OBA Release Jobs & Economic Turnaround Plan

December 6, 2012

[Updated with video + PLP response] This afternoon [Dec 6] the One Bermuda Alliance released their Jobs and Economic Turnaround Plan, which Shadow Finance Minister Bob Richards said will generate 2,000 new jobs in five years.

The OBA’s Jobs and Economic Turnaround Plan follows two tracks, providing balance between responsible growth and disciplined financial management.

The report said: “The first track implements specific pro-growth economic policies to stimulate much-needed foreign investment, restore confidence in our economy and create new jobs.

“The second track eliminates wasteful Government spending and reduces the national debt, thereby making more money available for critical social programmes like the police service, healthcare, education and training, and social support for families.”

Some of the highlights from the plan are below:

  • Grant local employers a two-year payroll-tax exemption for new Bermudian hiring
  • Require Government to pay its bills in 30 days, generating cash flow for businesses
  • Stimulate entrepreneurship/job creation by expanding the Economic Empowerment Zones
  • Hold a referendum on casino gaming.
  • Secure a cruise ship for St. George’s.
  • Introduce whistle-blower legislation
  • Cut down on the use of consultants by Government.
  • Eliminate unnecessary Government travel.
  • Reduce the number of GP-licensed cars & set up car pooling to reduce costs.
  • Reduce Ministers’ pay by 10 percent.
  • Move immediately to set up Operation Ceasefire in Bermuda
  • Waive stamp duties for first-time homeowners on properties valued under $1 million
  • Reduce costs by moving rented Government offices out of Hamilton to less expensive locations
  • Freeze the size of the civil service and reduce it through attrition — no layoffs of civil servants
  • Transition Bermuda College into a four-year institution in select subject areas
  • Set up a professional, results oriented and accountable Tourism Authority to rejuvenate tourism
  • Increase air arrivals by providing the marketing resources necessary and focussing on our core northeast U.S. customer base.
  • Reopen the hospital medical clinic to ensure access to medical care for the most vulnerable members of our society, making sure that all our people get the care they need
  • Boost small-business sector by ensuring that 20% of Government spending on goods and services is reserved for the island’s small businesses
  • Suspend the current term-limit policy for two years and institute reasonable guidelines that protect Bermudian jobs while encouraging new job creation
  • Explore single-sex education for at-risk Bermudian males that would combine a solid academic foundation with technical education and solid career options


Mr Richards said: “The OBA Turnaround Plan will create 2,000 jobs over the next five years by implementing pro-growth economic policies. These 2,000 jobs will come in a range of sectors including construction, hospitality, retail, financial services and international business.”

The full 16-page OBA Jobs & Economic Turnaround Plan is below [PDF here]:

Update 5.34pm:  The PLP released a statement calling aspects of the OBA’s plans “dangerous,” “alarming,” “disturbing” and “deeply troubling.” The full statement from the follows below:

In response to the OBA’s short economic plans, Premier Paula Cox said, “The OBA’s dangerous plans would lock into place two Bermudas – one Bermuda that looks after big business and their friends and another Bermuda for the rest of us.

We are most concerned about their alarming plans to overhaul our education system. Their plan pushes our Bermudian public school students into the trades from a very young age. The trades are very noble and we honour our tradesmen and women. However, we find it deeply troubling that the OBA plans to track our public school kids away from their dreams from the tender age of 11 and push them into the trades.

The OBA specifically notes that they will begin an aggressive technical education programme in middle schools and track it all the way through Bermuda College. This is disturbing. Our public education system is student-focused and designed to allow our students to pursue their dreams – be that in the trades, business, law, medicine or whatever their dreams so desire.

The OBA’s plan would lock into place two Bermudas wherein a permanent class of tradespeople is created while those who can afford to send their children to private school can seize other opportunities.

It gets worse. Their plans to further lock into place the two Bermudas also includes bringing back the indigent clinic – second class healthcare for our people – and putting into place a “Cuts Commission” and a “Big Business Board” to deal with the Debt. They would cancel the new Albert & Victoria Row buildings and they would fast track work permit approvals to bring even more guest workers to our shores.”

And in the midst of these drastic and damaging steps backward, the OBA is also proposing a “Cuts Commission” – putting at risk the valuable social programs that thousands of Bermudians rely on to get by.

It’s now clear that the OBA is little more than the party of big business and the PLP is the party that stands strong for all Bermudians. The stakes couldn’t be higher on December 17th. Vote for your children’s future. Vote PLP.


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  1. Justin says:

    A party with a detailed plan, finally! OBA all the way!

    • Small fry says:

      Looks like a sensible, realistic plan that recognises how the global economy functions in the 21st century and that will uplift Bermudians who have been suffering over the past 4 years…

    • Black Gurl says:

      Yes this is good. No consultant speak – this is just plain and simple good ideas.

      I was very disappointed with the PLP effort, it was all sentiment and long words, but I couldn’t see any ideas??

    • Andrew Simons says:

      Let’s re-read the premier’s statement. I’ve added a few notes.

      > “The OBA’s dangerous plans would lock into place two Bermudas – one Bermuda that looks after big business and their friends and another Bermuda for the rest of us.”

      Premier Cox was a high paid lawyer at the big ACE Insurance Group. Zane Desilva is the boss of a big construction firm. Vince Ingham was boss of a big electric light company. David Burt, Scott Simmons, Rolfe Commissiong, and Walton Brown are all friends of the Cabinet Office.

      > “We are most concerned about their alarming plans to overhaul our education system. “

      Here is a summary of the OBA education platform:

      “Our mission: Great schools for great kids.

      The OBA believes in the strength of our teachers and the potential of our students. We believe that the quality of a child’s education should not be determined by their parent’s income. We believe excellence in education is key to opportunity for our children.
      An OBA Government will:

      - Implement a fully integrated technical curriculum, starting in the middle schools.
      - Expand preschool places to make early education more accessible to all, especially single parents.
      - Extend the school day to allow more time for the arts, music, sports and additional academic assistance for the students who need it.
      - Empower our teachers by giving them the support and resources they need.
      - Expand the options for Bermudian students by transitioning Bermuda College into a four-year institution.
      - Provide additional support to GED programmes.
      - Follow through on the Hopkins Report recommendations to ensure real education reform.

      Is this “alarming”?

      > “Their plan pushes our Bermudian public school students into the trades from a very young age. The trades are very noble and we honour our tradesmen and women. However, we find it deeply troubling that the OBA plans to track our public school kids away from their dreams from the tender age of 11 and push them into the trades.”

      If the technical curriculum is “fully integrated”, how does it “push” students into the trades? If we believe in the potential of our students, how would we “track our public school kids away from their dreams”?

      > “The OBA specifically notes that they will begin an aggressive technical education programme in middle schools and track it all the way through Bermuda College. This is disturbing. Our public education system is student-focused and designed to allow our students to pursue their dreams – be that in the trades, business, law, medicine or whatever their dreams so desire.”

      Perhaps the premier could explain the “disturbing” part in more detail.

      > “The OBA’s plan would lock into place two Bermudas wherein a permanent class of tradespeople is created while those who can afford to send their children to private school can seize other opportunities.”

      The OBA clearly states “We believe that the quality of a child’s education should not be determined by their parent’s income.”

      The premier is exaggerating. Is she sincere at least?

      Remember that Ms. Cox was the Minister of Education from 2001 until 2004. During that period of constant reform, she made a few comments on school curriculum.

      On Oct 2, 2002 Ms. Cox said:

      “We will provide a wide range of programmes and opportunities for students at all levels to develop and have the critical skills and practises necessary to ensure continuous growth and development.

      “We will identify and stimulate giftedness and talents in our students and develop/provide flexible programmes and community partnerships to challenge them to meet their needs and interests and ensure their optimum development.”

      Ms Cox said schools had to reach students, no matter what their ability, and said she was eager to see students benefit more from vocational and complementary courses, especially those pupils not academically-minded.”
      (Smith, Karen. “We will raise the bar”. 2 Oct 2002.)

      Then, on July 14, 2003 Karen Smith reported:

      “[Ms. Cox] said she wanted the public system to bring out the best in every student, no matter what their strengths and weaknesses were, and said her aim was to see the system grow in both vocational and areas of the arts, as well as academically.

      Third on the list was to offer students more vocational and technical training through the National Training Board and BTech.”
      (Smith, Karen. “Cox sees BEST initiative as way forward”. 14 Jul 2003.)

      In October 2003 Ms. Cox said of B.TEC, the Bermuda Technology Education Collaborative (http://www.btec.bm):

      “This feat is further proof that the technology curriculum that is in place in our two senior public schools has met or exceeded the alignment requirements that are set by the National Education Technology Standards Board for the United States Department of Education,”

      “That is quite a coup and acknowledgement. The International Society for Technology Education Standards are considered to be the International Standard for technology fluency and I am pleased to announce that the B.TEC curriculum is the only one in the world so far to receive this certification.

      “As Minister of Education and Development, I am immensely pleased to see that the work of so many persons both within Bermuda and in the United States has borne such sweet fruit. The B.TEC initiative has opened up new vistas of experience for our public school students, their teachers and their parents.”
      (Smith, Karen. “BTEC gets `seal’ of int’l approval. 21 Oct 2003.)

      (As a side note, I wrote curriculum for B.TEC while studying computer science at Stanford University. Perhaps the premier or current minister of Education could provide an update on how this sweet fruit has been shared with current students.)

      In March, Premier Cox announced Mr. Horton as a candidate in the next election. His roll-out speech included the following comments:

      “I commissioned the 2007 review of education.Education is in my blood.”

      “I keep a keen eye on what’s happening in education in an effort to impact positive change, because I truly believe education and success in education eventually is what leads to a successful and productive community.”

      Surely the premier knew that in December 2007, the Hon. K.H. Randolph Horton, made the following remarks as Minister of Education:

      “In the next school year, we will ensure that technical education is introduced at the middle school level and technical programs in the senior schools will be enhanced. We are giving consideration to the development of a Technical Vocational School and we will ensure all schools administer Parent, Teacher and Student Opinion Surveys each year.”

      The premier has endorsed a candidate who harbours “dangerous”, “alarming”, “troubling”, “aggressive”, and “disturbing” plans that will “track our public school kids away from their dreams”!

      Vote for your children’s future. Vote OBA.

      Andrew Simons
      One Bermuda Alliance candidate for Pembroke Central, constituency #17

    • Real Analysis says:

      Taken from the One Bermuda Alliance (OBA) Economic Turnaround Plan,

      “Our high cost of living imposes a tremendous financial burden on Bermudian families. We will make Bermuda more affordable for them”.

      • Reduce the cost of electricity by properly regulating the energy sector.

      – Under the PLP the Energy Commission was formed per the Energy Act. 2009 to regulate the cost of energy in Bermuda. This has already taken place.

      • Lower energy costs for households, hotels,businesses and the hospital through the promotion of combined heat and power generation (cogeneration) and more energy-efficient building design.

      – This has already been brought fourth and outlined in the energy green and white paper which have been written and released under the PLP. The goal is actually to have 20% of electricity produced as renewables by 2020 as well.

      • Reduce the cost of healthcare through tighter control of Government financed programmes, including the Bermuda Hospitals Board, which accounts for 40 percent of all healthcare spending in Bermuda.

      – Government have already cut consulting fees and overall spending organizational wide. Bermuda Hospitals Board has already cut costs along with MAWI which is still in need of a heavy renovation. The list goes on…

      • Waive stamp duties for first-time homeowners on properties valued under $1 million

      PLP has proposed there value of $750,000 which is debatable.

      -They have not addressed the costs for groceries. Last time I checked $8.50 for a box of cereal that costs $3.25 in the US. They have not addressed inflation and how to bring the actual costs of goods and services down.
      -They have not addressed high shipping costs to Bermuda given the fact we import 99% of everything on island.
      -They have not addressed the failing retail sector
      -They have not addressed rents which are still relatively expensive.
      -They have not addressed the price of hotels for our tourists which are still expensive (Bahamas has the Atlantis for deals from $99 per night oh and it has a casino as well for tourist).
      -They have not addressed the actual costs of houses in Bermuda.
      -They have not addressed the high costs of automobiles in Bermuda.
      -They have not addressed the HIGH interest RATES on BANK LOANS!!!!!
      -They have not addressed a ton of things…. Open up your eyes people…


      Please tell me how this is is suppose to lower the cost of living???

      • Let me get this str8 says:

        Has the PLP addressed this?

        Nah feral chickens and cats are more of their priority.

        Hey, maybe we can eat them, they should be cheaper than buying meat at he grocery stores.

        PLP all the way (down)!!!!

  2. GOD 1st says:

    Job well done

    • Undecided Voter says:

      You aren’t serious right…

      Half of the stuff in there was already done by the PLP.

      • Hey says:

        You are wrong…must be PLP

      • Fed Up says:

        You’re kidding, right. There is nothng in there that the PLP has done. take the blinders off please.

      • RawOnion says:

        Clearly, it wasn’t done right.

      • Zombie Apocalypse says:

        …”half the stuff was already done by the PLP”…?
        Really? Can you give us a list of – say – 10 or 15 things that have “been done already” by the PLP?

        This should be good.

      • Tom D. says:

        @Undecided Voter. Agreed!! The PLP has already done some of that stuff. Not to mention that plan won’t cut the debt by even 20%

        Bob needs to open up a text book and read the economics section and put a stop to all these damn foreigners working here in UNSKILLED jobs. Yes to skilled jobs. but NO to the UNSKILLED foreigners working here. Putting Bermudians who are out of work in a job period will boost the economy. Get a grip.

        • Ringmaster says:

          @ Tom D. I’m not disagreeing with you, but there is a PLP Minister responsible for Immigration matters. If unskilled workers are obtaining work permits, then there must be a reason. No unskilled Bermudian wants the job. If that is not the case, then the system is not working, and that is the responsibility of the Minister. Your beef is with the current administration who have allowed this practice to go on for the last 14 years. Vote them back in and nothing will change.

          • Tom D says:

            Maybe its not the government, maybe Bermudians have a pride issue and wont do certain unskilled jobs. Yet, all we do is point fingers at the government. I don’t believe in government as far as solving our problems. I believe private enterprise holds the answers and solutions. They are the reason why our GDP was so high and there was too many jobs at one point. We need them again. Bermuda also needs foreign investment but with prices of everything so high. Who would want to do business here?? Think about that:


            • Come Correct says:

              Um read the stats buddy, the plp gave out more work permits than the ubp ever did and clearly not for the IB they chased away with their policies, you know, that thing they listed as an achievement in their platform. I agree that most Bermudians don’t want the jobs of pot washers and such, but when the economy is in the shape its in, and those jobs are taken by blue collar foreign labor, where do Bermudians turn? Not everybody can balance accounts for an exempt company, but everybody is surely capable of washing dishes or chopping boosh. Looking at the plp track record in detail, I find it really hard to believe that operation “bring the island to its knees” hasn’t been in effect since 2007, or before. When I can look at things as a college drop-out, and see better ways to go about things, it kind of irritates me and leads me to believe that its being done purposely, or we’re being governed by a bunch of complete retards.

        • Liars says:

          ok dishwasher boy

        • Blurt says:

          Tom ypu really didn’t read it, you are doing yourself, your children and all Bermudians a diservice by making assumptions from this list of points in the article…Read the OBA plan, then read the PLP Economic and education sections. It is an eye opener of what we voted in last time, and what we need to vote in this time. Forget a out divisive comme ts, read the actual intent. It’s a no brainer on who we need to vote for…it is the OBA.

          Saying that, they are going to come under the microscope with everything they co and if they mess up, we will hive them hell until they make it work for Bermudians and Bermuda.

          • Blurt says:

            Everything they do and if they mess up..(my apologies on the typos)! And we will give them hell.

      • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

        @ Undecided Voter: You said “Half of the stuff in there was already done by the PLP.” What I am sure you really meant, which would be closer to the truth is, half the stuff in there was already PROMISED by the PLP, because it has most definitely not been done.

        @ Andrew Simons: You were far to gentle with the Premier. Her statement: “Our public education system is student-focused and designed to allow our students to pursue their dreams – be that in the trades, business, law, medicine or whatever their dreams so desire.”
        Given the latest GCSE results, that is a truly brass-faced statement. Less than a third of the graduates earned grades high enough to allow them to enter college/university. Whatever dreams the rest had, unless they included pot-washer or nail tech, don’t appear to be likely to be realized.

  3. Race to the finish with OBA says:

    Finally a plan we can believe in. All PLP has is race baiting. OBA actually has a plan. Congratulations to all!

  4. jt says:

    The OBA recognize what this election is about – the economy. No tree planting and bottle bills to make the list look longer. 16 pages vs, 40, because it focuses on the important items – no distractions.

  5. Youth Vote says:

    I like the way this plan sounds. PLP wasnt as detailed.

  6. me says:

    LOVE IT! Lets get the OBA in and get Bermuda moving in the right direction!

  7. ella says:

    Sounds good OBA. To my fellow Bermudians, just know that OBA has to clean up the mess that PLP has created…

  8. Robb says:

    Great ideas!

  9. Ryan says:

    Just so we’re clear, guys, this is just ONE part of the OBA’s platform, okay. So, in comparing it to the PLP’s, the heading you should compare this to is “Economy and Jobs” and that alone.

    So, much more detail in the OBA’s plan. I am impressed, although would have appreciated a timeline or projection on cutting the debt.

  10. Bullseye says:

    They forgot to mention “glue back together all the shredded paper which has suddenly appeared in the AG’s office.”

  11. letariatpro says:

    Hey look real and realistic solutions, that’s new.

  12. Portia says:

    That’s more like it!

  13. the word says:

    watch the race baiters scramble now to pretend they had a paln and dispute and the usual crap so tired of the same old roll on the 17th a day for change.

  14. frank says:

    can you realy trust this plan don,t forget all they want is to use black people 25% hmmm

    • Hey says:

      Grow up, Bermuda needs people to work together or it is done !!!!!

    • Rick Rock says:

      Well yesterday you had proof the PLP is using black people as well.

  15. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    @ Ryan: “although would have appreciated a timeline or projection on cutting the debt.”

    I think we all would have appreciated that, except that we also aught to appreciate that because of the lack of transparency on the part of the incumbent government, we really do not have a firm handle on exactly how much debt there is. Personally, I appreciate the OBA not making any promises it doesn’t know if it can keep.

    • Ryan says:

      This is true. Yes, I can understand that, with their given information, only speculation can be offere. But, like I said, I am impressed. I though the PLP missed a major opportunity here by providing bullet points, and, what I was outraged with was that there was NO plan to even attempt to mitigate the debt.

  16. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    Kudos to the OBA for a detailed, who, what, where, by when, plan!

    That’s what I wanted to see. No fluff, no ‘planning to look at how to implement..’, no ‘consulting with (unnamed) persons.’

    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      I would also like to associate myself in giving kudos and congrats to the hard working team in the OBA camp . Hey , if you could pull off getting so many willing and able surrogates and others to join up by following a meticulously laid out plan by a foreign consultant , no questions asked , then I think you have what it takes to implement and carry out such an ambitious plan . Good Luck , and I hope to see you at the TOP .

      • Hey says:

        We work together on the future or we fail, be part of the solution and not part of the problem. this is a great plan and not PLP fluff and promises. I’m sick of fluff and promises, I want delivery, there is only one party in play that will deliver tangible results and it is NOT the PLP.

      • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

        @ MP Mountbatten JP: You keep believing/spouting the “foreign consultant writing the OBA plan” ish.

        You are just doing exactly what the PLP keeps accusing others of – refusing to give credit to the intelligence, innovation, and caring of all the Bermudians who worked hard and long to put together this and the other plans to be revealed in the coming days, plans that relate specifically to issues that affect and impact this island. We know what we need better than any ‘axpert.’

        • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

          I’m holding back a little because , I believe that Sir John and Larry Burchall have their signature all over this plan , nothing new here , I heard it all before . Anyway I was talking to my old friend Hamish about the plan . He said ,”This new OBA party doesn’t have Sh!t on the old UBP.” Well I defended you guys by saying ,”Ohh yes they do and their spreading it around really , really thick.”

          • Blurt says:

            This is an excellent plan….all that is left is for the Premier to attempt to globalize points, exagerate and twist meanings and be divisive, with a them and us based on race or money. remember the PLP party member have made out like bandits And all have very comfortable lives, off our backs. Please read the OBA economic and jobs platform, don’t just take peoples word for what it says. Then read the PLP full platform on the same area. You’ll soon realize that the PLP are full of hot air and have nothing to offer.

          • KitCat says:

            I’d take Larry Burchall and Sir John’s signatures over Doc Brown’s any day.

  17. As Bermuda sinks! says:

    Yea….. finaly a PLAN with details. Gives me hope.

  18. zzzzzz says:

    The OBA commits to “create 2,000 jobs over the next five years”!

    This is quantifiable. The exact opposite of the PLP’s platform.

  19. navin johnson says:

    I believe the OBA realizes how bad the economy and government finances really are and will get the first glimpse when elected…hopefully they wont hurt their heads when they fall over in shock…..

  20. Yng Black Mind says:

    Sorry to be the “wet blanket” in the room.

    I read the entire plan – twice so to ensure that I understood everything – no false ideas, impressions, etc. – straight based on the information presented in the document.

    I will agree that they have some very good ideas; however, I have one major concern with the plan. Mr. Richards has indicated that he is going to reduce the Government debt and Government spending, but he has listed over 10 items within the plan which will require large Government expediture to accomplish – i.e. increase the number of Guidance Counselor within the education system – that’s an increase in salaries right there. (and it will not be offset with their payroll tax, etc.)

    While reading the document, I had to dig through the fluffy, “feel-good” crap to get to the meat and potatoes, but at least there was a bit of a meal – I give the OBA that.

    Bermuda – it is up to you on the 17th – - either way, they (whoever becomes Government) have work to do – - and I for one, will keep their feet to the fire.

    Yng Black Mind
    (those who know understand)

    N.B. – the PLP document will be reviewed this evening – comments/critical analysis will be posted thereafter (equality is key)

    • Hey says:

      The OBA Plan is a doing plan, with quantifiable targets and tangible items already determined. The PLP plan is all…plan to review,plan to look at….no iron clad going to X Y or Z..The PLP plan is fluff, whilst absolving themselves of blame, and putting it on others…14 years and they blame the average Bermudian.

      Great job OBA.

    • Bermyman says:

      Economically; who can increase Government revenues and control costs more efficiently? And no that does not mean lay offs within the civil service. It is really down to 2 things, Tourism/Hotel development and International business. That is foreign investment coming into the Island and that investment provides tax $ and jobs directly/indirectly all the way from management to the Taxi Driver to the Plumber, the construction worker etc. They are all related, in a country with no natural resource this is how our economy works and needs to work. The PLP seem to act as if these investors owe us Bermudians something and that we can pick and choose how we treat them. No we cannot step on our own people but we cannot at the same time bite the hand that feeds us. The PLP government have done that and we have recently paid the price.

      Reading this document and the PLP’s recently released platform, I can see a clear distinction between the two. One has depth and economic sense and one simply uses catch phrases and makes some very hollow promises with nothing to back them up (simply words on paper ).

      The OBA seem to have a genuine plan to put Bermuda on the right track based on a platform that is has depth and knowledge.

      While the PLP have based their election campaign on mudslinging, fear,race baiting and a distinct lack of intellectual depth.

      We really need smart people at the helm right now and the PLP are just no cutting it!

      Vince Ingham’s recent comments are not exactly going to instill investor confidence in Bermuda. He went on tirade of attack towards International business and the private sector, blaming them for Bermuda’s unemployment. Who in the world would want to do business with a government who attacks and blames the investors in this Island? Rich coming from a man who failed to modernize BELCO, so we now all pay extortionate energy costs thanks to his greed and lack of ability.

    • Bullseye says:

      As far as the guidance counselors and pay. The Dept of Education is the largest dept in Govt. There clearly has to be people providing nothing right now. You put those people to work as guidance counselors.

      They said no layoffs, but the time has come for productivity to increase from the govt worker. There needs to be a shake-up of responsibility and everyone has to do something more and even something different.

      It’s called maximising talent and efficiency and in a case like this all would win. Kids would get a better education and govt workers within the dept of education would feel greater pride. Win win.

      This is just my opinion as I have no insiders info, but this is what makes sense to me. Let’s get the most out of what we have and we will all feel goood about it.

  21. Terry says:


  22. swing voter says:

    not too shabby OBA, with one exception..cut parlimentary salary 25% across the board until you damn politicians prove you’re worth 150K for working part-time …..Micheal Bloomburg is my hero. Maybe you’re not a billionire but you guys are all professional somethings and own businesses….take a real hit in the pocket like the rest of us and I might like you a little more

    • Ryan says:

      Agreed! Not sure why any party wouldn’t implement this. Politics should be about service, not self-service. You shouldn’t be in it for a career or a paycheck (*ahem*, Wayne Furbert).

  23. The plan within itself sounds very thought out and planned very carefully and to that I say that if they can deliver we will have progress,needless to say we have to be fair and state that the P.L.P has also given good initiatives going forward and the truth of the matter is that both parties will say whatever it is that needs to be said at this hour.

    Who can really produce what they are saying,the O.B.A if elected can not and will not be able to turn things around in 4 years,the market has taken to big of a hit for it to be that soon of a turn around and if given the right track,I believe in 4 years we will only begin too see a turn around no matter which party takes a crack at it.as one person said earlier we can not afford to ignore the part the global market plays in all of this,so both parties have their work cut out for them and no matter who becomes the government both parties will have to co-exist and work side by side to pull us out.

    • Hey says:

      It is a plan of Action , not a plan to to plan like the PLP’s. When you compare this to the Economy and jobs section of the PLP plan you suddenly wake up and realise the PLP have been messing with peoples heads all along. The PLP are clueless and that is why we are where we are today.

      • Come Correct says:

        Don’t fool yourself, they aren’t clueless. They know exsctly what they are doing…and people are catching on. If the plp get re-elected, neither you or I can point a finger at them and say “you promised…”. Its ALL fluff and if they truly believe all of their “achievements”, they’re dilusional. Policies towards IB are an achievment? Get f@ckin real. One achievement they forgot is that they made it impossible for ministers to be charged with corruption 3 years after the fact. In other words, if the oba get in power, their asses have been covered, so they think.

  24. 32n64w says:

    PLP plan for the economy: 7 pages of repetition citing vacuous plans they’ve been promising for years but never really got off the ground due either to inexperience, inability, political unwillingness or, more likely, a combination of all three.

    OBA plan for the economy: 14 pages of fresh ideas with REAL and TANGIBLE plans for action – not waffling.

  25. Rosy Hill says:

    So pleased to see this and our leaders of next government articulating a well thought out plan.
    Go OBA I am praying sense will reign on Dec 17. Would have liked to hear from Sylvan as well.

  26. Filta JP,MP says:

    OBA the sarrogates party has nothing in there plan that concerns me. No plan about conscription and as I am black no mention of decriminalize small amounts of weed. Suspending term limits bad idea. I don’t care what u do u will not be able to stop the gun play unless you find a mind reader which no one has so keep dreaming.

    • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

      @ Filta: this document related to the economy not crimes and justice or national service. You may not be entirely happy with those platforms when they are released over the next few days (and then again, you might be), but the issues you are concerned with do not fall within the scope of Jobs and Economy.

    • Come Correct says:

      JP MP? Really? Be real with yourself, the plp has no plan to end conscription, remember they will be making steps toend conscription…when 2027? They don’t say…at all, its a vote grab for the people that have a problem with authority. I didn’t like being conscripted, but I made the best of a bad situation amd learned a lot. Secondly, what the fuck does you being black have to do with weed? I’m white by complexion and I’ll burn til the day I want to stop, no matter who tells me otherwise. How is suspending term limits a bad idea? You frgot to clarify. As soon as term limits were put in place our economy started circling the drain, get off Burch’s d***. Lastly, nobody needs a mind reading machine, what we need is well thought out legislation designed for the sole purpose of opposing gangs and assisting the police. Clearly you need to get the grade I’m smokin on. Tell me something though… No drought of Mary Jane in 2007…why now?

    • Rick Rock says:

      I’m sure you noticed the PLP surrogates platform has no mention of decriminalizing weed, and doesn’t clearly say conscription is ending. Now, I guess you need to read the Markham report to find out what to do next.

  27. unreal says:

    The OBA’s plan outshines the PLP’s by a very large margin. It not only descibes what they will do but also what measures they will take to get there.
    The PLP’s plan constantly uses the words “expand”, “enhance” and “amend” but they don’t say how they will do it. There is also little to no mention of our 1.5 billion dollar debt and how it will be reduced.
    The OBA’s plan says more in 16 pages then the PLP does in 40 pages. The bullet points make it clear and concise versus an antiquated PLP essay.

    Vote wisely

  28. Gambler says:

    It looks like a plan that will get you all wet and feel good. If you will reduce the civil service who will do that work that the retired and who ever leaves. Sounds nice but try working in Government you will see I am smiling now. Government has been encouraging buy local for years also pay bills within thirty days you clearly dont know how things work try getting invoices back first. Sure reduce GP cars let the social workers and nurses catch the bus or use their own car. Like I said a sound good platform.

    • jt says:

      Gambler – 40% fewer civil servants did the work 14 years ago. I would bet we’ll be OK.

  29. Ringmaster says:

    Reading Paula Cox’s response, and comparing it to Michael Markham’s draft report of the deceptions and race baiting the PLP uses in elections, it’s just like ticking off a check list of all the issues he lists. Nothing has changed. So predictable it’s pathetic.

  30. Pastor Syl Hayward says:

    @ Gambler: a few years back, GP cars were mandated to be used ONLY while on government business, so social workers and nurses engaged in the performance of their duties should not be affected at all. Of course, they won’t (and shouldn’t) be taking government cars home at night or over the weekend, unless they start work before the buses start running, if they should happen not to have their own transport.
    That was the way it was when I worked for government a couple of lifetimes ago.
    Just enforcing this one rule that I am sure is still on the books, would create a significant saving in gas and wear and tear on government vehicles…not anywhere near the millions we owe, but just like a householder makes small adjustments to their spending in order to balance their budget, sensible cutbacks will together begin to make a significant difference, not only in financial outlay, but also in the morale of the country. We have been watching folks flaunt GP cars at odd hours, weekends, at the movies, out to dinner, etc. and it grates. I even saw two different PLP parliamentarians using their GP cars to canvass their constituents on two separate Saturdays! Now THAT is disrespect to me.

    • Ringmaster says:

      Last weekend GP6, Wayne Furbert’s car, a Cabinet Minister’s car, was out canvassing yet he wasn’t in it. That is total disrespect, let alone a potential legal issue had an accident occurred. No doubt the’re all down in St David’s tonight.

  31. elementary says:

    In response to the OBA’s short economic plans, Premier Paula Cox said, “The OBA’s dangerous plans would lock into place two Bermudas – one Bermuda that looks after big business and their friends and another Bermuda for the rest of us.

    Sounds better than I’m in government I’ll look after me and my own and proceed to rob us blind, award over priced contracts to their friends and relatives.

    How much did Zane get for the four months it took to lay pipes in Bermudiana Road? Something that could be done in a tenth of the time anywhere else in the world.

    • eewoo says:

      At least we will have the opportunity to investigate and discover all of the corruption that has been going on with a new government.

      • street wise says:

        Sounds like the OBA Plan is a winner. While the plp plan seems to be intellectual buffoonery. It’s about as deep as a saucer of cream for my cat.

      • The Truthsayer says:

        Nope, they’ve been busy shredding it all….

  32. blackseal says:

    Dear Paula,
    I guess you failed comprehension in high school because you did not understand any of the OBA’s points. Or maybe you did but You and your party are so incredibly focused on lies and mistruths that you made up your own interpretation of the OBA’s points. Give up “standing strong” and PLEASE “stand down”.

  33. Bermudian says:

    Well done! No frills or gimmicks, just straight up talk about their plan. OBA has my vote and many others!

  34. w#$lrstupid says:

    Oba is weak. This plan is weak

  35. observer says:

    Solid, progressive and achievable. Now let put it into action please before it is to late.

  36. Building a better Bermuda says:

    So having read through the OBA’s and PLP’s plans for economy growth and development, I noticed the following:

    PLP 7 pages, OBA 9 pages
    PLP split into three columns with a larger font size than the OBA’s that is in only 2 columns
    PLP’s contained a lot of repetitive statements, vague details, mentioned ideas that have been batted out in almost every election, and while they didn’t come out a say it, there was a lot of phrases that gave me the sense that they would be hiring many consultants
    OBA’s plan had the occasional repetition, definitely more details and defined out ideas

    I will sum up by saying that while a couple of the OBA candidates haven’t done as well in face to face debates, I’m willing to chalk this up to them having been up late every night working on actual details for the future of this country. I would suggest that the PLP focus more effort in figuring out how to help restart our economy and less on figuring out how many ways you can use a 5 year old report given to a now defunct party, to flog their supports with some fabricated conspiracy of the white community out to keep the black community down. Doesn’t matter how many times you repeat a lie, it won’t make it true.

  37. Clinton J.A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

    Finally the first part of the platform is out…it’s been a long wait. At least now the PLP will be unable to say that the OBA have no plans, no solutions lol. No doubt they will manufacturer something else to divert attention away from their week platform.

    • Vote for Me says:

      @ Clinton
      Will there be a second or remaining part?

      • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

        @ Vote for me: Expect back-up to everything that was mentioned in their ‘teaser’ platform, distributed a few weeks back: Crime, education, cost of living, etc. REAL plans for real people.

  38. theothersidebda says:

    I have not yet read the plan, so cannot comment on its contents. However, if there indeed any good points in either plan, it is my hope that the government on December 18th will implement all of the good points regardless of whether they were written on green or red letterhead.

  39. CHEEKUMS BIE says:

    This is just that one post that a PLP supporter would like to see..in the mist of all this garbage PLP will win,90% of the comments thus far is OBA/UBP ol boy supporters with all their well dones and yeses, they fail to see that PLP is doing what they have laid out in this plan and more. Blind supporters and blind leaders the blind leading the blind..

    • Let me get this str8 says:

      “Blind supporters and blind leaders the blind leading the blind..”

      you would know best

  40. Keith Hart says:

    No one at the OBA noticed that the Bermuda flag on the cover has errors???

    Check the upper left section which shows the British Union flag: at the lower left the bottom white stripe is thicker than the white stripe above… WRONG! It’s the other way round. And the white stripes at the top right are INCORRECT also!

    I’m astounded that this was not caught by anyone, but was merrily sent to the printers!!

    • .am says:

      O NOEZ.

      Maybe it’s a part of the UBP’s secret plan to have black surrogates render flags erroneously to prove their superiority? D:

  41. Vote for Me says:

    Just a question
    Is the Jobs and Turnaround plan the OBA platform for the election? Or the first part of the plan as Clinton Paynter has commented?

  42. FormerPLPVoter says:

    Anyone can make things look good on paper lets see if they do as they say when voted in. A former PLP voter yet I am still not 100% sure about OBA either just keeping it real! Time for change but are the OBA the change we need!!!! We’ll see!

  43. Let me get this str8 says:

    The Party that just revealed that under their reign only 28% of our public shcool students could achieve a C or higher in their GCSE examinations last school year has the nerve to say that the OBA’s plans will dumb down our children??!!

    That means more than TWO THIRDS of the students FAILED their examinations.

    And somehow that is standing strong!!??

    • CHEEKUMS BIE says:

      So vote OBA/UBP and put Dr Grant Gibbons in there the same man who changed the system and put in the mega school system ….lol riiight, and they changed it when they saw that they was losing the strong hold in bermuda as a party so bring in a system that was failing in the usa…and now you want to blame PLP????loland further more you have not even looked at the plan correctly

      • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

        @ Cheeks: Dr. Gibbons has clearly had lots of time to rethink his errors and has made changes, as evidenced by the OBA’s education platform. People can grow and change, once they admit that they have made a mistake. If you don’t admit you have been mistaken, then you will see no reason to change – which is why we are here where we are.

        The PLP knew in 1998 that the education system didn’t work anywhere else it was tried, and they complained bitterly about it back then. Their 1998 platform actually included education reform. That was 14 YEARS ago, and for 5 of those years they had NO effective opposition to stop them doing anything they so desired. Yet the best they can produce is an abysmal 72% failure rate. In the words of your favourite phrase – MONUMENTAL FAIL

        • Vote for Me says:

          @ Pastor Syl Hayward
          Dr. Gibbons has been given a pass so far regarding the UBP rebranding report. he has lots to answer about his perspective and involvemetn in the sad saga before he will have real credibility in making any comments about the education system. The reports characterisation of black voters demonstrates a complete lack of regard for blacks in Bermuda.

          To date Gibbons has remained silent.

          • media says:

            It was written by a consultant who was free to write whatever he felt. The UBP did not agree or endorse any of what it said. Grant Gibbons did not write it nor any other UBP member it was a consultants report, but I suppose you are still offended because you have to feel justified voting PLP. Good luck with that.

  44. fidel says:

    vote for the devil that you know not for the one you dont know !!!