OBA MP Louise Jackson To Retire

February 1, 2012

One Bermuda Alliance MP Louise Jackson is set to retire from Parliament, and will not contest the next election.

Known for her fierce advocacy for seniors, Mrs Jackson presently holds the Constituency #20 Pembroke South West seat, which she was won [under the UBP] with 85% of the vote vs the PLP’s Laverne Furbert [711-145] in 2007.

One Bermuda Alliance Leader Craig Cannonier said, “Mrs. Jackson has informed members of her constituency that she will not be a candidate in the next election.

“The party is looking for ways to make sure she continues to serve Bermuda as effectively as she has through a long and distinguished career in Parliament and across the community.

“For years, Mrs. Jackson maintained a sharp watch on the Island’s health services – speaking for improved hospital services, better standards of care in our rest homes and a system for FutureCare that is fair, effective and sustainable.

“She has proved to be a powerful advocate for seniors and continues to perform in that capacity every day. Mrs. Louise Jackson, in our view, is an essential voice for Bermuda’s seniors.

“Mrs. Jackson also is the full-time representative of the people of Constituency 20 and will continue in that role through to the next election.

“In short, Louise is an important part of the OBA team. She’s a fighter for the rights and dignity of people and that energy and sense of justice will always have a place in our party and in the life of Bermuda,” concluded Mr Cannonier.

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  1. Pastor Syl says:

    I am saddened to know that Mrs. Jackson will no longer be in the House, although I understand that she may desire to slow down and rest a little.

    Although, as an ertswhile PLP supporter, I was initially disappointed that Mrs. Jackson chose to serve the country under the UBP banner, I have since-which applauded her strong stance for seniors. Despite ridicule and disrespect from the Government benches, Mrs. Jackson has brought to light the many anomalies, discrepancies, and disparities in Future Care and other areas relating to seniors that many of us would have been totally unaware of.

    The BDA has lost a strong contender and Bermuda’s people will lose a much-needed voice of reason. Will miss you, Mrs. Jackson.

    • LongBayTradingCo. says:

      @Paster Syl well said!!! I agree with your sentiments wholeheartedly regarding Mrs. Jackson and her work for Bermuda. I wish to add my voice and thank her so very much for her determination to reveal the wrongs of healthcare and futurecare in Bermuda, especially for our seniors, and her strong stance for what she believes to be morally right. This IN SPITE OF the VERY SHAMEFUL BEHAVIOUR of this current Government and the slurs and disrespect they have showered upon this very dignified and intellegent lady. Mrs. Jackson retire in peace, rest and enjoy the years ahead with the knowledge that your WORDS, ACTIONS AND WORK are much applauded and appreciated. You not only talked the talk but you wholeheartedly walked the walk…………..which is more than this Administration can claim to have done in 13 plus miserable years.

      • reality says:

        RETIRED, HOGWASH: excorted out is more like it. That’s is why the OBA will not win any elections, because they feel the wisdom of the old belongs in the grave yards and history books. Sad day for Bermuda! Smiths now have an alternative to the party politics.

        • Yup says:

          She’s 80 “reality” fool. How old you gonna be when you retire fool!!

    • Sad Day says:

      Readers, read between the lines. This statement is not from the honest go getting politician, it’s from the rookie no experience leader (not my words, the words of Bob Richards) Bob should be ashame of himself is having the oba dispose of Mrs. Jackson, this too will come back to haunt all the OBA candidates.

  2. Clinton J. A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

    Mrs. Jackson will most definitely be missed. I am certain that she will still be involved with the OBA and continue to be an advocate for seniors.

    • Craig and Michaels Show says:

      Craig, good job: get them out? Fahy can now walk into that spot! nice PR in Bermuda Sun to pose him for the safest of the safest seat. Sorry Clinton, you are not ready, we have too many educated positioned to take the lead, next time bro.

      • Clinton J. A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

        Yawn… Please… Come on and bore me some more.

      • Clinton J. A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

        Judging by the way you write it’s pretty obvious who has the education here and who doesn’t. Go lay down son.

        • LMAO says:

          TO CLINTON: “GO LAY DOWN SON” VERY EDUCATED RESPONSE? NOT FROM ANY WANT TO BE POLITICIAN IN MY BOOK, SON. You are not ready and the Michaels have said so eh?

          • Wandering says:

            it simply galls me when we have a young, black intelligent (as so many of you are concerned with the color of males who get in trouble and are still trying to figure out why and blame it on erebody else – go fish)… who is educated, positive, out going, efficient, proud to be Bermudian, polite and conscientious – you knock the ringer right off the door bell with your ignorant comments.. ignorant yes – because if you want a better Bermuda for your children and your aging parents/grand parents – you will do as He and other young people are doing – make every effort to change things and if it means to be out spoken with the TRUTH – so be it. Now you can laugh your a$$ off all you want – I just hope the ink on your ballot doesn’t get smudged outside the x box…. VOTE VOIDED!!

            • get real says:

              Wandering, just you keep wondering. Clinton is not, I repeat NOT fit to represent in Parliament!. We don’t need any more trainees on the job. Craig is enuf. Thank Goodness he now reads his public statements instead of making public sightings.

        • White Bermudian says:

          Clinton I’m going to be honest with you. On a scale of 1 – 10 your a -0. You didn’t make the scale pal. Go join the losers in the Pee L PEE.

        • st. geo resident says:

          CJ are you going to run in const.1 please do man you will be an excellent person…youthful well known in st. geo…u have it going on…

      • Red Flag says:

        Wow Because you don’t feel that Clinton’s Educated, he is not fit to run? That shows that the OBA only look to represent 1 segment of Bermuda. All other qualities do not matter to them. Smh

    • Gvt Mechanic says:

      Clinton, please take no heed of these ignorant and hurtful comments. I don’t know you, but I read your comments and they are generally reasonable, inoffensive and argue the points eloquently. You are standing up and putting yourself forward for YOUR country – which is something I bet none of these idiots would ever do. I am neither OBA or PLP, but you seem to have some fight in you, don’t let the b******ds get you down

      To the people below – shame on you!

  3. ganja mon says:

    Goodbye but this has been a long time coming now. We need to move forward with young thinking in order to keep up with the worlds pace with someone who understands the wrongs in laws that are old fashioned and holding us back.

    • Craig and Michaels Show 2 says:

      Just goes to show we are listening, when can we expect the announcement of the next to be axed – Pamplin & Jeanie needs to retire as well!

  4. Truth (Original) says:

    Congratulations to Mrs. Jackson on her well deserved retirement. I certainly wish her the best. Perhaps Claudette Flemming would be interested ? ….

  5. Death to party politics says:

    The list of trustworthy politicians just got shorter.

    Enjoy your well-deserved break, Ms. Jackson.

  6. pebblebeach says:

    Well done Ms Jackson…

  7. Joe Public says:

    After the UBP/OBA gets slam next election the rest will be handing in their papers also. Craig will be remove as leader for Bob to move in as the HN$# of the 15% black 85% white party.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Well, if we weighted votes by IQ then it would be a different result….

    • Come correct says:

      Seriously? All positive comments here but yours…G_ F_$# y__rs_lf. Would u like to pick a vowel?

      • Joe Public says:

        I wonder if the UBP/OBA told Ms. Jackson ..…G_ F_$# y__rs_lf. Would u like to pick a vowel? Yep that’s what they do to blacks after they use them. We all know it to be true. Just ask the blacks that left the UBP. LMAO

    • Maria Public says:

      Thank you Mrs. Jackson for all you have done for Bermuda and our seniors. I wish you and your family all the best.

      On a side note, I really can’t stand it when people put the OBA/UBP as if they’re the same thing. It’s either the UBP (at least what is left of them) or the OBA.

      Get it right Joe Public!

      • Wandering says:

        I don’t know how many times PEOPLE must be told that we are not the UBP but the ONE BERMUDA PARTY!… Get your voting information together – moved since the last election – get your address info corrected… double, triple check your information… Have a child or children who are old enough to vote – get them registered… Please if you have children in your home that are not able to understand the voting process, ask the person running in your constituency to let you know what you have to do and then check again with the Parliamentary Registrar on Reid Street.

        I also am grateful for the work done by Mrs. Jackson for and on behalf of the Seniors of this Island. May the Lord continue to bless you with health, strength, continued vision for this Island for many years to come.l

      • PERCEPTION says:

        Marid de Publica – How many elected members does the OBA has? Yes Maria/Joe Public 1, one, numerio uno in any language = ONE.

        All the others are UBP elected officials, hence the OBA = the old UBP and will always be because that is where they stole their official start/launch, however the cat is skinned. And the nerve to speak of integrity of elected officials. Ask Sir John about convict bay? As the Marshalls about convict bay, unethical? illegal? the change of the rainbows, baffles no one but the benefactors.

        Perception is the reality of the OBA, live with it.

        • Shaking the Head says:

          Lucky for Bermuda that the Minister of Tourism is a UBP elected Minister because PLP elected Ministers of Tourism have failed miserably.

        • M.T. Pockets says:

          So Perception, using your logic the PLP is down by one MP as Wayne Furbert was elected as a UBP member initially and crossed the floor. He has not been elected as a PLP member so therefore he is .. to use your words … A UBP elected official”.

  8. Rockfish#1 #2 says:

    Mrs Jackson thank you for your relentless and tireless efforts on behalf of our seniors. Enjoy your well earned retirement!

  9. OBA Voter says:

    One down, 3 to go as we discussed, next Pamplin, Gibbons and Cole!

  10. Cancer says:

    Well done Ms Jackson. Not to worry PLP blind followers or shud I say you should be worrying because the plp support is dropping like dead flies. Remember PLP has everything to lose at the next election. With the amount of disheartened PLP that are moving over to the OBA the PLP will be the laughing stock when their voted out with the OBA forming the new government. A party that will govern for all the people of Bermuda! The Cog will be out!! CC PREMIER IN THE WAITING!

  11. The 411 says:

    The PLP will not be voted out. Not because they dont deserve to be. But because the “UBP = OBA” identity strengthens every day. The OBA has done nothing but perpetuate that the OBA is simply the UBP re-incarnated – of a different name just like was recommended to them in the Consultant report. Simply repackaged supposedly to get the “black vote”. That is how the PLP or black vote sees the OBA and this reality means that the supposed demise of the UBP and the creation of the OBA and all the hoopla surrounding it has been for naught. The PLP voter, however, disenfranchised right now will never elect a UBP / OBA government. Further, its leader materially lacks depth. He is just not up to it. His Deputy is toxic to the average Bermudian and the others leave no real impression. There is no one of the OBA right now that compels real support.

    • star man says:

      You can call it the OBA/UBP or the OBA/BDA, or whatever. It doesn’t matter what you call the One Bermuda Alliance or what your pathetic little opinion is. I would vote for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs before I’d vote for the PLP/UBP, or is it the PLP/BIU, or maybe the PLP/EBP (Ewart Brown Party). Two can play at that game.

      As far as the effectiveness of Party Leaders is concerned, PLP Cabinet Ministers don’t even listen to the Premier anymore! Let alone do what she asks.

      • Joe Public says:

        Every clown that you mentioned is white. It figures you would vote for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I’ll save you the trouble on election day don’t vote. Go take a vacation like you all do Cupmatch. Your 1 vote will not count.

        • cup match says:

          @joe public: how many decades ago did you last leave de house on cupmatch? cause obviously you’ve never seen this here white boy wandering around the game full hot with my yearly fish fry supply…or what u saw me n thought i was a tourist??? for real though, how you gnna say that 40% of this island go away cup match, or that 40% shouldn’t vote? or is it just the white people who u don’t agree wit? obviously you never seen this here white boy wandering around the polling station fulll….nah for real though in all seriousness you sound a bit racist there bully…maybe u don’t see it..and it’s cool tho, if you don’t rate me white chocholate…lol…sad person….i’m praying for you, even if you support St.Geo come cupmatch time and see me at the game and think i’m a tourist or shouldn’t be voting..it’s cool…cause u obviously got yr own issues to get over…look inside yourself…

  12. haha says:

    Thanks for your service Mrs Jackson.

    Maybe now there will less alarm and politicizing of issues. Some people may not have to find themselves in the media and unfairly exploited for her political gain.

  13. JALDELWILSN says:

    So happy to see her gone!

    Another one bites the dust.

    • Tired Mum says:

      Wow, it sure says something sad about our country when people can be so rude about our elders. You do not have to agree with everything Mrs Jackson has said and done, or be in the same political party, but I think you would have to go far to find anyone who has worked as tirelessly as Mrs Jackson has to improve the situation of our seniors in Bermuda. Mrs Jackson, you are held in tremendously high regard, and will be missed.
      Taking joy in her leaving and viewing her as another one biting the dust is just plain disrespectful. I pity the seniors in your family if that is how you view others.

    • sandgrownan says:


    • Barbara Ciioer says:

      shame on you Jaldelwilsn !

  14. Itsaboutallofus says:

    So they pushed Louise out the door in favor of probably Michael Fahy…someone who left the UBP, then joined the BDA, then reunited with the UBP, now called the OBA. And it’s all about trust. LOL. One thing, Fahy is a master politician, and has likely orchestrated a walk into the 2nd safest UBP seat in bermuda.

  15. Cancer says:

    Ahhh just so you all know… Mrs Jackson was not forced out the door as some you would like to think. The OBA does not operate that way – and we don’t have unscrupulous behavior as the PLP – for your information Mrs Jackson herself decided it was time to retire from politics and give a chance to a younger person coming into the fold. Maybe the PLP shud take a page out of OBA book and have some of their old politicians retire on their own – particularly those one that continue to rob us the people of our money and parade around in their GP cars.

  16. Triangle Drifter says:

    Given that so many of the koolaid drinkers are so happy to see her go speaks volumes on her effectiveness.

    The PLP sure does not like scrutiny.

    Lets hope that the OBA has somebody just as energetic to take her place.

  17. Young Black Student says:

    Is this why blacks don’t support the OBA? You have people like this calling us Koolaid drinkers. Even at my young age I know this to be some racial stereotype. I’m going to BB my friends about this one. Then come election we young people will show you all what we think when you label us this way. Just to think I was undecided. I can’t vote for party that has people like this labeling me this way. So sad.

    To the OBA leaders, this is when you should come on here and put this person in their place for it is you who will be the loser for having such mean supports.

    • Andrew Simons says:

      @Young Black Student,

      From Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drinking_the_Kool-Aid):

      “Drinking the Kool-Aid” is a metaphor commonly used in the United States and Canada that refers to a person or group’s unquestioning belief in an ideology, argument, or philosophy without critical examination. The phrase typically carries a negative connotation when applied to an individual or group. The basis of the term is a reference to the November 1978 Jonestown Massacre,[1][2] where members of the Peoples Temple were said to have committed suicide by drinking a “Kool-Aid”-like drink laced with cyanide.[3]

      • J. E. Simmons says:

        but when they refer to kool aid its always us and the plp party. in my school even the white children are going not supporting the oba, they say they are a bunch of posers, posing as cool people when they are NOT

    • LOL (original) says:

      Apeantly you must be selective in your reading on mean posters the OBA or those that just don’t support the PLP have more hate dirrected to them then they will ever direct your way. This is truely the case of the one calling others haters being the true hater. But seeing we are in the 21st centrey I would not wexpect you to know what that’s about. Try being a white guy involved with a fine black girl on this island and you might know what thats like. Out of all the interracial relationships I know black males and white fermals don’t have a problem and at least one out of ever two white males black females have all types of crap said to them if not wrose. So if you take offense to kool aid drinker which is explained above as race related you know nothing of race.


    • Real Talk says:

      Too funny!!

      The fact that somebody could mistake the term ‘kool-aid drinker’ for some sort of racial stereotype shows just how obsessed with race we’ve become in this country.

      YBS – Ease up. Not everything is black and white. Hopefully you are a bit better informed and can BB all your friends back to inform them of what the term really means (ie, refers to individuals who lack their own critical thinking and blindly follows others even to the point of their own demise).

  18. The nitty gritty says:

    Ms Jackson has always been honorable and stuck to the issues. Nobody in Parliament has looked out for the welfare of seniors quite like this Lady. The way some of the amateurs have treated her has shown exactly what they are made of. To the young following this political game, it is you who will bear the higher taxes and ever increasing costs of living here thanks to the $1,300,000,000 debt
    the PLP has bequeathed you.They created it and now can’t even cover the interest payments. In a nutshell..”WE TRIPLED THE NATIONAL DEBT- VOTE FOR US”! Well a vote for them now is like a turkey voting for thanksgiving! They will take an 8% cut while they increase fines and duty by 50%! They punished us all financially for the last 12 years now we get hit again?? Reasonable people would stop paying all the taxes until we get some accounting of where the billion dollars went. At least the people of Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria and Tunisia showed the World who has guts and fortitude to oppose the corruption and dictatorial ways of their government. Bermudians could put
    aside their arrogance and learn something before they are all unemployed.