New Devonshire Cougars Coach: Dennis Brown

August 5, 2011

ysoc100406Dennis Brown has parted ways with the Somerset Trojans and has joined the Devonshire Cougars.

Mr Brown guided the Somerset Trojans to the Premier Division last season, winning the First Division Title and Premier Development League Christmas Tournament.

“I was definitely looking for a fresh challenge as I have been at Somerset as Head Coach for the past 8 years, so as an individual and coach I am always looking for new challenges to remain sharp and increase my learning,” said Mr Brown.

“I also thought that it was the right time to pass the torch at Somerset and allow others to take the team a bit further and the team now has to start hearing another voice.”

When asked how difficult it was to leave the Somerset Trojans after just winning promotion, Mr Brown said, “It was a very difficult decision and after consulting a couple of friends and family members I made up my own mind.”

“It was extremely difficult because I have coached most of the guys ever since they were 12 years old so lots of thought had to go in my final decision. I am totally satisfied that the programme is in a healthy state than when I arrived.”

“At that time the club didn’t have the luxury of pulling players from the youth team into the senior team, but now the youth programme is thriving and is sustainable for years to come.”

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  1. D Rock says:

    Hmmm! At the end of the day it’s all about looking for new challenge$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

  2. Chocolate Syrup says:

    LOL at D Rock. His decision may be motivated by money, but so what?! Dennis is rooted in SCC and I can only imagine how hard of a decision that was. Congrats Dennis. I admire you as a coach and mentor and no matter where you end up, I will support you. Besides, I know you are still a TROJAN at heart! Sad to see you move on, but challenges are meant to be faced! Good Luck!

  3. ross says:

    Top 8 Coaches based on results,style of play and knowledge of the game:

    1 – Andrew Bascome
    2 – Scott Morton
    3- K Thompson
    4 – D Boyles
    5 – Richard Todd
    6 – S Goater
    7 – K Lightbourne
    8 – D Brown..

    • FrankTalk says:

      Come on Ross, put up the actual stats (wins, losses, draws and goal difference). Also differentiate between domestic and international competition.

      Then we can start move beyond the kind of stuff that drunk guys swap while propping up the bar.

      • Ross says:

        Sorry ….Mark Wade & Ray Jones joint 12th…

        My bad!

      • Ross says:

        Oh and you know what they say about drunk men speaking with sober tongue?

        : )

      • Ross says:

        Frankie – only someone that holds court in Captains would argue that those eight are not the top coaches in Bda…Could juggle the order from 2 – 4. And 6. -8 but for the most part the list is hard to argue against..

        Sorry if you were omitted..Talent and a lack of same have a way of getting noticed…

        : )

        • FrankTalk says:

          Ha ha there you are again Ross…you are very entertaining.

          I didn’t argue against your opinion I just asked if your opinion was supported by observable and objective criteria say like wins and losses.

          Seems like the answer is no….humour us (me) and put the stats up.

          “they” also say:

          “sarcasm is the lowest form of wit”


          “never let facts get in the way of [your] story”


          • ross says:

            Facts are quite simple and shared by most that have a clue about the game.

            In short, PHC and Dev Colts during the era of the 12th ranked coaches played something other than football. Not pleasing on the eye, lacked any tactical nous, akin to random kick and run and that’s the good stuff…

            • FrankTalk says:

              I’m curious as to why you keep running back to two specific people/clubs that have no relevance to your point!

              If the “facts” are quite simple and widely shared how come you refuse to produce them?

              Whatever your issues, reading them play out is entertaining….


              • ross says:

                Cause you argued about those very same individuals previously when you spoke at length about the 2008 national youth team that drew with t&T.

                My bad to jump to the conclusion that you were either one and the same or championed their cause..

                I will cease and desist when it comes to those 2 because, as you aptly state, they are not relevant…

          • ross says:

            Sarcasm as in propping up the bar or the appropriate response,i.e sober tongue? Just asking.

            Or could it be the very, very generous joint 12th ranking?

            Like I said, the game is better now that those outside of the top 8 have left the coaching to those that have some ideas.

            Run Em.. Now that’s a coaching tactic that I am pleased to see the back of… and yes that was sarcastic, albeit hilarious…

            : )

    • FrankTalk says:

      Lets see if I can help you…with the possible exception of D Brown and S Goater, your list of 8 would best be classed as journey men who hopped from club to club, inheriting programmes and players as they skipped along.

      So again on what basis was your opinion formed?


      • ross says:

        Bascome has won at every club that he has coached.. Note that BVCC were not on the map when he joined and the rest you can say is history. His record, knowledge and team’s style of play is enviable.. And he now has ROBIN HOOD in the top divison.. Hmmmm!!!

        I haven’t mentioned the youth teams that he has coached.. I rest!!!

        If he cut of his dreads, wore a suit and drove a 4X4 he would be Premier!!!

        Morton in quick time took an underachieving NVCC team to the very top of the league and in some style..He is thoughtful, organized and has a very sound grasp of tactics and team play.. Simply a very, very good coach…


        Thompson has indeed jumped around and is a tad difficult to warm up to, however to question his ability and knowledge and the success he has had at the junior level, albeit less in senior football, is to truly highlight your lack of understanding of coaching..Like him/ hate him but you can’t deny that he is very talented..

        His sessions are well thought out and executed and if he ever gets the tactical side of his game right he will be awesome…


        Boyles – Cougars did pretty darn well under him … they liked him so much they petitoned the BFA to allow him to be used jointly.. He is a bright, articulate, a deep football thinker and simply the best choice for the job he holds, by a country mile…

        R Todd – Very much in the same mold as Boyles. His success with St Georges has been refreshing and I can easily see him in the national program at some point. Watching his sessions is enlightening as they are easy on the eye and as such, quite easy to comprehend.. That’s coaching my boy…

        I should also add that another method that can / should be used when judging coaches is the impact that those coaches have on players. There is no doubt that the coaches listed have played significant roles in the lives of our best players over the past decade and in some instances, longer.

      • ross says:

        The converse is to consider those coaches, over the past 10 tears, that have been long term members of one team. The list is short and I hasten to add that I can’t point to one in this small group that could be considered good. At best average and if I am being candid ( which I am most times )the words lacking in ideas and basic would be appropriate to insert at this juncture….

      • Ross says:

        What you failed to insert is that in addition to inheriting players, they improved them significantly.

        Further, you use the word journey man as if that is a bad thing and leads to less than stellar performances / success. Mourinho and Hiddink dispel that immature review of what makes a top coach. As does Bascome locally. At this level Andrew is a genius..

  4. Cougars4Life says:

    Welcome to the Nation…..OLE’

  5. Somerset Boy says:

    I hope this wasn’t all about the money, but anyways I wish coach Brown the best of luck. In my opinion, he is definitely one of the best coaches in Bermuda. By the way, big up Somerset Trojans!!! SCC all day!!!

  6. Ole!! Ole!! says:

    Welcome to the BIG CATS..Mr. Brown, I’m sure it will be a exciting change.