenz……….The Banks are comming he Banks are comming……what bank………………….

    • Embarassed bus driver says:

      Terry I truely think its very unfortunate that you would decide to take the low road especially when so many people are trying to be positive and finally try to make some head way. I,ve noticed over the past few days every time you appear to lift your tail nothing but foul smelling sh…..t comes out. Please take a break and if you have nothing constructive to say go have a rum and coke or find another way to entertain yourself. You appear to be very racist with your comments.

  85. Jumpy says:

    A hair follicle test will show drug use going back a couple months, I’m betting that’s the reason she won’t take it.

    • Plain and Simple says:

      Hair follicle can show a years history. So what, she has been working bus for 4 years, I say we should know.

  86. chocolate says:

    Heyyyyy i was offering a ride and i stop at the bus terminal in town, and one guy very rude push me out of there!!!!! becuase was only for buses!!!, I told him there wasnt buses! and the guy call the police to pass me a ticket!!!!!! at the moment I dont know if i got a ticket, i will know maybe tomorrow!!!!! BUT WHAT THEW HELL!!!! I TRY TO HELP AND THEY DONT WANTS US TO STOP THERE! WHERE THE PUBLIC WAS LOOKING FOR A RIDE!!!

    • Scott says:

      i doubt it. any clue if he was a driver that supports the strike?

      • chocolate says:


    • #Ruthless says:

      you was doing a good deeed, ignore ignorance.

  87. Itcouldhappen says:

    The person who was injured needs to speak out as well as the police. That’s the only way that there will be some clarity of the actual events.

    • Scott says:

      the police were never called to attend. that’s part of the problem.

  88. Kathy says:

    So, what is the consequence of not giving 21 day strike notice???? Is there any consequence?????

    Who is the enforcer of this law????? Can’t the BDA government force them back to work for an illegal strike (not giving notice)? I seem to recall a US president doing this after Delta pilots took to the streets one in the US. Back to work or you are fired!

    • Plain and Simple says:

      It seems that Bus Transportation may not be an essential service. If this is the case, the action that government needs to take is an amendment to list Public Transportation as an Essential Service. A lot of people depend on this method of transit to get to and from work, I find that this defines Public Transportation as Essential.

  89. Awake says:

    What does it take for Bermuda to wake up!!! The state of the economy right now is probably the worse it has been in decades. I am really tired of essential services not giving the 21 days before taking action. Has any thought been put to the long lasting negative economic impact of something like this. There are thousands of inconvenienced tourists, many of which have vowed never to return. There are people that are unable to go to work without the bus, or it does not make economic sense to do so by taxi. Why Strike without notice???? Regardless if people feel the drive was fired wrongfully, we all know that the bus services has a bazooka so why not give the 21 days notice before firing it. We know the effects!

    Mr. Furbert should calm down, look at the big picture and look out for BERMUDA’S well being as a whole.

    The Striking union members as a whole need to WAKE UP!!!!!

  90. Scott says:

    LOL did he call her “sinister jennifer”?

  91. Wake up says:

    Countries and governments have been brought to their knees by unions. Don’t let it happen to us! We are in a bad enough way already. What are these people thinking about. Kudos to those who are standing up and taking matters into their own hands. Finally people are realising that they do have the power to make a difference. Let’s not let these people bring us down!

  92. Soooooo says:

    Soooo as I understand it:

    The bus driver in question had an accident, and was requested to take a drug test which is normal practice.

    The driver didn’t show up for the requested test ( 5 times)

    Both the Collective Bargaining Agreement and the Terms of Employment stipulate the taking of said test is required. There is some difference as to the type of test… Blood, urine or other…

    PTB fired the driver, and the union voted to strike without 21days notice (which is illegal in itself)

    soooooo 1. since the driver never showed up for the test she had no intention of taking any kind of test, so the unions argument as to “type” is completely invalidated
    2. the signed Terms of Employment Take president over the CBA which was not signed by the driver in question.
    3.the strike is illegal

    Time for Government to take the union to court and have them fined for every day the strike… (if they strike long enough we may see our 6+ million back)

  93. bermyshotta says:

    So tell me dis if her bus DIDN’T move….den HOW DE FLIP did de tourist get injured. Take dat to de bank cuz UMMA rocket scientist hur me! AIN’T like de tourist got sumthin to prove…..

  94. Emeka47 says:

    Bermudans are real nice and conserved people, the Union should thank their lucky stars that we are. In another country where the poor struggle to get to work on public transport, won’t take this CRAZY STUFF, LYING DOWN!! They would retailate against these fools!!!

  95. EMPORA says:


  96. Know The Facts!! says:

    Know the facts, good points made by Union officials.. take it to arbitration!

    • Familiar says:

      clearly you were listening to something entirely different than I was.

  97. Annoyed says:

    When listening to Chris Furbert’s speech, he is not making any valid points. Right in right and wrong is wrong. He is arguing that she signed a contract for a pre-employment test not any further testing, so what! If she is required to take a test after an accident she was wrong when she rejected it five times. It should have been one of Chris Furbert’s family members who were struck maybe killed by his “sister Jennifer” and maybe he will see the importance of her taking this test for the public’s safety. Chris Furbert get out you do not have any common sense. You add fuel to unnecessary fires. Start arguing for relevant things not people getting fired to doing stupid things.
    “Sister Jennifer” you should be ashamed and embarrassed. You know that you are in the wrong and to allow/encourage this bus strike, you deserve to be slapped.
    PLEASE GOV’T do not back down, you’re only going to prove that you’re incapable of running this country.
    I’m losing hope in Bermuda.

    • Shell says:

      LOVE IT @ annoyed. You have spoken the truth. Took the words right out of my mouth!!!! So glad others feel the same way about this sad situation.

  98. This has trancended beyond reason into a pissin match between the transport minister and the head of the BIU. Who will back down first? Who has the most testicular fortitude? (to use an overworked phrase). It’s macho man time. And guess who will take the brunt of this ignorance? You and I…Mr. & Mrs. Bermuda. This shoot out at the OK Corral has been in the making for a while now. “Dis here town ain’t big enough for de both of us!!” Pathetic…but I’m rootin for the guy in the white hat….Terry Lister!!

  99. PISSED OFF says:


  100. Furbert = Mugness says:

    Chris Furbert has been watching some serious Fox News! His derailment tactics are astounding! what an arrogant whiny baby

  101. Roger says:


    …when are we getting that petition to go around with 35000+ signatures? Or will he just ignore that even if we do get it? Our leaders do seem to have a habit of ignoring hard evidence like that when it’s shoved in their face *coughReferendumcough*

  102. Rockfish#2 says:

    The Government generally,and Lister in particular cannot afford to back down now! Furbert can spin all he likes, unless he is delusional,he knows the majority of Bermudians (including several bus operators) support the Minister on this one.

  103. bda skink says:

    Everyone should email brother furbert and ask him as well can the people who brought bus passes be paid back for the last two days and more to come as well as having to take taxis and mini buses. You don’t need all 35000 people to know the majority are against this action, it’s all about percentages and the trend, how does he thinks ratings are calculated, they don’t have ratings boxes in every household in USA.If any one is ignorant surely it must be mr. furbert.

    • ABTD says:

      anyone know his email address? lets send him the majority 35,000 responses he is looking for by email.

    • Shell says:

      @ Bda Skink! I agree 100% with your comment! He has no clue! It’s really an embarrassment to our tiny island to have someone like him speak. i cringe!

      • Scott says:

        i disagree..

        i think he has a clue.. he’s just got enough support from those around him to keep pushing him forward. just because he sounds like an idiot when talking and really makes no sound points doesnt mean he’s that ignorant of public opinion, unfortunately. he just doesnt care.

        • Keep Talking says:

          Hit the nail on the head, he doesn’t care!

        • desmodus rotundus says:

          The only ones that sounds like idiots here are you bunch of followers. All talk but no action.

    • bermyshotta says:

      @ bda skink – flash mob email ;)

  104. THE--SHADOW says:

    Question of Street Talk. What are you? One of de bies that keep the Brothers & Sisters in line?? One of Big Daddy Furberts gofer bies!
    Your Union is undemocratic! Your Union use communist tactics! You don’t wear a black berey by chance!!

    • THE--SHADOW says:

      What moderation??? what do you have a problem with??

  105. Rockfish#1 says:

    Just heard Minister Wilson on ZBM news, thank goodness she stands up and discusses the issues. She is one worthy of respect, because she earns it.
    Are Cox/Burgess in hibernation? If so, will someone wake them up,and inform them that Rome is burning?

  106. THE TRUTH (One & Only) says:

    Watching and listening to Chris Furbert try and speak english on the 7 o’clock news shows me pure ignorance and of course as predicted he blames PTB management..While the bus driver who has caused all this BS is sitting behind him looking like she has no control of the situation she obviously can’t make a decision for her self She almost looks as guilty as Casey Anthony.

  107. Shell says:

    This answer below from Union Leader Mr Brother Chris Furbert is pure ignorance!
    To listen to Brother Furbert talk at his press conference today was brutal to listen too. He can’t talk! He sounds so uneducated. I’m sorry but that is my opinion. It’s pitiful what comes out of his mouth. example see below! SMH

    Update 5:50pm: Mr Furbert said someone emailed him saying they had to catch a taxi due to the bus strike, and wanted to know where they could get the money back. Mr Furbert said, “How many people around the world when this kind of stuff happens, actually send an email to the Union leader and say ‘you know I was disadvantaged by that and someone needs to pay me.’ That is the height of arrogance. And stupidity I might say.”

  108. HERE SHE IS.... says:

    Picture of Jennifer Harvey found on the link below:

  109. ABTD says:

    The BIU failed to operate the CO-OP grocery, the failed with the credit union, the Theatre is now run my someone else and they are 10 years behind on their books. The only thing they know about running a business ….is how to run one into the ground. Amazing that people still have faith in the BIU. Bring brother Otti back!

  110. Face the Nation says:

    Hey Chris ,whatever happened to the millions of dollars that has disappeared from the construction divisions fund ? Or should this question be directed to Calvin Smith , the fund administrator .
    In your zeal to defend the indefensible , Ms.Jennifer Harvey , who is playing the union and it’s stupid members like a rusty fiddle , please take time to fabricate a plausible answer ,will you .

  111. THE TRUTH (One & Only) says:

    Listening to Chris Furbert I hear a lot of hostility in his voice like as if he is at war and he is talking about fighting the enemy..Hmmm! Come on people you can’t just blame PTB management you have to blame the brain dead bus driver she knew what the procedure was..take the urine test well its actually to late for urine test. Hair can go back several months..her supervisor said the shop steward said take the test the shop steward said they didn’t say that..are they all mentally challenged or what its like dealing with a bunch of kindergarten kids.

  112. James S says:

    Furbert does not even know how many Bermudians there are!

  113. Bus or bust says:

    Do your worse….

  114. THE TRUTH (One & Only) says:

    Can some one explain to me what happened to the promise the BIU made to government that there want be any wild cat strikes..A deal made as a result of government forgiving them on some BOND..I guess the rules don’t apply to the BIU and the village idiot Chrisp Furber..

  115. Free Thinker (Original) says:

    Come on Minister Lister, do not back down. I Bet you wished you never did in the other cases. What did you think after you bowed in the fist instance? that they would be good little boys later. No! it doesn’t work like that, they are acting like the spoiled entitled A** HOLE they are. Stick your guns and we will support you, cave in, and you would have committed political suicide.

  116. Simply Confused says:

    I think there is alot going on here and it goes way beyond the bus strike, Union and the driver not taking the drug test when she should have.

    1). This may be one stance that Government has taken, but guaranteed they are not going to follow through with issuing the consequence to the buses not operating. They have a proven history with this.

    2) We regularly hear of staff (government or not) going against the policies that have been put in place without fear of consequences. If the company/department gets tired of giving chances and lets the person go, another worker with similar issues or worst will be put in their place because we are not upholding a standard with those that we hire. I agree no one is perfect but it doesn’t mean that we have to accept less.

    3) Government has clearly not followed through on their own policies of drug testing and protocols in regards to policies in recent months. How are we to expect anything more of any other department, Minister or politican to enforce policies or to follow protocol?

    Who is going to be next? The teachers, prison officers…we need to look at the bigger picture in this and question ourselves as to why these things keep happening and what are we going to do about it?

    Helping to commute people to work and home is a start but if our issue with the Union was completly true, why are we catching the ferries, putting out our trash etc. or entering Government buildings? Shouldnt we take our stand by boycotting everything to make a point and force these entities to get on the same page? I think these is another senario that once the busues start running we will forget all about the Union/Government doing us wrong until the next thing happens.

  117. Cleancut says:

    The Government should hire a Hundred bus drivers from India! WOW! The public will be in shock when they see the type of disciplined service they are getting, the Indian drivers will also work all hours of the night. Kim will have to change the work permit policy though. If the Premier made this happen i will vote for the PLP, I Promise!

    • Down 'n' Dirty says:

      Only those acquainted with a veddy veddy good deodorant need apply .

  118. SML says:

    I wish someone that knows Chris Furbert would direct him to this blog. I wonder what his response would be to all the support he DOES NOT HAVE!

  119. Real Talk says:

    If the bus drivers want to continue with this illegal strike action FIRE EACH AND EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM. And if the ferries or other services kick in, FIRE THEM TOO! This is complete and utter bullsh!t. The island is being held hostage by a small cabal who need to be taught a lesson.

    Hope the Government demands the Unions financials…

    • Simply Confused says:

      I believe the community should boycott the ferries and other services before they have an opportunity to strike. All these private entities with trucks can collect the trash. The community needs to go on shut down until a better solution, and not just with this instance, is created. They need to not only hear but understand how the public feels about this. Its been too long.

  120. Keep Talking says:

    7 Minutes of talking, and not once did Chris Furbert mention the fact that she STILL DIDN’T TAKE THE PISS TEST!

    This is insane, cannot beelive this is happening.

  121. jcurz says:

    Chris email anybody, he needs 35,000 as per his request!

    • TheSadTruth says:

      Link to BIU Contact page below, also pasted in the main information for ease.!contact-biu

      BIU – 49 Union Square | Hamilton Bermuda | HM12 | Tel.: 441.292.0044 | Fax: 441.295.7992

      Union Officers

      General President – Bro. Chris Furbert – Ext. 226
      General Secretary – Sis. Helena Burgess – Ext. 222
      Treasurer, Bro. Cecil Durham – Ext. 240
      Chief Organiser, Bro. George Scott – Ext. 225
      Education Officer, Bro. Collin Simmons – Ext. 231
      Research Officer, Bro. Calvin Smith – Ext. 223

      Union Organizers

      Bro. George Scott – Chief Organizer – Ext. 225
      Sis. H. Molly Burgess (Hospitals) – Ext. 222
      Sis. Ronnie Burgess (Hotels) – Ext. 236
      Bro. Louis Somner (Construction) – Ext. 229
      Bro. Graham Nesbitt (Gov’t & Resthomes) – Ext. 228
      Bro. Collin Simmons (Supermarkets/General Divisions) – Ext. 231

      Accounts Administrators

      Financial Controller, Bro. Ron Smith, Ext. 227
      Accounting Supervisor, Sis. Renee Jones, Ext. 248
      Accounts Receivable – BIU, Sis. Yvette Saunders – Ext. 246
      Accounts Payable – BIU & Gas Accounts, Sis. Patricia Trimm – Ext. 245
      Accounts Receivable – Union Gas, Sis. Shawnee Anderson – Ext. 242
      Membership Administrator, Sis. Cheryl Burgess – Ext. 230


      Executive Secretary, Sen. LaVerne Furbert – Ext. 224
      Assistant Sec. & Receptionist, Sis. Melaine Melo – Ext. 234
      Receptionist, Sis. Ethel Godwin

      Union Gas Limited
      T. 292-2726 F. 296-1476
      Credit Union
      T. 292-0385 F.111-1234
      Liberty Theatre
      T. 295-7296 F.111-1234

      My opinion, it’s all fine organizing a rally, sending email, writing on Facebook and Bernews, etc – but the only thing the Union will truly understand is negative financial consequence. I encourage all Bermuda residents who do not believe this is a just strike to boycott Union owned and operated businesses immediately, see how long the union gas station stays open if they have no customers, same with the Union Theatre … think about where and how you spend your hard earned money! Taking it a step further, if you know of other business ventures controlled by Union Membership/Officers then boycott those as well .. send a loud clear message to all concerned you will not tolerate their bad behaviour this time.

  122. Embarassed bus driver & BIU member says:

    not another BIU strike!

    drama queen bus driver with a drug problem refuses to take drug test starts wildcat BIU bus strike

    what about the majority of us & Bermuda business & tourism struggling to survive?

    Buses were PACKED today with tourists,now they are stranded at bus stops !

    look at the smirk on her face, shut down the island & lovin it ,that’s the face of plp voters,create chaos like pack of laughing hyenas!!

    this ignorant Bitch,Jennifer Harvey has a drug problem & is making 66,000 residents, 5000 cruise ship visitors and thousands of hotel guests,in peak tourism season, suffer for it:

    the sick ,disabled & elderly who need to visit Hospital, Doctors,pharmacies for their medications,grocery stores for their food,the working poor & unemployed,who cannot afford cars or bikes,children & teens, single mothers struggling to survive means nothing to this FAT C***!!!!!

    Bermuda Industrial Union president Chris Furbert threatens Island wide strike,Buses,docks, etc

    This is the same agenda of the plp government & black anarchists , to create chaos & mayhem, they are like a pack of laughing hyenas, that’s how they win elections.

    Last week,Dennis Nesbitt, who claims he’s not been paid enough sick leave since being seriously injured working on the garbage trucks two years ago, marched up and down Union Street with a placard calling for Mr Furbert to quit as BIU president.

    The Union’s current actions are comparable to demanding a better room on the Titanic , given Bermuda’s collapsing economy.

    How on earth can the PLP Government continue to allow for the BIU’s interests to super-cede the general public’s – especially when our health & safety is concerned.

    Setting precedent with the Marine & Ports drunken driver debacle, forgiving millions owed to Bermudian taxpayers on the Berkeley performance bond and now this (latest) bus driver fiasco serve only to confirm the BIU and PLP care more about their own self preservation and political/economic interests than the rest of us who are forced to witness their childlike and moronic whining. Govt transport has been mismanaged for years,locals & tourists wait hours for ferries and buses

    PLP Bourgeois elitists doing less with more taxpayer dollars.

    Chris Furbert gets $140,000, general secretary $133,000 and three department heads $123,000 each, giving the union an annual salaries bill of $1.47 million!!. BIU finance team of 5 elitists is paid $418,000 per year,yet they failed to submit audited accounts,since 2000, A DECADE BEHIND!

    Continue reading at Bermuda Industrial Union threatens Island wide strike,Buses,docks | NowPublic News Coverage

    • desmodus rotundus says:

      @Embarassed bus driver & BIU member

      Stop your bickering like a baby…if you are so much against the BIU get the hell out. Damn useless fench-sitter

  123. Terry says:

    Is that you Mr. Cortez……..bwahaaaaaa

  124. Tourist says:

    Bermuda is a beautiful country – what a pity that a group of misguided workers can hold so many people to ransom. As a tourist, the strike is a temporary inconvenience – I’ll be home on Sunday – although today we walked more than 8 kilometres to get to a beach and back! The roads here are not exactly conducive to walking – we had several near misses – drivers, please be careful of walking tourists who have no other option. Incidentally, i saw no signs of anyone offering tourists rides! This is our first visit to Bermuda – we had planned to return in March but this strike has convinced us that we will be better off vacationing in the US. My sympathies are with native Bermudians who rely on public transport and have to put up with this nonsense.

    • Onion says:

      Sorry for you inconvenience. If you wait at a bus stop you might have better luck. Please try that. I stopped for tourists at a bus stop. People walking might not be going that far, there’s no way for us to know. Sorry again.

    • SML says:

      My apologies to you and your family having to go thru this sad situation on our small island during your visit. I hope in the end you did enjoy your time here. This is very embarrassing to the locals here.

  125. Skeptic says:


  126. liz Titterton says:

    ….its times Bermuda to wake up and realise that this is time to say “no more”!!! “No more Unions telling US what we should and should not do, WE ARE THE PEOPLE AND THE VOTERS, its time to TAKE OUR POWER BACK, again as stated earlier LIKE THE REST OF EUROPE AND THE MIDDLE EAST – and belive me, if they can do it, so can we!!! The union (small “u”") is no longer RELEVANT in todays society!!! To hold hostage a whole country for the sake of ONE PERSON makes no sense and just inflames the rest of us!!! You just sound soooo stupid Chris Furbert – as do the rest of your minions!!!

  127. ap says:

    i heard that the day after she got fired, she got a job working at hamilton princess as a maid.. anyone else heard about this?

    • Simply Confused says:

      Yes. Apparently she has a job at Hamilton Princess and was working there today while all this mess is going on. I don’t know her position though. To me thats besides the point. The Union is doing all this to fight to get her job back but she is working. Give the bus driver position to someone else and let her live with the choice she made.

  128. desmodus rotundus says:

    Now you sounds like a racist…..thats SUPER LETS GO BACK TO SLAVERY . You obviously have no clue what you talking about so i suggests you shut it!!

  129. Jay Aitch says:

    I’m glad that many drivers don’t want to strike. Enough however is enough. Fire those who don’t show for work tomorrow. I’m unemployed. There are about 2,000 of us out there. If the drivers don’t want to work, get rid of them, please bring in those who do – I’ll be round PTB in the am. The BIU has completely lost it. What don’t they understand? J p.s. – same goes for Docks, COH, Prison Officers. How out of touch are you?

  130. SpeakReal says:

    fire em all! id train how to drive a bus and do it my damn self! bus drivers are selfish people get fired every day GET OVERR IT and do your job!

  131. desmodus rotundus says:

    @SpeakReal & Jay Aitch
    The only people that needs to fired are you two dipsh$ts….

    • SML says:

      thats not nice. i guess u r for the strike. sad. Common sense should prevail in a situation like this. U seem angry.

  132. Tired of biu says:

    Great to see people protesting at city hall, perhaps the biu would pay more attention if we protested at the biu gas station. Hit the union where their heart is $$$
    Union members can donate their dues to charity instead of the union. To all the union people who are embarrassed by this, please think about switching your dues to charity.
    What else does the union own?
    Great to see that some bus drivers were out there in protest of the biu and were driving their buses!
    Let’s hire some locals or expats to drive the buses. Fire the ones on strike and let’s move on.

  133. Common Sense says:

    This strike will do more harm to Bermuda than almost anything else we could do to ruin our tourist economy. An example, a lifelong friend who first came here during College Weeks in the early 1960′s (when another Government was in power!) decided to return on a cruise ship with his entire family of children and grandchildren. We had advised them to purchase bus passes and to use our excellent public transportation system. Today he and his family discovered that the bus passes were worthless and they were stuck at Dockyard. Tragically, he advises that neither he nor any members of his family will ever return to Bermuda if this is the way we treat our visitors. Trouble is, many of his friends are also long term visitors to Bermuda and word of this treatment now spreads like wildfire, especially via the internet and Facebook. We are not shooting ourselves in the foot; we are blowing our legs off!

    It was time for both parties to seek a resolution through arbitration especially the BIU. I hate to say this, but the BIU had better get used to worker lay-offs and job losses because this action and the other strikes will NEVER improve our economic situation – they will cause its slow death.

    I heard today on a talk show that it was the UBP who destroyed the tourism industry when they were in power. I guess we have conveniently forgotten that the downward slide started with the 1981 general strike. Bearing in mind that 1980 was our best ever year for tourism – our decline started when the two parties refused to go to arbitration – do we learn NOTHING from history! I distinctly remember the insults thrown at guests of Sonesta Beach during that strike. If you want to know the effect of a general strike just drive over to the South Shore in Southampton and gaze at what is left of the Sonesta Beach Hotel. We are staring at the complete destruction of our tourism industry because a few leaders are too proud and bombastic to send this matter to arbitration. Shame on you.

    • desmodus rotundus says:

      A lot of people mentions arbitration, what happens when arbitration side with the union for whatever reason?

      • Clafe says:

        bus drivaz caneen driv buses when their on strke, so wut r GUYZ sposed 2 do?

      • Roger says:

        The same thing that happens *IF* (not *WHEN*) the arbitration sides with the government – this childish bickering ends and we can all get back to our normal lives.

        That being said, if you think that arbitration would side with the BIU on this then I have the deed to Tucker’s Point for sale on the cheap if you’re interested.

      • USA says:

        Is this Laverne?

      • Common Sense says:

        That’s the reason for arbitration. Three independent person look at all the issues and make a commonsense decision as to who is in the right and who is in the wrong. If arbitrators always sided with one side it would be pointless. This is really the only way to go which means it’s the one way they won’t go!

  134. Chronic Backpain (original) says:

    Could it be that the most stupid, unintelligent, retarded members of the BIU are finally realizing they’ve been had?

    • desmodus rotundus says:

      Yo rocket scientist i suggest you get a proper english education, you prat.

  135. the rock says:

    Anyone supporting the strike should get a drug test!!! who in the right mind would support this?

  136. Things that make you go Hmmm says:

    Just wondering why we haven’t heard any comments from Minister Burgess or Senator Furbert!!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Both can be found buried deep under their respective rocks. Did anyone see Laverne at the rally? She is usually at such things with her notebook taking names.

      At least, in this case, both know that it is better to keep ones mouth shut & be thought a fool, than to open ones mouth & leave no doubt.

      My bets are that Laverne will crawl out first. Derek won’t show till it appears to be safe.

    • Rockfish#2 says:

      Obvious conflicts of imterest—-Burgess is a former BIU president and is now Deputy Premier. Furbert is a paid BIU employee and is also paid by the taxpayer,the result of being appointed to the Senate by Cox. This probably explains why she (Cox) will/can not be more decisive!